Guide to NASCAR 2022 Race Weekend at Pocono Raceway

Located in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, the Pocono Raceway boasts the longest front-stretch in Motorsports. The iconic Grandstand runs parallel to the front stretch and offers fabulous views of the racing action. Pocono Raceway is the only few racetracks now owned by NASCAR or Speedway Motorsport. Pocono Raceway is also famous for its Stock Car Experience. 

Why should you catch the NASCAR Action in the Poconos this summer? 

Nick-named the “Tricky Triangle” for its unique design, Pocono Raceway is a one-of-a-kind NASCAR track. Each track is amazing and allows the drivers to stay on their feet. If you have pets, they are allowed in the Pocono Raceway. There is a unique Bark Park, s special dog park located inside the NASCAR track. The park is well-fenced for all the guests attending the camping event and has prepared closure for big and small pets. 

Besides that, camping in the Pocono Raceway is at a whole new level. You can find some exciting and beautiful campsites in the Poconos Raceway. Besides the race, Pocono Raceway is also known for its Party atmosphere. The Pocono Raceway Infield Block Party started when the sun went down. It is open for the camping guests from Thursday to Saturday, where they can enjoy some live music, kids activities and great food for the entire day. 

Everything you need to know about the NASCAR Event in July 2022 in Poconos 

With the start of the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series season, the raceway focuses on futuristic race cars. Futuristic cars are known to make changes in sport. NASCAR finally returns to the Poconos Raceway from July 22-24 in 2022. 

NASCAR weekend (July 22-24, 2022) 

Enjoy a fun-filled weekend at the best NASCAR Cup Series, where drivers drive on “The Tricky Triangle”. The event starts on Friday, July 22 and ends on Sunday, July 24. Kids aged 12 and under get free access in the 100 and 200 level and the funfair for the days. Camping for kids is also free all week. 

  • Friday, July 22 – General Tire 200-ARCA Menards Series Race 
  • Saturday, July 23 – CRC Brakleen 150-NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Race and Pocono 225 – NASCAR Xfinity Series Race 
  • Sunday, July 24 – Pocono 400-NASCAR Cup Series Race 

Buying Tickets for the NASCAR Event in the Pocono Raceway 

You can select the kind of seating you require based on your requirement and budget. 

  1.  Friday, July 22 – Available tickets for general admission (100 and 200 level) and Skybox. 
  2. Saturday, July 23 – Available tickets for general admission (100 and 200 level), Shaded 300 level (Terrace club) and skybox 
  3. Sunday, July 24 – Available tickets for general admission (100 and 200 level), Shaded 300 level, Terrace Club, Victory Circle Club, Club Pocono, Skybox.

Event in the Pocono Raceway 

NASCAR Camping in the Pocono Raceway 

There are two options that you can choose to camp in the Pocono Raceway for the weekend. 

  1. Infield camping will be located in the heart of the Pocono Raceway. For most of the time, camping in the infield gives an exclusive camping experience at the Pocono. You can choose tent or RV camping. 
  2. GEICO Family Campgrounds is located outside the raceway track and is behind turn
  3. You get access to the infield events and experiences and the Grandstand and Fan Fair. Tent and RV options are available for everyone. 

Pocono Raceway Benefits – NASCAR Race Weekend 

Pocono Raceway announced that they would be providing unique benefits to members of the military, first responders, healthcare workers, and students. The benefits shall be valid for tickets in 100 level and 200 level, specifically for NASCAR Cup Series Race on Sunday, July 24. 

  1. Military Benefit: 20% off on 100 and 200 level tickets. 
  2. Healthcare workers: 10% off on 100 and 200 level tickets 
  3. First responders: 20% off on 100 and 200 level tickets 
  4. Students: 10% off on 100 and 200 level tickets

Facility for Guests with Disabilities 

Pocono Raceway welcomes all the fans to the NASCAR Race and ensures that people with disabilities have the required facility to enjoy the race weekend. 

Accessible parking is available right behind the Grandstand and provides equal access to the Pocono Raceway via Gate 11. You can know more info about the facility for disabled guests here.

Facility for Guests with Disabilities

Sensory Inclusive Information 

Further, Pocono Raceway and KultureCity have made the event of NASCAR sensory inclusive. 

Sensory inclusion relates to all people with sensory challenges like autism, dementia, PTSD and other similar conditions. One such issue for people with sensory issues is the noise and simulation during the race. But thanks to the partnership with KultureCity, Pocono Raceway is equipped to ensure that people with sensory sensitivities have the most comfortable experience. 

  • To provide a more secure and protected environment, the weekend attendees have access to two sensory rooms – one behind the Grandstand near Gate 8 and another in the Infield near the media center. There is also a private lactation room available for nursing mothers. 
  • Sensory bags are also provided and equipped with noise-canceling headphones, a fidget tool, weighted lap pads, and verbal cue cards for those feeling overwhelmed by the environment. 
  • The #PoconoMtns Inclusive Playground is designed for children of all ages to learn, grow and play together. 

Worry-free Weather Guarantee 

The Worry-Free Weather Guarantee ensures that the fans who have purchased the Sunday, July 24 NASCAR Cup Series event tickets from Pocono Raceway in advance can be reimbursed at face value if the weather postpones the event or is unable to host it on the scheduled date. Paddock Passes shall also be reimbursed if purchased on Sunday 2022 Grandstand ticket. 

  • If you purchase a grandstand, club or suite ticket in advance from Pocono Raceway for the NASCAR Race Weekend, and you cannot make it to the rescheduled event, you will be reimbursed the face value of the ticket. 
  • The guarantee is free for those who purchase the tickets in advance from Pocono Raceway. 
  • You need to purchase the tickets in advance to be eligible for the guarantee. For 2022, the last date would be July 20. 
  • A check will be sent to the address in the Pocono Raceway account in 4-8 weeks after the conclusion of the event. 
  • The Pocono Raceway does not reimburse for those with spot or guest passes. 

Free for Kids 

Kids who are 12 and under have FREE access to 100 and 200 levels of the Grandstand and Fan Fair – for all the NASCAR days. The kids also have FREE camping admission. You can add up to 4 Kids Free tickets along with the purchase of adult tickets for the NASCAR Weekend. 

How can you try a thrilling Pocono Raceway driving experience? 

Nothing is more exciting than the experience of roaring racing cars running on the track. Get yourself thrilled by getting behind the wheel of the powerful machine. 

With the driving experience in the Pocono Raceway, you get to experience the vibrations of the thrill in your own hands and race over the track. 


The Formula Experience at the Pocono Raceway 

You can drive from 3 to 70 laps by choosing the Pocono Raceway Formula Experience. You can choose the car you want to drive or enjoy the ride by sitting on the passenger seat. 

Different companies rent out high-power stock cars to drive in the iconic Tricky Triangle. You can also get in touch with the IndyCar Series and NASCAR professionals who can share their own race car experiences with you.

Experience at the Pocono Raceway 


Stock Car racing experience 

You can choose different adventures offered at the Poconos Raceway. You can go out to pick the classic stock car experience, bring your own spurs car or settle for the Pocono Raceway exotic car experience and take up the ride on a challenging 2,5 miles track. 

If you want to race with your friends, you can also consider trying Team Prokart Racing. The activity allows you to have an octane experience with riding. Feel the thrill by speeding up your vehicle up to 50 mph. 

Dream Drive Exotics 

You can choose from three-five or seven-lap autocross experiences via Dream Drive Exotics. You can either sit on the passenger seat or enjoy the ride yourself – the choice is completely yours. The cars included in the package are Lamborghinis, Ferraris, McLaren and Audi. 

Experience the thrill of racing at the Pocono Raceway 

In addition to the NASCAR Race Weekend 2022, there are other events at the Pocono Raceway that you can enjoy – from airshows to kids entertainment. Make sure you check the Pocono Raceway website for more information.

Where to stay for the NASCAR Racing Weekend? 

If you have not opted for the camping tickets at the Pocono Raceway, you might be wondering about a place to stay during the weekend in the Poconos. 

  • For large groups: For large groups of around 15-20, Holiday Keeper’s Blakeslee home might be your best bet. Located in one of the most pristine locations in Blakeslee, the house is incredibly close to the Pocono Raceway. The villa has an indoor and outdoor pool and many amenities for a comfortable and fun-filled stay in Poconos. 
  • For smaller groups: Does your small group fancy a stay near the lakeside? Check out the lake house near Lake Harmony by Holiday Keepers. Our properties are full-equipped with a functional kitchen, giving full access to the amenities.

Where to stay for the NASCAR Racing Weekend

Be sure to browse all our accommodations and book your stay according to your convenience

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