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Senior Citizen Getaways

An all-inclusive stay for grandparents and senior citizens in Poconos

Why should the old generation miss out on all the fun? Now that the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted for the time being and the older generation of Americans are now fully vaccinated, it is time for them to get together and celebrate life. Take them on a trip to Poconos from summer vacation and plan a getaway in the Pocono Mountains. 

Summer is around the corner – the perfect season for the senior citizens to take a break. Spend time with your senior parents or grandparents and plan a getaway to the Poconos. From all-inclusive stays and state parks, the senior members of your family can enjoy the fresh air and open spaces. Some ideas for a trip that all ages will love to include:

  • All-inclusive vacation homes
  • Mountain top restaurants
  • A walk and picnic in state parks around Poconos
  • A visit to the towns of Poconos 

If you are planning for a laidback and homely trip, all-inclusive holiday homes are the way to go. Properties listed in HolidayKeepers provide everything that you need for a fantastic getaway. All the stays, hotels, restaurants, and adventure spots adhere to the current Covid-19 protocols and HolidayKeepers prioritize the health and safety of the visitors, employees and local community. HolidayKeepers make people of all ages feel at home with spacious gardens and cozy stays.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Traveling is something that people of all ages look forward to enjoying doing, especially after the stress of Covid-19. Here are some tips to ensure that you have a great vacation as a senior citizen.

  • Plan your medications 
  • Select transport that suits your comfort
  • Look for senior discounts 
  • Make sure that the vacation stay or room you choose meets your accommodation expectations 
  • Plan according to what is comfortable for you

The love to travel shouldn’t recede with age. Irrespective of the age, the passion for exploring will always be there. Here are some tips for traveling as a citizen. 

  •  Timing is the essence – Issues like jet lag and exhaustion
  • Keeping your journey flexible 
  • Avoid carrying heavy luggage 
  • Check your diet and restaurants around the stay
  • Travel insurance is a must

All the areas in Poconos offer tranquility, peace and rejuvenation experience, away from the bustling city life. However, there are some fantastic towns and areas that are best for senior citizens 

  • Blakeslee
  • Tobyhanna 
  • Lake Harmony 
  • Jim Thorpe

Poconos offers activities for people of all ages. Some of the popular activities for senior citizens in Poconos include: 

  • Spending time in state parks 
  • Golfing 
  • Fishing 
  • Exploring restaurants
  • Discover treasures at antique jobs and galleries

Many resorts, restaurants, and almost all outdoor areas offer senior discounts. HolidayKeepers have senior discount offers all year long! Check out our properties and get in touch with the host to activate the offer

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