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Come join us and take advantage of our top-notch short-term rental management services. | Property Management Company by HolidayKeepers – is nothing but an accumulation of rental management services. We take care of your property like it is ours. Right from housekeeping to launching your property on our website, will take care of every requirement of yours.

Short-term rental management made easy

Whether it is property management or marketing, Keepersbiz is ready to assist you in every footstep. Onboarding with us not only secures your property but will also increase your profit manifold.

Simple steps


Choose plan

If you fail to plan, You are planning to fail. Choose a perfect plan that suits your needs and move ahead to the next step.


List your homes

Fill in the necessary details for registering your holiday home with us. For any query, get in touch with our customer support executive.


Get verified

Submit the official documents for the verification process and hope for the best. You will receive an approval email within 24hrs.


Track progress

Track and get updates for your listings while sitting comfortably in your space. We will use your listing in our marketing campaign to generate leads for you

Aiming for a hostship on HolidayKeepers but a busy schedule is stopping you from managing the listings?

No need to get worked up! HolidayKeepers joining hands with is here to fulfil your management needs. Our primary management services include handling checks in’s, check out, identity verification, payment, fees, and taxes through our HolidayKeepers online portal.

We are here to take holistic care of your property. Whether it is property maintenance or financial transactions, you do not need to take an iota of stress. will assign a manager and a finance expert for assistance in maintenance and transactions activities. Transferring of utility anytime on your request and our 24/7 opened emergency lines are proof of our authentic presence.

Marketing & Lead Generation Process

HolidayKeepers is a result of our innate desire for innovations and creativity. As a group of marketing enthusiasts, we designed this platform in 2016 and proved our legitimate presence in the tourism industry. is here to add more feathers to your cap through its magical marketing strategies. Check out below for more information.


Photoshoot and Video Production

Photos and video production are the essences of modern marketing. Keeping in mind the intricacies of present market and target audience, we give utmost importance to the strategy.


SEO & Paid Ads Campaign

Paid advertisements and SEO helped organizations to reach the pinnacle. Currently, we are targeting 100K+ visitors and hoping for unanimous growth. Our website traffic will give you the same recognition we have.


Social Media Marketing

Online paid campaigns, hashtags, reels, and regular postings on our social media like Facebook and Instagram will generate humongous leads. We will showcase your property to our social media followers.


Featured Listing Tag

To Increase your listing views, we are introducing featured listing tags on our platform. This feature will help our website visitors to find featured listing easily because it will appear on top of other listings.

Full Property Management

Starting as a small company six years back, we won the trust of our customers through our remarkable management skills and that too in a limited time. Our customers do not even need to keep a shred of doubt about the management department. is here to manage the nook and corner of your property. Here are some of the top-notch management services we provide.


Safety and Inspection

We are vigilant enough to provide 24/7 emergency services and a biannual inspection from our experienced property manager.


Check-in and Check-out

From the first day when a customer enters your house till the last day when they vacate, We will be there at every step



A finance partner shall be assigned, who will handle payments & taxes. The partner will manage the host's account.

Cleaning and Maintenance

To provide a better experience, the properties are maintained by professionals, specialised in house cleaning services.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you rent out a short-term rental, some tasks like cleaning the blinds and changing sheets need to be taken care of between every guest’s stay. It can be tempting to hire the usual and conventional cleaning provider. It can be inadequate, especially for short-term rentals. With exceptional short term rental housekeeping like keepers Homes, you get 

  • Professional housekeepers to prep the rental for new guests. 
  • Seamless communication to delight customers. 
  • Easy integration of housekeeping and administration service.

May vacation rental owners choose conventional cleaning services professionals, their label doesn’t guarantee guest-approved cleaning. 

Opt for a service that offers cleaning of vacation rentals is recommended. They know what needs to be done and how quickly they’ll need to do it before the guest arrives. 

Keepers Homes takes significant efforts to hire and train the housekeeping thoroughly towards better efficiency. The owners are confident that their rentals are in trustable hands, and they don’t have to worry about the maintenance of the condition, even at the busiest time of the year. That’s because Keepers Home has all the necessary resources, with no compromises from the owners’ or guests’ side.

You won’t manage to get rentals cleaned in three hours, especially if you are dealing with a tight schedule and deadlines. You need to ensure that the accommodation condition is consistent from guest to guest.

As humans, it is natural to make mistakes. There might be times when the housekeeping doesn’t meet the guest’s expectations. 


It is important to make a sound response to the negative reviews. It is important to let the guests know that you gave them a good experience, that you hear them, and are working to correct the issues that they have faced.

Keepers Homes offers full-service management that includes every aspect of a well-maintained vacation rental. When you put your trust in Holiday Keepers, your rental home is managed by a robust team of housekeepers and hospitality experts who handle it all – including issues raised by the guests.

The guests’ expectations with the cleaning management are getting higher than ever! Our Keepers Homes’ special cleaning formula meets and also exceeds the CDC guidelines that are laid so that the guests are confident with the management of Keepers Homes’ services. 

Our in-house professional and trained housekeepers regularly sanitize and clean the surface with EPA-approved disinfectants. The team is also provided gloves and face masks for added protection and safety – as a part of the battle of the pandemic. The formula also includes expanded safety measures and time to make sure that the home is all set for the guests at any cost.

We offer the latest technology for seamless holiday rental management – electronic locks, thermostats, and even temperature monitoring.

We strive to create a stress-free vacationing experience for the guests – which promises repeat visitors and better ratings over time. The houses are stocked with necessary toiletries and cleaning supplies that the guests need. There are also 24*7 support teams that are available for the guests’ attendance. 

The guests are also requested to leave a review, and the improvements are taken note of and made right the next time.


Our company founders began renting out their two vacation homes in 2017. They started welcoming guests, envisioning a new set of hospitality ideas for a luxurious and comforting experience. Today, Holiday Keepers has multiple properties in different cities.

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