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Embrace a new phase of life by celebrating sweet 16 in the Poconos. In the United States, it has become customary for parents to throw a sweet 16 party for their daughters. Sweet 16. It can be celebrated in different ways – ranging from casual events to destination galas in places like the Poconos. 

Planning a sweet 16 party venue can be quite a task. However, regardless of the size of the party, there are a few traditions that are done in every sweet 16. It includes – Candle lighting ceremony, shoe ceremony and father-daughter dance. Mansions or cabins in Poconos are the best places to celebrate sweet 16. 

If you want to host a sweet sixteen, let the celebration begin! We have facilities that are perfect for a fun or laid back, casual gathering and celebration of your child’s youth in the most memorable way possible. Holiday Keepers hosts mansions, cabins and cottages in Poconos that are fully furnished. 

Poconos is great to plan a sweet 16 party because it is about an hours drive away from New York city.. There are so many vacation rental resorts with exclusive amenities that you can choose from, outdoor activities that you can explore. So no matter what time of the year you want to celebrate your 16th birthday, Poconos has something in store year-long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the size of the party and the activities you choose to include, including the destination and so on, a sweet sixteen party can range from $300 to $20,000. The parties can be formal, semi-formal or even casual.

Here are small sweet 16 party ideas that you need to plan – Book your venue in advance, Narrow down the guest list, send out invitations, find the right DJ (according to the theme), plan some entertainment and plan the food.

You can have many activities organized throughout the party including games, contests and dance parties. The possibility is endless. You can also organize a relaxing party for the guests in the Poconos.

You can host 16 in different sweet 16 venues, depending on your budget and the theme you choose for the party. Some of the important things to consider while choosing places to have a sweet 16 party are weather, guests, budget, party date, capacity restrictions, foods and drinks.

Selecting a dress/out for sweet 16 can be quite a task. However, sweet 16 is about celebrating who you want to become as an adult. You can create your version of outfit – something that portrays your interests or ambition in life.

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