Our Team


Shatrughan Sinha

Head of global trends and futuring (CEO & Founder)


Puneet Sinha

Chief Head Cheese- Boss Lady (HR Head & Founder)


Director of First Impressions & Vibe Manager (Chief Guest Relations/Floor Management & Maintenance)

Pankaj Arora

Chief Happiness Wizard (Customer Handling/Experience & HR-Recruiter)

Sujay Reddy

Head of Schmoozing (Chief Operating Officer)

Sapan Kumar

Head of Dollar & Money Maestro


Mandhir Khurana

Chief of Booking Management (Technical Evangelist)


Aman Shams

Chief Geek/Power Plug & Patches Officer (CTO)

Omkar Mukherjee

Master of Beancounting Antidote (Accounts).

Annison Lepcha

Captain of Multitasking & Vibe (Sr. Specialist Associate)

Namrata V

Chief of Reservation
(Reservation support manager)

Shawn Parkour

Brand Educator, Chief Chatter & Chief Customer Wow
(Chat Support)



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