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Poconos Blakeslee Luxury Castle in the Greens (252)

$2000 per night

+Additional prom event fee

Night to Remember.

Choose the Perfect Prom House Rentals in Poconos

Finding the right prom house can be quite a task – it has the most significant impact on your event. Other prom decisions like the date of the event, catering arrangements and decorations directly depend on the event venue or the location selected. Here are some tips and recommendations to help you choose the ideal prom house rentals in Poconos, PA.

Look for prom party house rentals

The earlier you start looking for prom house rentals in the Poconos, the better the chances of booking in advance, especially during the peak season. For prom parties, it is recommended to look for Poconos house rentals for large groups at least eight months in advance. This gives you enough time to plan the event program, decorations and other essential decisions. 

What to consider when searching for prom houses to rent in Poconos 

Set the budget, event size, location, parking and other facilities you would need to have a good understanding and confidence while selecting the prom house rentals. It is also essential to consider if you want Pocono house rentals for 18-year-olds or older.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We will be glad to give you a scheduled walk-through and answer the essential questions to help you make an informed decision. Once the booking is made, our team will also give you additional information on the recommended vendors around the areas for decorations and catering, if you require. You may contact us to schedule your walk-through.

In case you want to hold the date, you can contact us. We can hold the dates while the details are discussed. However, a hold does not secure the date until a signed contract is sent with the suggested deposit. We may also issue a deadline for the agreement and recommended deposit.

Upon request, we can try to help you with the arrangement. Our team shall coordinate with your events team to execute everything. We will ensure that everything is well maintained before the scheduled date. We are responsible for all things that are venue related and managing all our staff.

Yes. You can only affix objects with painter stickers or command strips on the walls. You may use confetti or silly string, but make sure that it does not mess with the property. Make sure that the property is decently cleaned up.

We recommend arranging any sound equipment from a band, DJ or other rental company.

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