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Why try to sacrifice leisure for work when you can have both in reality? Workation or remote work during vacation has become a new normal ever since the pandemic. It may be a bit bizarre, but working vacations are the best option for changing our work environment and taking a chance to relax. A remote work vacation helps you enjoy time off and work in a relaxing atmosphere. 

Poconos resorts and vacation rentals offer the best space for work and play. From work calls to adventure calls, workation is as easy as a breeze in the Poconos. You get the privacy to work in a comfortable and relaxed location, away from the busy city life. It helps you to make more time for your work and leisure. 

If you are planning to book a vacation rental property for workation in Poconos, having a few things in mind while selecting shall help you make the best choice – Finding a holiday home with WiFi and quiet space, creating a proper schedule, and having a checklist of all the essentials that you may need for your. Find the perfect workation rentals in Poconos with all the amenities and space at HolidayKeepers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Poconos Mountain of astern Pennsylvania is hard to resist for workation. Apart from being a popular destination for couples and families, it is also ideal for people seeking excitement and rejuvenation. There are many vacation or holiday rentals that are perfect for a workation in the Poconos. There are many state parks and recreational sports where the city dwellers can relax and do their work while also making time to engage in adventure activities.

The average price for staying in Poconos for a day can be around $300-$400, depending on the rent, food, and activities you select. This data is calculated on the average cost for all the activities. You can also lower the prices by requesting a longer stay at a vacation rental.

Considering that you are planning a workation, we recommend choosing areas in the Poconos that are located in pristine and isolated locations but also close to popular attractions and your favorite outdoor activities. The best areas for workation in the Poconos for remote work are Blakeslee, Lake Harmony, and Tobyhanna.

Yes, HolidayKeepers do have packages for those looking for a longer stay. To know the latest offers and packages, you can check our website or contact our support team for more info.

To plan a workation, you need to have a rigid schedule and a proper plan. Here are a few important things that you should consider: 

  1. Season: Choose the season in which you want to have your workation in the Poconos. 
  2. WiFi: One of the most important aspects of workation is to have proper WiFi connectivity. 
  3. Privacy: The other aspect is to have privacy to focus on your work, attend meetings and work according to the schedule that you have set without any disturbance.

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