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Are you a cannabis enthusiast on the East Coast looking for more people like yourself? The Pocono CannaFest is what you have been looking for. The festival is a beautiful and immersive experience into cannabis culture, whether you are new or an avid cannabis enthusiast, this fest is a must-attend event for anyone that indulges with the herb. 

The festival is committed to promoting awareness, fostering dialogue and celebrating the diverse benefits of cannabis. All you need to bring with you is your curiosity.

The festival is the most perfect blend of entertainment, education and a wonderful community of people, and the best part is it is located in the scenic Pocono Mountains, nestled within 90 acres of the West End Fairgrounds. Revel in the perfect balance of relaxation and adventure, with so many activities to enjoy, carnival games, live music, concessions stands and more! Enjoy a super mellow trip as the live music and panoramic views keep you company. 

In this blog, I will delve into the details of the festival, the planned festivities and attractions that make Poconos CannaFest the must-attend event of the year. 

Enjoy the Natural Mystic of Cannabis at the Pocono CannaFest

If you aren’t excited about the CannaFest, you absolutely should be. A promising and welcoming community, the herb that we all love, live music and so much more awaits your arrival in the Poconos Mountains. 

Shop Green: Cannabis Marketplace and Exhibits 

Discover new products, innovations that are dedicated to making cannabis use more comfortable and safe. CannaFest Poconos brings to you a communal marketplace like no other. You will find a myriad of cannabis-related products, unique and helpful services, and innovations that are bud-ding in the cannabis industry. 

There is plenty to explore in the vast marketplace of the CannaFest 2024, with over 300 vendors from all sorts of backgrounds united by one thing- cannabis. 

The options are endless. You will find yourself in the presence of various CBD products, accessories, apparel, wellness products you name it! The attendees are handed the chance to explore and make purchases of your favorite cannabis related products and if you are new to the world of cannabis, it gives you a chance to explore and indulge in something new. 

Celebrate the Wonders of Cannabis with Stoners Alike

This Pocono weed festival is a hub for fun, recreation and adventure. Ranging from live music, to local delicious food, you will find that the CannaFest is nothing but a huge celebration. So, gear up and get ready for a unique and extraordinary experience. 

Groove to Live Music

Yep, you heard it right. Enjoy free concerts from ‘The Cody Templeton Band’ and their selection of talented opening bands. The Cody Templeton band comes from a rural town in Northeastern Pennsylvania and the Cannafest PA has given opportunity to its local artists to showcase their talents. 

With the festive atmosphere and laid back vibes you can unwind, relax and celebrate the wonders of cannabis amidst the panoramic views of the Poconos Mountains among a crowd of incredibly chill people. 

The Best Joints for Foodies 

The Cannafest offers an array of food trucks and culinary vendors offering a collection of cannabis and hemp infused food items. Explore the tantalizing selection of cannabis-inspired cuisine.

Enjoy culinary offerings ranging from snacks, meals, sweet treats and more. You will find many CBD- infused dishes, hemp-based snacks and cocktails, providing you one of the most unique and interactive dining experiences that celebrates the creativity of cannabis culture. 

Engage with the Community 

CannaFest Poconos offers a great deal of exposure and networking opportunities with prominent members from the cannabis industry. Not just that, the sense of community and belonging the festival offers is truly magical. Make conversation, bond with the people and leave the festival with a new sense of self and a handful of opportunities. 

Community Corner: Create an Everlasting Bond

The CannaFest Pennsylvania encourages the attendees to talk, engage and communicate with one another. A large part of the festival’s focus is on community building and providing unique opportunities for everyone. 

Interactive activities like panel discussions, community forums are offered at the festival which really enriches the experience by fostering support within the cannabis community. Attendees have the opportunity to learn new skills, learn about cannabis culture and interact with other stoners in an open and safe and most importantly a fun environment. 

The cannabis community is a very well knit and united community. Every kind of person has a place in this lovely community. 

D-day Details 

Here are all the technical details you need to know before you can book your tickets for the festival. Spoiler alert, parking is free! 

Dates  Saturday, 27th July-Sunday, 28th July 
Venue West End Fair Association, 570 Fairground Rd Gilbert, PA
License/ID requirements  Medical Marijuana Cards are not required for admission. Onsite certification is available. 
Parking Free
Tickets General Admission$12

Two Day Pass


Camp Canna Tent 

$20 each night 

Ending the Sesh

The atmosphere at the Pocono CannaFest is one of a kind and vibrant, and inclusive. While the festival focuses on education, advocacy and community building it also provides a huge space for stoners to interact with each other, enriching the bond between people in the cannabis community. 

So, now that you know all about the Pocono CannaFest, what are you waiting for? Pack your bongs and get ready to have a blast! 

Your visit to the CannaFest will surely be a memorable one. 

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