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The annual Poconos Mountain Carnival has been a recurring event hosted by the Pocono Mountain Volunteer Fire Company. It is the largest and oldest carnival in Poconos, the first ever carnival was hosted way back in 1927! 

The carnival is a pretty exciting event in the Poconos. The carnival provides a fun and entertaining environment for both you and your little ones! Revel in the robust festivities of the carnival along with your loved ones. 

Located in Mount Pocono, the outdoor carnival lets you enjoy the mystical beauty of the Poconos while enjoying fun activities and carnival rides, fun games and activities and a panoramic display of fireworks. 

Continue reading to find out all you need to know about the Annual Poconos Mountain Carnival. 

How it Began: History of the Carnival 

The Pocono Volunteer Fire Company, a local volunteer fire department, has put on the biggest carnival in the Poconos Mountains for nearly a hundred years now. The event features live bands every night of the carnival which are free, the parking and admission is also free, the goal of the carnival is to raise money but in order to encourage attendance and good times the people are welcomed with open arms! 

The main goal of the carnival is to get more people from the community to enroll as volunteers of the fire department. The carnival helps people realize how important volunteering in their local fire department can impact the safety and wellbeing of their county. 

With the carnival being such a hit among the people, the department has managed to enroll many volunteers and raised funds to keep hosting the carnival each year. 

Each year the Pocono Fire Company tries to round up as many volunteers as possible and encourages people to come forward and offer their help in a time of need. 

Exciting Activities and Community Engagement 

The carnival extends an incredible opportunity for community engagement with interactive activities, and fun games and entertainment. 

The carnival being the largest fundraiser of the Pocono Mountain Volunteer Fire Company, encourages the crowd to engage in charity and also offers an interactive raffle competition with a whopping $30,000 cash prize. Raffle tickets are normally priced at $20 per ticket. 

The fundraiser is organized in such a great manner to fund the fire department, since it operates solely on a voluntary basis. A lot of other volunteer based fire departments host similar fundraising events, but the Pocono Carnival is one of the most popular ones in all of Pennsylvania. 

The profits from ride tickets sales all go into purchasing fire-fighting equipment, repairs, etc. 

Fun at the Fair: Attractions and Entertainment

The Pocono Mountain Carnival does not disappoint, you will find a myriad of options for entertainment like carnival rides, games, amusing attractions and there are also live music shows which are also free to attend. There is something for everyone at the carnival. 

You and your little ones can enjoy both adult and kid-friendly rides and take a trip down memory lane, reminiscing the carefree times of being a child.  

The best and most unique part about the carnival is the fireworks show after sundown, the sky lights up with lively bright colors which you can view from anywhere on the carnival grounds. And of course the fireworks show is free as well! 

Feast on Carnival Favorites 

The carnival being a weeklong affair, has several offerings each day including a day of the week dedicated to a scrumptious beef roast. The beef roast is easily one of the biggest attractions of the carnival. Start your evening of rides, games and fun with some heavenly beef roast. 

The beef roast is not all, the funnel cake served at the carnival has also become a local favorite. You can also enjoy some carnival classics like cotton candy, popcorn, hot dogs, clams and beer and more local delicacies. 

100% of the proceeds from the bingo games, fry stands, kitchen and most of the food goes back to the fire company, and all of these are managed by the volunteers of the company themselves. 

Safety and Accessibility Information 

What You Need to Know Before Entering: 

  • The carnival takes place every year in the same location at 20 Murray Street, Mt. Pocono, PA. The carnival starts at 3pm and goes on until 11pm for an entire week. 
  • Cash Bingo takes place every night of the carnival
  • Wristbands for unlimited rides are available online.
  • Parking, entry are all free. 

Safety Measures:

  • While you or your children are on any of the rides, make sure you follow all safety precautions and make sure your child is tall enough to go on certain rides.
  • The rides are inspected by a safety inspector on the day of the carnival, but it is always best to send your children on rides they are comfortable going on. 
  • There are medical tents on site and most fire-fighting volunteers are also medically trained. 

Tips for Enjoying the Carnival 

Here are some friendly tips you can use to make sure you and your family have a hassle-free time at the carnival. 

  • The first and last day of the carnival are the most crowded days, so be prepared to come a little early. 
  • Since parking is free at the venue, you may find some difficulty in finding an adequate parking space. 
  • As the carnival is outdoors, make sure you wear comfortable shoes that are suitable for walking around. 
  • If your children are accompanying you, make sure you do not leave them unattended. 

Winding Up

The largest carnival in the Poconos Mountains is back with a blast this year, bond with your loved ones, and enjoy a blast to the past. 

The carnival is a must-visit in Poconos at this time of year, relish in the delicious funnel cakes and the beef roast that is out of this world, and of course hop on the thrilling rides!

With dedicated volunteers and a supportive community, the carnival is a huge success every year, and this year I am sure it will be no different. 

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