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Have you ever heard of this amusing activity known as Ice fishing? Some of you might’ve and some wouldn’t have. Trust me, you should definitely try fishing in the ice. I know it might sound a bit illogical, but it works! In the Pocono, Ice fishing is a popular activity which has been popular for many years now. Not just that, Poconos is one of the biggest hubs for ice fishing and we all know that the region always peaks during the winter. 

Are you wondering how the activity is done? It is pretty simple as you just drill through the frozen water bodies and do fishing right through it. As Poconos is home to a huge array of fish species, there’s a high chance that you will catch a lot of them. 

In my recent visit, I was able to catch some of the really unique fish from the frozen lakes and in this blog I’ll guide you to do fishing during the freezing winter without any hassle. So make sure you stay with me until the end of the blog to know more about this exhilarating activity. 

Some Pointers Before Ice Fishing In Poconos

Ice fishing can be a really fun activity to do in Poconos during winter alongside other winter adventures. However, there are some things you should know before heading out for your recreation. Lemme brief you through that:

  • Acquire fishing permit from Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission
  • Using more than five fishing device is not allowed
  • Single fishing line in each devices are a must
  • Every rods, lines or tip-ups should always be under the control of the user
  • The holes shouldn’t go more than 10 inches from the farthest point 
  • Always make sure that the ice is safe for fishing. Check in with the experts of authorities for that
  • Once you are done, always remove the shelter and other shanties before returning. 
  • People of age 16 and above is required to have a valid fishing license from the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission

When is the Ideal Time to go Ice Fishing in the Poconos?

Poconos is one of the best destinations for experiencing winter and ice fishing, and people usually gather from late December to late February for the activity. However, in Hawley, February is considered as the best time for ice fishing mainly during the time of Wally Ice Fest. Moreover, I believe that early morning could also be a great time for ice fishing before the sun rises too high. 

Checklist For Your Ice Fishing Trip

There are some essentials required before heading for your ice fishing amusement. Here are the basic essentials:

  • An ice auger or chisel to make holes in the ice
  • Fishing rod and reel
  • Lures/bait
  • Hooks/line 
  • Shelter or tent to stay warm 
  • Scoop to clear the ice from the holes
  • Bucket/sled to carry around the gears
  • Warm clothes, boots, gloves and winter hats
  • Life jackets

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the required equipment, there are places where you could rent out the perfect equipment for your fishing experience. Here are some of the best ice fishing rentals in Poconos: 

1. Poconos Boat House

The perfect store for renting out every outdoor adventure and it has been open for 20 years and more. They provide many fishing rental equipment and the expert staff will guide you properly.

2. Riglin’s Outdoors

Located near Bald Eagle State Park, this store is open all day, 24 hours  with fishing tackles, outdoor essentials and many camping supplies. They even provide scented and flavored worms as bait.

3. Evening Hatch Fly Shop

This store is located at Lake Harmony which provides all the right essentials you need for ice fishing. They even provide guides, fishing and fly tying classes and more. They even provide information about the right spot for fishing during winter. 

Best Spots for Ice Fishing, Poconos

As we stated earlier Poconos is home to many fish species and ice fishing spots all around. Let’s take a look at some of the popular and my favorite spots for ice fishing in the region and add them into your family vacation guide.

1. Lake Wallenpaupack

Lake Wallenpaupack has been a renowned destination for ice fishing in the mountains of Poconos. During winter, the lake freezes over 5700 acres of land and still provides a proper habitat to trout, bass, and panfish. The most popular spots in the lake are Martin’s Cove and areas near Caffrey Ramo which is situated close to Caffrey Recreation Area Campground. 

2. Beltzville Lake

Home to many fish species like bass, trout, perch, bluegill and walleye, this lake is situated within the Beltzville State Park. The lake spreads across 950 acres and is well maintained and stocked. The lake is known as the top walleye fishery in the state. The lake is easy to access thus there would be a lot of participants for ice fishing.

3. Promised Land State Park

One of the most popular locations for ice fishing in the Pennsylvania Mountains, Promised Land State Park extends 422 acres which is  also ADA- accessible.  Moreover, the region is home for many species like largemouth and smallmouth bass, yellow perch, sunfish, catfish, pickerel, muskellunge. Trouts are usually in the lower lake part. 

4. Delaware State Forest

Contains above 15 lakes and ponds and is hidden in the Pocono Mountains, the Delaware State Forest offers many experiences during the winter. Both manmade and natural lakes and ponds are present in the region in which you can expect to catch fishes like trout and panfish. 

Tips and Techniques for Ice Fishing

Ice fishing can be a relaxing yet confusing sport. It requires a lot of patience, concentration and technique. Therefore, I’ll use this opportunity to guide you to a successful ice fishing experience.

  • I prefer using baits like wax worms, spikes, wigglers, maggots or minnows.
  • Do the jigging method if you are using an artificial bait
  • For catching bigger fishes, use a bigger hook alongside live baits
  • Bounce around by drilling plenty of holes 
  • Use a two or four pound light line
  • Use specialized jigging rod or use the technique of tip ups while putting your bait through the hole
  • Try covering the hole with ice shaving to attract the fish
  • Find the right spot by checking the areas with drops-offs or underwater structures which could attract fishes 
  • Also, stay patient

Wrap Up!

Winter has always been a special and unique time in Poconos, which makes it known as the “Winter Wonderland”. Among the many winter adventures, Ice Fishing has always been a popular one among many visitors. The relaxing and peaceful feel of doing the activity is a splendid experience. So, it is time for you to head out and feel the experience of fishing in the colder season. 

Moreover, whenever  you are planning an adventure trip, make sure you booked the right place to stay. For that, We HolidayKeepers are always ready to welcome you into our luxurious vacation rentals along with top of the line amenities and hospitality. 

Contact Us for any further doubts or queries.

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