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The Poconos in winter is probably when it shines the most. It is also when Poconos attracts most of its tourists for its many outdoor activities like skiing. I enjoyed a delightful winter staycation in the Poconos, it was the best time to visit as the region lights up for the holiday season and plenty of winter sports can be enjoyed! 

Enjoy a winter like no other, the Pocono mountain winter is the most thrilling season, with sports like skiing, snowtubing, snowboarding and my personal favorite winter paintball! Also take advantage of the Pocono mountains winter resorts and the various activities they offer as well!

Poconos also has much more to offer than adventure sports, making it the perfect destination for all kinds of travelers! 

The region will accept you with open arms, if you are a solo traveler or traveling as a couple or even family, in this blog you will find activities to do in winter that suits all!

Why Should You Spend Your Winter In Poconos?

Poconos is lovely all year round, but winter is the right time to make your visit. There are plenty of things to do in winter in the Poconos. You can enjoy the various activities with your family or friends, explore the city’s history, or cozy up with your partner in a winter cabin. Some of the best ski trails are found in Poconos mountains snow!

The perfect winter can be described as, the Pocono mountain winter activities, a relaxing stay and gifts under the Christmas tree!

If you plan on taking a trip this winter, this listicle will convince you that Poconos is the right choice! 

Poconos Activities in Winter for Solo Travelers

If you are a solo wanderer of the world and looking for adventure this winter, Poconos is the top destination for you! When I was in Poconos, the things to do in winter was unlimited!

1.  Ski Your Worries Away

Skiing is one of the best things to do in the Poconos in the winter, with six major ski areas and 155+ Trails, Poconos is the right place to enjoy skiing the right way. If you are a solo traveler and are looking for adventure start your streak of thrill with skiing and move on to snowboarding and tubing as well!

If finding a space is what you are bothered about, do check out some of the best ski resorts in Lake Harmony, PA!

2. Snowboarding- You vs Snow!

You will find some of the best terrain parks on the East Coast in the Poconos, which is perfect if you are a snowboarder. Big Boulder Ski Resort and Jack Frost Mountain are where you should be if you’ve got a snowboard! Snowboarding is one of the top rated things to do in Poconos in December!

Activities to Do in Poconos for Couples

Looking for a destination for the perfect romantic winter getaway? The Poconos is the most romantic place you can be in for the winter, with glacial views of snow capped mountains and great outdoors, what could be more romantic? Here is a list of activities in the Poconos winter!

Go On a Winter Hike!

Accompany your partner on a romantic winter hike, the Poconos has more than 126 trails in the region. Venture into forests or climb up to heights, you will find trails ranging from easy to extreme. Enjoy a romantic adventure with your beau this winter! During your visit make sure you don’t miss out on the hiking trails of Hickory Run State Park!

Hop On The Pocono Beverage Trail!

The Poconos has a variety of breweries, wineries and distilleries. Find a modern twist at Radical Wine Company, where they offer wine slushies and sangria, or stick to the classic pairing of a charcuterie board with some vintage wine at Milford Wine and Cheese. I found that this was one of the most unique activities to do! 

Looking for Good Old Fashioned Winter Family Fun?

Bring your family down to the Poconos with you this winter and explore the slopes and jumps of the mountains with your own ski partners! That being said, the Poconos also has a lot more to offer than winter sports.

Enjoy Winter Festivals

One of the best things about Poconos in winter is how the city lights up for the holiday season. Ranging from festivals to educational events. Enjoy the WinterFest in Stroudsburg and get to see all the beautiful ice sculptures and other displays, or explore Jim Thorpe’s annual WinterFest with live entertainment, food and drink and more ice sculptures! 

Splash Around Indoors

Who said you can’t have fun in a waterpark in winter? Although it gets pretty cold in the Poconos in winter, you can still enjoy the fun of a waterpark in the many temperature controlled indoor waterparks in the Poconos. 

A lot of Poconos resorts in winter still keep their indoor waterparks open to all. Also, enjoy watersports and lake activities in Lake Harmony!

Staycation This Winter

The perfect way to enjoy your winter vacation could be by enjoying a luxurious staycation! A staycation brings you comfort, luxury and prominent locations as well. 

Stay in prime locations like Jim Thorpe, check out some of the luxurious properties in the area. If you are looking to stay close to the adventurous areas like the waterparks, hiking trails of Lake Harmony, check out some of the best vacation home rentals in Lake Harmony!

So what are you waiting for? Book your Pocono winter getaway now!

Wrap Up

In conclusion, begin planning your winter adventures in the Poconos right away! Take a break from your daily life and choose to unwind with your loved ones, or enjoy a winter staycation as adventurous as can be! 

After a day of exploring and thrilling adventures, rest your legs on pure comfort and luxury at Poconos Vacation Rental properties.

Leave all your booking troubles with HolidayKeepers and contact us now to begin booking your winter staycation.

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