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Land filled with rich national history and cherished throughout by its people, The Delaware Water Gap has been one of my best spots in PA to enjoy the outdoor recreations, and  is actually a gateway to the Poconos and a perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts like me to explore the things to do in Delaware

Delaware tourist attractions has been my favorite spot as it expands over 70,000 acres including many scenic spots such as Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, the Middle Delaware National Scenic and Recreational River and the beautiful Appalachian National Scenic Trail. This mixture of the serene beauty of places and the captivating activities keeps dragging me back to the place more than ever.

In this blog, I’ll guide you through the natural attractions and the exhilarating activities in the regions of Delaware and provide you with a brief idea of the places to visit in Delaware

Emphasis of Delaware Attractions: A Synopsis 

Among the peaceful places in the PA, I’ve always had a keen eye for the places to go in Delaware for its affluent national antiquity. The mountain ridges and the low dense woods and the area in between is the place that forms the Water Gap which is a beautiful sight for our eyes. 

Oh and the villages of the region are actually historic from the 18th and 19th centuries with some early Dutch settlements. The caves, glacial landform and the karsts in the regions along with the Native American Archaeological sites makes Delaware one of the most intriguing geographical sites that I’ve been to.

An Enchanting Experience: Fun Things To Do In Delaware 

There are some unique things to do in Delaware which will be a gripping feel for every outdoor enthusiast out there like myself. I’ve always preferred the mountains of Pennsylvania for its alluring activities and fun. Now I’ll give you a brief idea of the things to do in Delaware this weekend.

Hiking Trails For Everyone

From the numerous hiking trails over 150 miles, the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area offers many levels of hiking difficulty and even wheelchair accessible trails such as Dingman Falls and Mount Tammany Red Dot, the adventure is available for every sole.  

Let me list out the various hiking trails in the region along with more details for your ease. 

Name Distance Difficulty Highlight
Upper Hornbecks Creek 0.8 miles Medium Waterfalls
Lower Hornbecks Creek 1.9 miles Easy  Waterfalls
Buchanan 1.1 miles Easy-Medium Forest
Conashaugh View 8.7 miles Medium- Difficult Forest

Watersport Adventures: Rafting and Kayaking

One of my favorite Delaware activities, which is perfect for large groups, families and even beginners. You could paddle below the bridges, near to cliffs and alongside some magnificent rock formations while viewing some serene beauty of nature in the crystal clear water. 

So float in the calm waters and take in the glamorous views of Delaware, also don’t forget to wear a life jacket and make sure about your safety in the river. I’ll provide some rafting trip routes in the region.

Route Distance Time
Barryville to Pond Eddy 7 miles 4 Hours
Staircase to Matamoras 6 miles 4 Hours
Pond Eddy to Matamoras 10 miles 5-6 Hours
Lackawaxen to Barryville 11 miles 5-6 Hours

Fishing in the Rivers

Among the many things to do in Delaware today, I always loved to explore the region for its fun in fishing as the Delaware Water Gap is a flourishing spot for a wide array of fishes. Moreover, there are both cold water and warm water fishes present in the region which makes the Water Gap a perfect spot for families to enjoy the fun of fishing. 

The rivers are popular for its wide availability of muskellunge, brown trout, American shad, yellow perch, and striped bass. So make sure you plan for a fishing trip whenever you visit the mountains of Pennsylvania, now I’ll list out some of the best fishing spots in the region

  • Loch Lomond- Dingmans Ferry’s south region
  • Eshback Canoes Access
  • Little Bushkill
  • Toms Creek
  • Dingmans Creek

Camping Near The Water Gap

A paradise for all the camping enthusiasts out there, and a perfect activity for the visitors to enjoy a great outdoor fun. The Delaware Water Gap is a popular spot for camping in many ways like tent sites, rv sites, private camping spaces and more. 

During the camping times, you may also explore the other best things to do in Delaware like climbing, hiking, fishing and paddle sports in the nearby spots. Also if you are confused about camping, here’s a complete guide to camping. Moreover, there are three major developed camping sites near the water gap. Let me list out the places for you: 

  • Dingmans Campground- Open from April to October, 133 Campsites
  • Mohican Outdoor Center- Open all year with seven campsites
  • Worthington State Forest Campground- Open all year with 78 campsites

Drive & Explore The Delaware Attractions

I’ve been a huge fan of taking drives and enjoying the exquisiteness of the places, now Delaware has some of the most beautiful places to view while on a peaceful drive that I’ve been to and it is one of the most fun things to do in Delaware for adults. Explore the scenic beauty, cultural heritage and some gripping recreational activities on Delaware Scenic Byways. 

The region of Delaware has three of the magnificent scenic byways which will connect the visitors to the heartful spots in the region. Now, let me give you the proper idea to explore the best of natural, historic and cultural wonders on an exhilarating drive.

Drive Along The Bayshore

Explore Eastern Delaware and the regions of Bayshore while visiting many interesting spots and charmingly small towns. Furthermore, you may view many scenic locations, rivers, coasts, Delaware beaches for families. Also, the area of the Bayshore is considered as a natural treasure. 

Enjoy the beauty of mother nature along with coastlines and wildlife through the two lane road that goes along the views of Delaware River and Bay Estuary.

  • Drive Length: 157 miles
  • Drive Time: 3 Hours 

Brandywine Valley Drive

Go on an amusing drive across the hills of Brandywine Landscape and explore the last of the Du Pont family dynasty. The drive gives you an experience through history, surrounded by alluring landscapes alongside rolling hills and many picturesque stone walls. Moreover, explore many huge estates, museums and charming gardens on your way. 

  • Drive Length: 12.25 miles
  • 1- 2 hours

Visit the Stunning Waterfalls

One of the most ravishing waterfalls I’ve been to in the Pennsylvania mountains is right here in Delaware. Not just the recreational beauty and landscapes, the waterfalls in the regions are also reputable in their own way. 

In my opinion, the best time to visit a waterfall is in the spring or fall as you may enjoy the foliage along with the falls. Let me brief you about some of the must visit waterfalls in the region.

Silverthread and Dingmans Falls

The most easily reachable waterfalls in the region which looks like a silverthread, a narrow but lengthy waterfall. The cool breeze in the atmosphere near the waterfalls makes the waterfalls more amusing. 

You can reach the waterfalls by 

  • Drive across US-209 and go through Dingman’s Ferry.
  • Go south on the same path until the Dingmans fall sign is visible.
Distance 1-1.2 miles
Difficulty Easy
Height 80 feet
Time  2-3mins from visitors center

Raymondskill Falls

Truly one of the most unique waterfalls that I’ve seen as it is a three tier falls with a well made trail which is also known as the tallest waterfall in Pennsylvania. One can also witness an amazing view from the cliffs above the Delaware River. 

You may reach the waterfalls by

  • Go south on road 209 for 2.8 miles
  • Turn right to Raymondskill Road for short distance and you will reach the parking lot of the waterfalls.
Distance 0.5 – 1 mile
Difficulty Medium
Length 178 feet
Accessibility  Limited 

Feel The Roots of Delaware With Historic Sites and Museums

Delaware has been a Revolutionary War Battle Site, a Civil War Fort and a landscape resembling the corporate dynasty which makes the place as a historic attraction. You may travel the trails of history in Delaware and explore more of the legacy left behind. Now, I’ll provide you with details of the historic sites and museums in the region which are some of the best places to visit in Delaware.

John Dickinson Plantations

  • Location: Kent County, Delaware
  • Area: 13 Acres

Things to do in John Dickinson Plantations: 

  • Guided Tours 
  • Explore the plantation grounds
  • Witness the artifacts and exhibits in the museum 
  • Special Events
  • Learn more about the history through the educational programs
  • Shop at museum stores

First State National Historic Park

  • Location: 211 Delaware St, New Castle, DE19720

Things to see and do in First State National Historic Park: 

  • Visit the New Castle Court House Museum
  • Old Swedes Church- Delaware’s oldest church
  • Ryves Holt House- Delaware’s oldest surviving hose
  • First Stage Heritage Park- Contains several historic sites in Dover

Wildlife and Birdwatching in Delaware Water Gap

Discover the paradise for birder’s and wildlife enjoyers in Kent Country. The Quaint Villages of Delaware host some of the truly spectacular displays of species of birds as they migrate across the continents. Moreover, there are forested areas with several animals like foxes, otters, chipmunks, white-tail deer, muskrats and many more things to see in Delaware

For Birdwatching and viewing wildlife, the best places would be:

  • Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge: Including several species of birds, it is a main habitat for many wildlife. The space extends over 16,000 acres of freshwater, marsh and upland habitats.
  • Killens Pond State Park: Home to many of the threatened and rare types of plants, the area is an amazing spot for bird watchers to witness some of the migratory species of birds. 
  • Wild Lands Milford Neck Preserve: Including three miles of coastline from Delaware Bay and is a protected area for beach, upland forest and tidal marsh. It is a perfect place for spotting horseshoe crabs, raptors and migrating waterfowls.

Things To Do With Families in Delaware

There are so many activities in Delaware which you could do as a family and for me summer was the time to explore those things with my family. There is always something for people to enjoy in Delaware like the amusing beaches, local events, state parks and many key attractions in the area. 

I’ll provide you with a brief idea of things you could do as a family in Delaware: 

  • Visit the Brandywine Zoo which has many varieties of animals like red pandas, river otters, and bald eagles. The Zoo is located in Wilmington.
  • Visit the adventure course of Go Ape if you are looking for any Delaware events this weekend and experience the thrill of ziplines, rope bridges and some other adventure activities. You may witness the ravishing views of the surrounding forests while swinging and climbing their courses.
  • Visit the Delaware State Fair and experience many rides, games, concerts and exhibits. 
  • Jungle Jim’s Water Park is the perfect choice for all ages. They have some amazing water slides, a lazy river and many other alluring activities. 

Diners and Staycations For You

Diners can be the best places to visit in Delaware for couples as they have some of the most fabulous diners which will make you feel right at your home. Even if they are scattered across the state, Delaware is home to some exquisite diners. Let me list out the best diners in the region from my personal experience.

  • Stargate Diner at Seaford is the perfect spot for a great lunch and the desserts which are homemade are really delicious which will make your meal and life filled. Also their pies are simply amazing and sometimes I can’t even resist having them.
  • Bear Diner at 603 Pulaski Hwy Bear, Delaware has the best type of grits in the area. With huge portions and a delicious weekend buffet which will drag you back to the diner more and more.

Furthermore, Delaware has many staycation and accommodation ready for every visitor. Among the various types of accommodations available, find some of the best vacation rentals in Sea Colony, Delaware. Let me list out the best type of properties that would be ideal for you

  • Mansions: The best way of spending a staycation along with large groups with the highest available amenities and hospitality. They can occupy at least 40 people at the same time. The best part is that the guests can even host parties in the premises. 
  • Cottages: My favorite option for spending a vacation with my family would be cottages as it could occupy a single family along with the most comfortable and cozy atmosphere. Fireplaces, pools, and barbeque grills and many other amenities are available in a cottage
  • Camping: If you love to stay in touch with nature and experience the atmosphere filled with peace and serenity, you should definitely go camping. Enjoy a completely different atmosphere from your own home and get a unique experience.


The Delaware Water Gap is one of the most popular regions of Poconos, PA which has some of the most attractive and scenic locations in the region. For families, couples and even for outdoor enthusiasts, Delaware serves as a perfect spot with many activities and events. Moreover, the region of Delaware is more reputed for the many historic parts and the visitors may visit those locations and get more in touch with the roots of the Delaware. 

Furthermore, you may stay in a luxurious resort, mansion or many other properties in the region with the ultimate comfort and hospitality available as We at HolidayKeepers, provide you with the best vacation rentals and make you feel at home even at Delaware Water Gap.

You may Contact Us for any queries or doubts.


Q: What is special about the Delaware Water Gap?
A: Delaware Water Gap is known for its rich culture in history and many recreational activities and attractions.

Q: Where is the Delaware Water Gap located at?

A: It is located in the Monroe Country of Poconos, Pennsylvania.

Q: Which are the most intriguing Delaware things to do?

A:  There are many interesting things to do in Delaware and among them the best ones are:

  • Visiting the historic sites
  • Go for activities like  hiking, fishing, ziplining and more
  • Explore the regions and witness the natural beauty

Q: Which are the best things to see in Delaware?

A: There many places to see in Delaware such as 

  • State Parks
  • Museums  
  • Waterfalls
  • Beaches 
  • Forests

Q: Is Delaware Water Gap ideal for family outings?

A: Yes, it is completely a good place for a perfect family vacation.