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Explore Lake Harmony Watersports & Activities Now!

Lake Harmony is a privately owned, beautiful and scenic lake in the Poconos. It is blessed with glacial views, primal and the perfect location for water enthusiasts! Among the watersports offered in Lake Harmony are, boating, kayaking, fishing, and jet skiing. The lake also has designated areas for swimming. 

Ignite the fire for adventure and make your way to Lake Harmony!

A Little More About Lake Harmony

Lake Harmony’s landscape encompasses glacial views, gently rolling hills and lush forests. The area of Lake Harmony is highly attractive for thrill seekers, beaming with skiable areas, state parks and sports attractions. 

The history of Lake Harmony is quite interesting as well. Pennsylvania’s first commercial ski slope was actually opened in Lake Harmony! 

Lake Harmony, apart from being a natural attraction, offers some of the best golf courses, shopping centers, cafes and restaurants and even the Pocono Raceway is located nearby!

Lake Harmony Watersports and Recreational Activities


Of all the Lake Harmony activities, boating is one of the most popular activities. The activity is extremely popular among families and is perfect for spending quality time with your loved ones! Lake Harmony Cruises offer boat tours of the Lake, the guides are well informed about the lake and are very friendly as well, opt for the leisure cruise and take in the gorgeous views and surroundings of Lake Harmony.  A scenic boat tour can make for a really romantic getaway for couples.

Kayaking and Canoeing:

Kayaking and Canoeing is more on the adventurous side, for those who are looking for some thrilling, active things to do in the water, Lake Harmony is the prime spot! There are plenty of local rentals who offer equipment for kayaking and canoeing. 

Jet Skiing:

Jet skiing is perhaps the most fun and thrilling experience in Lake Harmony, whether you already know how to operate or are just looking for some spontaneous fun, Jet skiing is super fun and exciting. Lake Harmony Watersports is Pennsylvania’s number 1 water sport tours company and brings to their customers an array of thrill and adventure. Lake Harmony Inn watersports is operated by them seven days a week during summers. 


Lake Harmony is a great place for fishing. Catch a variety of fish species like the Largemouth Bass, Yellow Perch, Smallmouth Bass, etc. Check out the best spots near Lake Harmony for fishing to catch a good haul!

Lake Harmony Activities– Things to Do 


Lake Harmony has dedicated areas specifically for swimming. Swimmers can enjoy the bliss and adventure of swimming in a natural lake, although it is advised to be on the safer side and follow the safety rules. 


For those who enjoy fitness or those who want to explore the region on foot, hiking in Lake Harmony is insanely gorgeous. The Boulder Field Trail, located in Lake Harmony is the longest trail in Lake Harmony. Check out some of the best hiking trails near Lake Harmony.  

Picnicking and Beach Activities:

Want to have a relaxing afternoon? Enjoy the lakeside recreations at Lake Harmony and set up a lovely picnic, with your partner, family or friends, enjoy the view, sip on some wine and snack on some delicious food!

Dining and Accomodation:

  • Nick’s Lake House: Nick’s Lake house is a highly recommended restaurant in Lake Harmony, it offers lakeview seating and is beloved by the locals as a great eatery. 
  • Lake View Tavern: Lake View Tavern is also a highly rated restaurant in Lake Harmony, with delicious gourmet food. The Tavern has been described as quiet, family friendly and complete with a unique and delicious food and drinks menu. 
  • Boulder View Tavern: The setting of the Boulder View Tavern is lodge-like and rustic, The restaurant overlooks the Big Boulder Lake and Big Boulder Ski Area, offering an immaculate view. They serve delicious typical American food and great crafted cocktails. 
  • Louie’s Prime Steakhouse: Louie’s serves premium steaks and seafood. All reviews for the place talk about the great service, they have an extensive drinks menu, very carefully crafted. The food is exceptional and very delicious. 


Looking for a place to stay in Lake Harmony, close to all of the recreational activities and watersports? Check out this 4 bedroom lake house with a kayak and dock. Launch your kayak from your very own dock whenever you wish!  Take a look at a few more exceptional vacation homes in Lake Harmony for rent. 

Safety Tips:

While watersports can be exciting and thrilling it is equally important that you carry on with safety precautions in place. 

  • Follow all the rules and regulations. For example, fishing in Pennsylvania for people above the age of 16 requires a license. (Day passes for fishing are available) 
  • Carry appropriate swimwear and accessories accordingly.
  • Get the right training for your activity of choice. 
  • Visit supervised spots. Make sure the spots you go to are supervised by lifeguards so that god forbid if something does go wrong you can rely on somebody to help. 

Wrap Up: 

Now that you’ve read about watersports in Lake Harmony, why stop there? Haul over to the Poconos ASAP! Book your stay with HolidayKeepers and enjoy a leisurely stay in the Poconos. Contact HolidayKeepers and begin your seamless and easy booking process now!

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