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Among the many different places that I’ve traveled to, Poconos has invariably been one of my favorite tourist attractions. Akin to the scenic beauty of mountains, beaches and terrains there is another key alluring factor in there for me and it is the Poconos Nightlife which is truly one of the best nightlife that I’ve experienced.

My nights in the mountains of the Poconos were simply amazing such as the parties, night shows and even the pubs, they just never failed to impress me. As per my experience, the regions of Poconos will always be a perfect choice for you to explore for a thrilling night amidst many other things to do in the Poconos.

In the midst of the gripping bars I have visited, some of them have been highly captivating with their drinks and cuisine and the luxury of the bars and nightclubs has such an enticing vibe which encourages the travelers to visit them even further.

So be ready as this blog will guide you through some of the most absorbing and live bars and night clubs in the Poconos.

The Distinctiveness of Poconos Nightlife

The wide array of night clubs and bars in Poconos extends in a good few ways. From Cocktail Bars to Live Music Bars and many more. The travelers have the freedom to choose what kind of nightlife they want to experience. Not only the bars, the region is famous for the food and the top of the line restaurants.

The Pocono region offers high privacy and security for their guests which enables them to be care-free and enjoy as much as they prefer. Now let’s go through some of the night life profiles in the Poconos and the leading locations among them. 

Stylish Cocktail Bars in Poconos

In-house created drinks like the classics- Martinis, Mojitos, Margaritas to many more specially made drinks according to your need. Cocktail Bars have always been a favorite to many.

Moreover, Cocktail Bars in the region are really popular for their expertise of mixology in drinks.

Noir Dark Spirits

The ambience of the bar really resonates with its name as it is completely filled with dark and gothic vibes. You wouldn’t believe how fast the drinks get delivered to you, so quick and so refreshing. 

Not only the drinks, Noir Dark Spirits which holds a 4.6 score on Google also serves food which takes a little time but yet is so exquisite. The live music in the bar would always be a treat for the guests. 

Comfy and Cozy Pubs

Pubs or Taverns would be the perfect spot for a person who is looking for a bottle or beer along with some appetizing dishes. The Pubs in the Poconos are not far behind in either option. Now there are some pubs in the region that you shouldn’t miss in your Pocono nightlife.

Bonnie & Clyde Pub and Grill

Bonnie & Clyde is one of the best bars in the Poconos with a Google Rating of 4.4,  the ambiance inside has been put together to give you the 1930s bank-robber-themed experience. Just like the name, the guests are welcomed with portraits of Bonnie & Clyde. 

With authentic drinks to food that makes your mouth water on remembrance Bonnie & Clyde has everything for their guests. The pub also has 36 beers on tap and almost 60 other varieties ready for you in bottles.

Notch Eight Craft House

One of the best Pub in the region with beer, alcohol, cocktails and even dishes that will make you full on the inside. With a wide array of local craft beer and food menu Notch Eight Craft House is a pub you shouldn’t miss in the Poconos. 

Notch Eight Craft House holds a 4.7 rating on Google and a key highlight of the pub would be their tacos and especially the brisket tacos, which makes you want to visit again.

Thrilling Night Clubs in the Poconos

Seeking a place to dance all night in the Poconos? Then the night clubs are definitely the best choice for you to visit. This will take you to some of the best dance venues in the region and you would not regret visiting them.

The Paradise Club

One of the best nightclubs in the region situated in the beautiful Pocono Mountains. The club is mainly established for single females and couples. If you are looking for a perfect place for a romantic getaway then The Paradise Club would be an excellent choice for you.

The nightclub got a 4.5 rating which never fails to provide a safe and pressure free environment to you and your partner to enjoy a memorable night. The nightclub is included with many other amenities like hot tubs, private room, dinner buffet and many more.

GetWet Nightclub

If you are a person who adores luxury as myself then the GetWet Nightclub will make you fall in love with the amenities they provide. GetWet is an indoor/outdoor club featuring an 11,000 square foot pool where you enjoy a nice swim in luxury.

The Club also featured many popular artists from around the world for parties and concerts with many other special events and is situated at the Mount Airy Casino Resort. 

Drinks with Live Music

Are you eagerly looking for a place to fill yourself with both drink and music? Visit many Live Music Bars in the regions of Poconos to enjoy a relaxed and peaceful night filled with music and drinks. Live music is one of the main attractions in Poconos. You may also visit some of the top restaurants, resorts and many other things to do the next day after your joyful night.

Deer Head Inn

The most delectable spot in the Delaware Water Gap also known as the home of jazz. Perfect for any jazz enthusiasts out there to experience a night with jazz and tasteful drinks. The bar also provides the guests a menu filled with food and drinks which enhances the bar vibe.

They are also known for featuring many legendary jazz artists in the past such as John Coates Jr and many other popular jazz artists. Surrounded by trees and music, Deer Head Inn with a 4.6 rating, a family-run spot, is one of the best places in town for nightlife.

Drinks Amidst Sports

The Pocono Mountains have always been popular for their natural beauty and exciting activities and sports is no exception. The travelers are always welcome to enjoy a night mixed with drinks and sports. 

Scorecard Sports Bar and Grill

A sports bar which stays true to its name. Scorecard Sports Bar and Grill is the place where you could visit anytime to enjoy a game night amidst exquisite food and a couple of beers. The sport theme bar also presents 3 entertainment nights a week.

Scorecard is located at The Slate Belt is one of the most premium sport bars and has been an entertainment establishment for almost two decades.

Perfect Places to Stay in Poconos To Enjoy the Nightlife

The nights in Pocono can be enjoyed in various ways and if you are searching for a place to stay in the Poconos, let me assist you in deciding places for you to stay according to your demands.


Perfect choice for a group of people to stay together at the same time whilst enjoying their evening. The Mansions in the regions of Poconos are really popular for their luxury offerings and hospitality. Moreover, you can even host a house party on your own inside a mansion without any interference from the outside and enjoy a fabulous night with your group.


The cottages in Poconos are really cozy and traditional which fits the theme of the mountains and the woods of the region. It is an ideal spot for you and your family alone to enjoy a great staycation with the highest possible hospitality and amenities. A cottage is more than sufficient for a small group of people or for a single family to have an amusing evening. 


Spend a night in the woods of Poconos and enjoy the constellations and stars and listen to the sound of nature while you sleep. Sometimes it’s not about the luxury but also having new experiences in your life and the unique feel of staying inside a campsite is just different. Camping in the Pocono Mountains will always deliver you with a special experience far from your home. 


The Mountains of Poconos are not just known for the beauty of their mountains and regions but also for the nightlife they provide to their visitors. There are a wide variety of bars, pubs and nightclubs available in the regions which always deliver the best memorable evenings during their vacation or weekend Getaways.

The NightLife of Poconos will always be prepared for their visitors with many fascinating locations and activities throughout the area. We HolidayKeepers are always welcome to provide you with the best hospitality and accommodation in the region. If you have any doubts or query regarding booking your stay, do Contact Us.


Q: Can people below 21 years old enter a nightclub?

A: No, almost every nightclub/bar/pub requires the age of 21 to enter the premises.

Q: Is entry to nightclubs free?

A: No, almost every nightclub has an entry fee for the guests.

Q: How’s the nightlife in the Poconos during the winter season?

A: Almost the same, every nightclub/bar/pub will be open for the visitors.

Q: Is it safe to enjoy nightlife in the Poconos alone?

A: Yes, it is completely safe. However, if you ever encounter an issue there will be officials ready to assist you anytime.