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Alluring Activities in Poconos for you this Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving is the tradition and national holiday celebrated on November 23 this year in the United States and Canada. 

Celebrate your past year’s blessings and give back the vote of thanks for your loved ones in the sort of good foods, exciting destinations and enticing nature of Poconos this thanksgiving holiday.

Poconos is the best jaunt to amuse your friends and family and a perfect destination to amaze your loved ones during this lovely holiday of thanksgiving.

The Best Getaways in the Poconos

  • Mount Pocono 
  • Jim Thorpe
  • Stroudsburg
  • Hickory Run State Park

Unwind in Mount Poconos

Mount Poconos is located in northeastern Pennsylvania and it is a short drive from New York and New Jersey which are the best getaways for this thanksgiving holiday.

Mount Pocono is a pack of happiness where you can explore various activities like hiking the mountains and fishing in the lakes. 

Indulge in outdoor activities, historic sites, a tasty breakfast and cosy rentals, which are the perfect things to do on thanksgiving weekend and it is the best place to thank your loved ones for spending your thanksgiving holiday.

Explore the Beauty of Jim Thorpe

Jim Thorpe is one of the most beautiful small towns in America and a fascinating historical small town located in the Poconos mountains, which is often called the Switzerland of America. 

This charming place is the perfect package for the best getaways for the thanksgiving holiday. Jim Thorpe is a concoction of museums, parks and mesmerising nature.

Energetic activities like horseback riding, skiing, hiking, biking, and white water rafting are several fun things to do this thanksgiving weekend.

Look out for the complete travel guide and explore exciting things to do in Jim Thorpe.

Make a Happy Visit to Stroudsburg

Stroudsburg is an exciting place and a fun-filled destination that should be visited for a happy thanksgiving weekend. Stroudsburg, which is known as the Heart of Poconos. 

This borough is famous for its historical buildings from the late 18th century. Stroudsburg is a walkable downtown area with shops, restaurants, art galleries and museums. 

This is the best place to hone your historical knowledge by visiting museums and art galleries. It is also a great place to have a happy jaunt with your loved ones by visiting several shops and restaurants.

Chill in Hickory Run State Park

Hickory Run State Park has both man-made and natural waterfalls. Saylorsville is a waterfall near the entrance of Camp Shehaque in Hickory Run State Park. This waterfall is a half-man-made and natural waterfall that comprises a beach, boulder field, and camping.

This park with a waterfall must be visited this thanksgiving holiday to make your valuable time worthwhile. 

Best Eateries to Visit in the Poconos 

Explore the best eateries during your thanksgiving weekend in the Poconos with your friends and family and binge on the most delicious pastries.

  • Village Farmer and Bakery
  • Callie’s Candy Kitchen

Village Farmer and Bakery

Village Farmer and Bakery where you can see the baking in real life and the farmer’s market located in the Pocono Mountains. In the bakery, you can taste all sorts of pies, sandwiches, pastries and grilled foods. BBQ is also available on the weekends.

The speciality of this bakery is open every day except the Christmas holiday. Taste an essence of joy with delicious baking items and make your thanksgiving weekend delicious with your loved ones.


Every day (except Christmas) – 8 am to 8 pm 

Location: 13 Broad St, Delaware Water Gap, PA 18327, USA

Callie’s Candy Kitchen

Callie’s Candy is popular for its unique candy-making and unique taste of candies. The sorts of candies you can taste are chocolate-covered popcorn, cookie dough fudge, assorted rock candy flavours, sugar-free malted milk balls, dark chocolate almond turtles, and chocolate-covered cream cheese.

Make your thanksgiving at this best getaway and relish on these delicious chocolate-covered handmade candies. 


Every day – 10 am to 5 pm 

Location: 1111 PA-390, Mountainhome, PA 18342, United States

Wrap Up

Poconos is the best destination to escape from the bustle of daily life and the perfect place for you to spend your thanksgiving holiday with your loved ones.

Enjoy the fun things and find thanksgiving vacations in the Poconos with comfy vacation rentals offered by HolidayKeepers.


Q: Which is the perfect season to visit the Poconos?

A: The perfect season to explore the Poconos is the summer season which is between June and August.

Q: Why do people love to visit the Poconos?

A: The warm weather and kid-friendly activities like water parks and adventure parks make people love to visit the Poconos.

Q: Is Poconos good for exploring fun activities this thanksgiving holiday?

A: Yes, Poconos has many fun activities like outdoor activities, swimming pools, gardens and waterfalls which will make a happy thanksgiving holiday.

Q: Is Poconos the perfect destination for this thanksgiving weekend?

A: Yes, the Poconos Mountains are the ideal place for family getaways and trees in the Poconos Mountains will welcome you with their bright blossoms this thanksgiving weekend.

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