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New Jersey has always been close to my heart , a place that I have been traveling for a decade that is mixed with a lot of memories that pictizes most of my childhood traveling to adolescent journeys along with the places that I have covered. 

This truly makes me feel nostalgic when I am penning down about the places that I have traveled and excitement and happiness is mixed up with this too! So are you ready to delve deep into this travel guide that I have written specially for you, with that I hope this write up will lighten up that traveling spirit in you to get ready for your one day trip from New Jersey  ,pack up your bag and explore the beautiful destinations from New Jersey. Remember Adventure awaits, you’re gonna enjoy it! 

Best Destinations to Explore from New Jersey

Taking a day tour from New Jersey will give rise to newer destinations that you can visit when you will get to see more nearby places, more attractions to visit and explore, turning out to be one of the best  weekend  trips from New jersey. Have a look at the Historic and Naturistic Places to Visit

‘The Ancient world is full of mysteries and wonders that await our exploration’ along with some naturistic places too. 

The Newark Museum of Art

The Newark museum of art is one of the best museums that I have ever visited, with strongly built architecture and the gems that are preserved inside is a surprise for history lovers and for people who love to visit museums, this is an unmissable spot I would say. 

Timings and Location : 11 am – 5 pm, 

Entry Tickets : $ 10 – Adults / $ 8 – Children and Senior citizen  ( 65+ ) 

Highlights : The Ballantine House, Seeing America 18 & 19 Century and Animal Kingdom  

Philadelphia Museum of Art 

Moving ahead to another historical place which is Philadelphia museum of art, famed for its majestic look and architecture, another good place to explore on your one day daycation which you shouldn’t miss.  

Timings and Location : 11 am – 5 pm 

Entry Tickets : $ 10 – Adults / $ 8 – Children and Senior citizen  (65+) 

Highlights : The Ballantine House, Seeing America 18 & 19 Century and Animal Kingdom. 

Naturistic Places to Explore: 

Penning down these Naturistic places that lie in these nearby beautiful locales, Plan and check out to visit them that I listed below, these are one of the best places that I have visited near NJ that are known for its lush green arena and the rare greens that are preserved till date.  

Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve 

Location📍 1635 River Road, New Hope. 
Timings 10 AM – 4:30 PM 
Tickets     Adults – $ 12 / Seniors (65 above) – $ 9 

                    Free Entry for Children under age 5 

Best time to visit June and November 
Highlights Rare species of wild flowers preserved and grown like Virginia bluebells, butterfly weed and more. 

Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park     

Location📍 72 McBride Ave Ext, Paterson NJ.
Timings 9 AM – 5 PM 
Tickets Free Entry 
Highlights Explore the Patorson’s Industry and its surrounding places that reflect about wars and American History 

Foodies Destination Spot from NJ 

Traveling from NJ gives rise to many restaurants and outlets that are famous for their signature cuisines and delicacies that one must not miss to savor, where people are magnetized towards its aromas that are spread to its nearby localities. From Atlantic city to Philadelphia you will find restaurants like Parc and Lacroix that are known for their mouth watering food and cuisines.

I am listing out some more restaurants that you can visit when you’re exploring some other places in New Jersey that I have mentioned above. Enjoy these pleasant moments of your daycation my dearTraveler. 


Parc- Known for its beautiful ambience and signature dishes, Be it for early morning breakfast to a stomach filling delicious main meal this one is the best you can step in and choose the best ones to savor that are in the menu and enjoy !!!

Address : 227 S. 18th St, Philadelphia. PA

Timings : 8 AM – 10 PM


This is another outlet that made me feel that I will have to come back again to savor some more of their delicacies, Plan to dine and taste their wine that is gonna be so fine, yes it is indeed gonna be so good.

Address : 210 W, Rittenhouse square, Philadelphia PA. 

Timings : 6:30 AM – 9 PM

Family Day Trip Ideas from New Jersey

Advancement of tech stuff has made an impact on many families both in a good and a bad way, but to tell you the truth, this one day trip blog that I am writing indeed relates to families too, where they can get together and have fun. 

Crystal Spring Resort 

Relax and refresh at Crystal spring resort and have the best leisure time spent at this place with your family and friends. 

Location📍1 Wild Turkey Way Hamburg NJ 
Timings :  7 AM – 10 PM 

Congress Hall 

Utmost Luxury and royalty is reflected at this place that you must not miss planning up some time to visit this place with your family to get that feel, a locale that offers spas, pool and park for you to have their best time. 

Location📍 : 200 Congress PL Cape May.
Timings :  10 AM – 6 PM 

Woodloch Pines Family Resort 

Woodloch Pines, this is one of those places that I thought of not missing it out when I am writing this little guide for you, Resort among the greens with fresh breeze to inhale, experience and feel that you have take the right choice to spend your daycation at this resort. It is indeed worth visiting!!!

Location📍 :  731 Welcome lake road Hawley PA
Timings : Open 24 Hrs 

Wrapping Up on Daycation 

It is time to part ways now! Where you have walked through this write up by knowing about these places that you can travel to in one day from New Jersey, it was all about day break and daycation stuff along with my travel experiences. 

I hope you have got good information about them. I’ll tell you about the accommodations too, where you can get to stay in a place like home with good amenities provided for your  vacay stay to go ease and peace. We are HolidayKeepers who offer luxury holiday homes to get a good rest for you to raise up and explore new destinations that the Poconos mountains behold.

Do not hesitate to call us out for any queries from booking in to checking in- we’re there for you!

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