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I’ve always been a hiking or trekking enthusiast. You name it and I’ve done it. I’m also partial towards the Poconos hiking trails. It has some of the most picturesque places where one could spend a weekend relaxing themselves. Lake Harmony is one such place.

Hike, swim or fish, this glacial lake has much more to it than its mesmerizing scenic beauty. The numerous slopes and adventurous trails are perfect for hiking. I hiked one of the toughest trails of Lake Harmony and it was worth it.

Apart from hiking, one can also enjoy hearty meals in gourmet restaurants, snowboarding, biking, kayaking, exploring antique and unique items in their local stores. Let me guide you through some of the best trails for hiking near Lake Harmony PA  that I’ve come across while doing my own research.

Best Lake Harmony Hiking Trails

Lake Harmony is blessed with some of the most beautiful hiking trails in Poconos. I know selecting and searching for all the trails can be tiresome. Don’t worry. I’ve got your back. Sit back and relax while reading the blog and finalize a trail on which you would like to embark on this weekend.

Split Rock Hiking 

The Split Rock Hiking trail offers one of the most spectacular scenery. It comprises two red and blue trails with many other small trails and routes to discover. Do wear boots if you don’t want muddy feets later. The initial mile is a bit steep but gets better as you proceed. There is a boardwalk in many areas of the trail. 

Address 36 Split Rock Rd, Lake Harmony, PA 18624, United States  
Best for Families and beginners | Discover the split rock structure 
Features Kid Friendly, Dog friendly, Waterfalls, Bridges, and Creeks 
Trail Surface Partly Muddy, Partly Rocky 
Difficulty Easy to moderate
Length 7.9 miles
Route type Out and back
Parking Available
Time to Complete Approx 3 hours

Hike Map

  • Trek over the dirt road that leads towards a bridge. On seeing the reservoir from the bridge, you will notice blazes that lead two ways – one for the red trail and the other that leads to the blue trail. 
  • On crossing a wet area, which can be tricky to hike if water level is high, you will explore many spots down the stream and get a short view of the reservoir.
  • Continue straight on a flat trail and hop across the rocks along the reservoir and reach another open rocky point. 
  • Keep following the marked trail and make your way across the open rocky trails which also skirts a Misty Pond in the middle. 
  • Soon, you will come across a steep section with cliffs offering a fantastic view of the reservoir from atop. As you continue down the trail, you’ll be crossing Charlottesburg road. After reaching the Split Rock, turn right to Split Rock Road and make your way back to the lot.

Shades of Death, Hickory Run State Park

Considered as one of the most famous hiking trails of Hickory Run State Park, it runs along the stream and is also popular for bird watching, trail running, and hiking. If one wants to enjoy the picturesque scenes of waterfalls surrounded by rhododendron thickets and rock formations during the hiking, the best time to visit the trail is between March and October. 

Address Jim Thorpe, PA 18229, United States 
Best for Beginners | Engulfed in the woods
Features Kid-friendly, Bird watching, Running, Dog friendly, Woods
Trail Surface Rocky 
Difficulty Easy to moderate
Length 2.2 miles
Route type Out and back
Parking Available
Time to Complete Approx 1 hour

Hike Map

  • If you start walking from the main parking lot, you will come across a small bridge which marks the start of the trail towards the Sand Spring Run. Continue your hike and soon you will come across Stametz Dam. 
  • This man-made scenic waterfall is 15 feet in height and is also one of the most beautiful man-made waterfalls in Pennsylvania. 
  • You can relax and enjoy the picturesque view of the greenery and water around the small pond near it.
  • Upon crossing the pond, you will come across a woodland which leads to a rocky path and narrow openings in the forest. When you start walking this path, you will come across some spots where you can spot small riffles and hillsides that run adjacent to the trail. 
  • From here, trail towards the CCC Dam and walk over a staircase that cuts into the rock and between two huge boulders. You can also find a lake above the spot ideal for fishing. 
  • Across the bridge over the pond, rest in the open field before making a u-turn for the parking lot after crossing the second pond.

Boulder Field Trek 

Still confused about hiking in Lake Harmony? Let’s read about this beautiful trail which is quite popular for birding, snowshoeing, camping, and hiking. Considered as moderately difficult, one might also need to climb the boulders while exploring the surroundings. The boulder field is relatively flat and devoid of any trees. However, one can also hop around a boulder safely.  

Address 3613 State Route 534, White Haven, PA 18661 
Best for Beginners
Features Dog friendly, Rock climbing, Family-friendly, Scenic, Dog friendly, Camping, Bird watching 
Trail Surface Rocky | Beware of the loose boulders 
Difficulty Moderate
Length 6.4 miles
Route type Out and back
Parking Available
Time to Complete Approx 2 hours and 43 minutes

Hike Map

  • Head on to the parking area which is located across the street that connects the trailhead for Hawk Falls. 
  • Walking down from here, you will come across a wide field of boulders & rocks scattered all over the field, with small areas of trees that seem to pop up in the middle of the boulder field and a pine tree in the middle of the area when exploring the boulder field. 
  • The trail is filled with rocks and boulders, perfect for rock climbing and a unique hiking experience.

Hawk Falls

Don your hiking shoes and embark on this downhill as well as slippery trail. One can even enjoy snowshoeing on this trail in winters. The rock outcrop at the top of the falls makes a good lookout point, but if you want to see rhododendrons all bloomed up, May/June should be your go to month for this trek. It is also ideal for families and can also be attempted by beginners.  

Address Route 534 Access, Hickory Run State Park White Haven, PA – 18661 
Best for Experienced 
Features Kid-friendly, Dog friendly, Snowshoeing 
Trail Surface Slippery 
Difficulty Moderate
Length 0.68 miles 
Route type Out and back
Parking Available
Time to Complete Approx 29 minutes

Hike Map

  • Walk towards the trail leading to Hawk Falls, located 100 feet above the road from the parking lot. 
  • On standing at the start of the trail, you will be able to hear the falls
  • The trail is quite short and is only half a mile from the top of Hawk Falls.

Austin T Blakeslee Natural Area 

The Austin T Blakeslee Natural Area is a preserve bejeweled with gorgeous waterfalls and three trails – Red-blazed Creek trail, blue-blazed Highland loop trail, and orange-blazed Pine trail. Though moderately challenging, it’s great for hiking near the river and also for fishing. 

Address 20 PA-115, Blakeslee, PA 18610, United States 
Best for Experienced 
Features Kid-friendly, Fishing, Dog friendly, Forest
Trail Surface Sloppy and slippery 
Difficulty Moderate
Length 2.48 miles 
Route type Loop | Out and back (Multiple trails) 
Parking Available
Time to Complete Approx 29 minutes

Hike Map

  • Choose from the three hiking trails mentioned above. One can also indulge in recreational activities like fishing, walking, and relaxing happening along several points of the trails.
  • The pine trail is a quick half-mile loop and is blazed in orange. The Highland trail is almost a mile long, is blazed in blue, and is looped in the pine forest. The red-blazed trail is a 2.3 mile that goes along the creek. 
  • One can find many seeps and wetlands as they walk uphill. Wear proper hiking boots as the walk can be a bit muddy. There are bridges and stone crossings with tree trunk slices where needed. 

Thomas Darling Preserve (Loop)

Located  near Blakeslee, this trail is great for bird watching, hiking, and trail running. The trail is blazed in blue and has some red and white blazes. Always carry sufficient water with you while trekking this hike and don’t forget to wear proper shoes while hiking as the trail tends to get slippery.  

Address Pocono Lake, PA 18347, United States  
Best for Beginners 
Features Kid-friendly, Bird watching, Wildlife, Fishing 
Trail Surface Grassy
Difficulty Easy
Length 2.1 miles 
Route type Loop
Parking Available
Time to Complete Approx 45 minutes

Hike Map 

  • You will find small rocks pebbled along the way. Following fast-running waters upstream, you will find a flat marsh. The long boardwalk has Sphagnum moss everywhere, with bushes of blueberries on the boggy, wet ground.

I know hiking is the main motive this weekend but have you thought about exploring the rest of the Poconos during your staycation? Lake Harmony is a small part of this vibrant place called Poconos.

Best Time to Visit Lake Harmony

If you are visiting the lake for hiking or trekking, then June to October are the best months for it. The warm weather and the following fall season are the best conditions to hike in. If you aren’t a person who wants to trek the adventurous trails of the area, then you can enjoy other recreational activities it has to offer you. 

One can enjoy swimming, horseback riding and other water sports in the summer season. However, one can ski the steep slopes of the mountains or do snowshoeing in the winter season also.

Other Attractions of Lake Harmony

Tourists come to this serene place not only for hiking or trekking but also for other leisure activities. One can spend 2-3 days of their vacation easily while exploring the gorgeous Lake Harmony. The best attractions apart from Lake Harmony PA hiking trails are as follows: 

  1. Boating
  2. Kayaking
  3. Canoeing
  4. Jet Skiing
  5. Fishing
  6. Swimming
  7. Gourmet Dining
  8. Golfing
  9. Horseback Riding
  10. Skiing


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