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Explore Lake Harmony, PA – Best Things to Do & Outdoor Activities

If you are a travel enthusiast like me looking for a unique way to spend your vacation, then Lake Harmony would be an ideal pick for you because it offers many activities. During my vacation days, I haven’t seen such an outdoor adventure hotspot like Lake Harmony. There’s always something interesting for everyone in the mountains from Water Sports to Snow Adventure and even gripping Nascar experience. 

Lake Harmony has been one of my favorites for more than 10 years, not because of its recreational activities but the scenic beauty, restaurants, resorts, trails and so much more. Furthermore, even the Lake is well maintained which makes it clean and clear all the time, which makes the spot far more amusing. Also, you may visit the place anytime you wish, in summer or winter. The lake will welcome you during all the seasons with more activities than ever.

In this blog, I’ll provide a complete idea of things to do in Lake Harmony and more features of the fascinating town for you to have a vacation at ease. So get ready to accompany me through this journey of adventure mixed with peace and serenity.

Emphasis on the Beauty of Lake Harmony

Is Lake Harmony a lake? Or a resort? Or just a town? Actually it is much greater than all of it. The landscapes of Lake Harmony consist of dense forest, crystal clear glacial lakes and softly curving with so much to explore. 

The lake is situated at the western part of the poconos and is also known as ‘Big Pond’. The key attraction that I felt about the place is the glacial lake, which gets depleted into the Tobyhanna creek and outflows into the Lehigh river. Furthermore, there is another lake known as Big Boulder Lake and is actually a man made one. Along with all these natural attractions there are so many recreational activities in Lake Harmony, let me provide a brief writeup about it next. 

The Wide Range Of Lake Harmony Outdoor Experiences

Lake Harmony remains as one of the best spots for tourists to feel the beauty of nature and the thrill of adventurous things to do in the outdoors. Amongst the spectacular array of unique activities, I’ll list out some of the most preferred and picked choices of outdoor fun in the regions:

Explore The Amusing Water Sports of Lake Harmony

The water adventures of Lake Harmony is in the heart of the Pocono Mountains, a perfect spot for an adventure enthusiast to explore. Whenever I visited the mountains of PA, never have I once failed to feel the thrill of water sport Lake Harmony Activities. You should definitely try these activities if you are looking for a lively and enchanting vacation in the mountains of Poconos.


The most ideal choice for the families to explore the beauty of the Lake and have a peaceful time together. There will be well experienced guides to provide you with all the instructions, so you may enjoy the time throughout with ease. This activity is popular among the couples too, as they can have a day full of love in the lake while exploring the gorgeous locations around them.

Jet Skiing:

Yet another one of my favorite adventures in the list of Lake Harmony things to do with my friends and family. Jet skiing is probably the most gripping fun experience among the watersports of Lake Harmony. In my opinion, you can enjoy it even if you don’t know how to operate the jet ski, as there will be proper instructions provided  to you.


Lake Harmony is one of the most popular spots in Pennsylvania for fishing. I always prefer to spend some time with my children fishing and teaching them more about it. There is a wide array of fishes in Lake Harmony to catch in many different spots and here’s some of the best fishing spots near Lake Harmony for you to enjoy fishing.

Picnic and Relax Near Lake Harmony:

If you are seeking for a peaceful and relaxing time with your family then head straight to lakeside recreations in Lake Harmony and enjoy a great afternoon with picnicking. You may do this with your friends or your loved one too while enjoying the beautiful view and having delicious meals.

Feel The Nature With Hiking

Adored by the charm of lakes and hills all around, makes Lake Harmony a perfect place for hiking enthusiasts to enjoy a day filled with adventure. It is the ideal destination for people searching for an amazing family getaway or outdoor adventure. 

Lake Harmony has more than 58 trails extending above 670 miles for both beginners and experts in hiking. Enjoy the views of lakes, mountains and waterfalls while hiking in Lake Harmony. Now, I’ll list out some of the best hiking trails in the region.

Name Length Difficulty Trail Surface Address Suitable For Highlights
Split Rock Hiking 7.9 miles Easy to Moderate Partly Muddy and Rocky 36 Split Rock Rd, Lake Harmony, PA 18624 Families & Beginners  Split Rock Structures,Boulder Fields
Shades of Death, Hickory Run State Park 1.89 miles Easy to Moderate Rocky Jim Thorpe,PA 18229, US Beginners Waterfall Views, Thick woods,

Rock formations

Boulder Field Trek 6.9 miles Moderate Rocky 3613 State Route 534, White Haven, PA 18661  Beginners Bird Watching, Camping,
Hawk Falls 0.68 miles Moderate Slippery Route 534 Access, Hickory Run State Park, White Haven, PA-18661 Experienced Tall Waterfall,

Dog Friendly,


Lookout Points

Natural Attractions Near Lake Harmony

Lake Harmony is one of the most enchanting locations in Poconos with many scenic views all around. There are recreational areas, parks, sanctuaries, museums and many other attractions for the visitors. Make sure you read the rest of the blog to know about the panoramic spots near Lake Harmony.

Split Rock:

One of the oldest spots in Lake Harmony, also a nature’s wonder. The visitors can travel to the top of the vantage point by hiking and enjoy the fabulous view of Lake Harmony’s landscape. Near to the spot is Split Rock resort which is open in all seasons with many amenities like indoor water park, gaming arena, movie theater, golf course and more. 

Beltzville State Park:

Situated at the southern foothill of Poconos, Beltzville State Park extends over 3,002 acres of land. It is a perfect destination for boaters and anglers. There are some amazing picnic spots and beach pavilions. The park is open in all seasons with many educational programs.

Austin T Blakeslee Recreation Area:

The most loved outdoor space in the county, Austin T Blakeslee Recreation Area is popular for many recreational activities like hiking, picnics, and fishing. You may also bring your dogs along with you for hiking which will be an interesting experience. The visitors can also enjoy a wonderful view of the falls at Tobyhanna creek.

Tobyhanna State Park

One of the biggest parks in the region which extends above a vast area of 5440 acres with 160 acre long lake in it. The park offers picnic spots, hiking trails and biking trails for the visitors. Moreover, you may experience canoes and rowboats during summer and ice skating, ice fishing, snowmobiling during the winter. The park also allows hunting but only in the hunting regions.

Family Outing and Vacation in Lake Harmony

There are a ton of things you could do as a family in Lake Harmony. Among them, my personal favorite things to do in Lake Harmony would be hiking, boating, camping, snow tubing and many other things. Moreover, there are state parks, water parks and more fun activities in Lake Harmony for families. 

You may also visit the zoos nearby like Claws ‘N’ Paws Animal Park and Lehigh Valley Zoo which have many different species of animals from all around the world.

Romantic Getaways in Lake Harmony

Lake Harmony is a wonderful choice for couples to enjoy a honeymoon or romantic dates. There are plenty of options for the couples like boating, spa experience, staycations and more. My favorite Lake Harmony thing to do with my partner was staying in a luxurious resort without interference from the outside, it was such an amazing time. Moreover, I adore going for a romantic picnic with my partner at the state parks.

You can also visit the exquisite restaurants in the region and explore the best of Lake Harmony Food along with your partner. 


Lake Harmony is one of most beautiful and popular locations in the regions of Poconos with a multitude of activities and scenic locations. Visitors have the freedom to choose from the various arrays of Lake Harmony activities and have some of the most memorable days of their life. 

The destinations of Lake Harmony provide a gripping sensation for every type of traveler, even if you are a solo traveler or traveling with your family and friends, there are many amusing activities for everyone to do in Lake Harmony. Moreover, there are various different types of vacation rentals in the regions for the visitors to enjoy a great time of staycation. 


Q: Is Kayaking available at Lake Harmony?

A: Yes, there are resorts with the amenities for kayaking in Lake Harmony.

Q: What are the best activities in Lake Harmony during summer?

A: There are a lot of activities in Lake Harmony during summer season such as:

  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Canoes
  • NASCAR race
  • Paintball

Q: Which are the different types of fish available in Lake Harmony?

A: There are a different types of fishes present in the waters of Lake Harmony like

  • Bluegill
  • Catfish
  • Crappie
  • Perch
  • Pickerel
  • Pike

Q: Is a fishing license required for fishing in Lake Harmony?

A: As per the rules of Pennsylvania, a valid fishing license is required for people of age 16 and above for fishing any of the species. 

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