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Ready to dive into the ultimate fun during your vacation to Poconos? If you are then I may have the most ideal spot for you to fulfill all of your adventure dreams. Among the various renowned spots in Pennsylvania, Beltzville State Park has been one of my favorite picks for a great day filled with adventures and relaxation. 

This charming state park is nestled deep in the mountains near Pohopoco Creek at Carbon County. The Beltzville Lake, spreading across 950 acres with 19.8 miles of shoreline, provides many recreational areas and activities around it. From waterfront adventures to camping and overnight stays, there is something for everyone in Beltzville Park

Now, in this blog, I’ll write about the most fun adventures and serene activities in there, so make sure you stay until the finale. 

1. Scenic Trails & Nature Walks in Beltzville, PA

A perfect way to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. Beltzville State Park, PA offers a diverse range of scenic trails and nature walks which will take you alongside serene lakes, through lushfull forests and electrifying viewpoints. I’ve always preferred taking a walk through the captivating state park to unwind myself, reconnect with nature and enjoy the most peaceful moments. 

The 15 miles of scenic hiking trails in the park vary in difficulty and distance. Also the trail goes from wooded paths to old roads, grassy walkways through valleys, fields and forests. Moreover, some trails offer views of waterfalls and Beltzville Lake such as taking Cove Ridge Trails to view the gorgeous Wild Creek Falls. These trails are definitely among the top hiking trails near Jim Thorpe. 

Name Difficulty Length Route Type
Sawmill Trails Moderate 2.7 km Loop
Christman, Falls, and Cove Ridge Trails Easy 7.2 km Loop
Preachers  Camp Trail Moderate 8.2 km Out & Back
Trinity Gorge Loop Easy 7.9 km Loop

2. Waterfront Adventures in Beltzville Lake, PA

The pristine lake of Beltzville offers such a blissful and relaxing feel with many fun and exhilarating opportunities, take a dip in the crystal clear waters, or rent a boat such as kayak or paddleboard to explore the Beltzville Lake and its surroundings or you may cast a line and catch some of the local fish species like trout, striped bass, largemouth and smallmouth bass, walleye, perch and muskellunge. 

Boating in Beltzville Lake is among my top picks for a day filled with aquatic fun and adventures. I just love viewing the landscapes through boating and spending time in the waters with my loved ones. Moreover, you may rent a boat from Beltzville Boat Rental and discover the wonders of the lushful environment.

  • If you are wondering about the best spots for fishing in Beltzville Lake, PA, I would say that Preacher’s Camp on the south shore and swimming beach on the north shore are the best. 
  • The shoreline on the northern side of the lake along Pohopoco Drive and the area below the dam is also an ideal spot for fishing.
  • Swimming is allowed in Beltzville beach, but at your own risk.
Address- Beltzville Boat Rental 2950 Pohopoco Dr, Lehighton, PA 18235

3. Witnessing Wildlife Wonders & Photographing Nature

Nature and wildlife enthusiasts, you are in for a treat as Beltzville State Park in Pennsylvania is a haven filled with abundant wildlife and most diverse ecosystems. You will always have opportunities to take incredible shots of the beautiful nature, so make sure you always have your camera ready while traversing through the trails as Beltzville has some of the best spots for wildlife and nature photography in the Poconos.

Always keep an eye out for deer, foxes, birds and other animals in the park for your camera roll. However, don’t forget to take snaps of the lushful forests, incredible landscapes and the glazing lakes, they can also be a great addition to your camera roll. Spring would be the best time to visit for birding and viewing the wildflowers in Beltzville Park. 

4. Camping in Beltzville State Park

The most ideal way to immerse yourself in nature, Camping in Beltzville could be a great way to enjoy and explore the outdoors. I’ve always loved camping in the Poconos as pitching your tent and spending a night under the stars is such a unique way to spend a vacation night. 

The most alluring thing about the campgrounds near Beltzville lake is that you will have access to amazing niceties like picnic tables, fire rings, and even restrooms which enhances the camping experience. Camping in these woods would be the perfect way to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life and reconnect with mother nature. 

Moreover, the most popular ways of camping in Beltzville park are tent sites, RV sites and glamping. Now here are some of the best campgrounds near to Beltzville:

Don Laine Campground 79057 Drive, Palmerton, PA 18071
Camp Blackbird Lehighton, Carbon, Pennsylvania

5. Informations Regarding Beltzville Park

Here are some things you should know before your great escapade at Beltzville:

  • Park is open all day throughout the year, morning to evening.
  • Handicap accessibility is available.
  • Park allows pets, but should be on leash.
  • Location: 2950 Pohopoco Dr Lehighton, PA 18255
  • Contact: 610-377-0045
  • Boating maximum speed is 45 miles per hour.
  • Alcohol is prohibited 


Finally we have reached the end, the great outdoors of Beltzville State Park is awaiting you and your group for a day fulfilled with adventures and serenity. Trust me when I say this, you just can’t miss the amazing recreations of Beltzville, once you visit the spot you just won’t be able to resist the sensation of visiting the park again. The campgrounds, activities, nature, the landscapes, everything about the park is unique on its own, it’s something that a person should experience on his own. 

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