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Are you ready to take in the ultimate rush and breathtaking views while soaring through the sky in the Pocono Mountains? Skydive in the Poconos with your friends and family and feel the surge of adrenaline through your body while jumping from a plane and freefall into nature before gliding into the terrains with a parachute. 

Oh, it is such an unforgettable memory you will have throughout your entire lifetime. I still recall my first skydiving adventure in the Poconos with my friends which will always remain as a prime memory for me. Lucky for all the outdoor enthusiasts, Poconos is home to many top Skydive Adventures which will be guaranteed to give you an unforgettable adventure through the sky. 

Now, in this  blog, I’ll write about the most thrilling and pumping adventures on the skies of the Poconos for you, stay with me through this captivating and electrifying journey. 

Unleashing the Ultimate Adventure: Pocono Mountain Skydiving

Get the paramount views of the stunning mountains sceneries and landscapes through your naked eyes when you set out on a skydiving trip through the skies of Poconos. Poconos has always been a prime destination for outdoor adventures and a haven for adventure enthusiasts. The regions and  its communities are always determined when it comes to thrilling recreations in the mountains. 

It doesn’t matter even if you are a seasoned skydiver or a fire-timer, Poconos sets up perfect adventures for everyone. The professional instructors and top-tier facilities make you feel completely safe and confident as you leap from the skies. 

Furthermore, the weather conditions of the regions are mostly favorable for a great day of skydive adventure, so you could always experience the ultimate form of bold ventures. Skydiving was always the one thing I just wouldn’t miss out on my trip to Poconos. 

Best Skydiving Spots in Poconos

As I stated earlier, Poconos is home to several outdoor adventures, which makes it a prominent destination for sky dive adventures. Now, let us take a look into the best spots in town for gliding and soaring through the mesmerizing skies of the Pocono Mountains. 

Here are the best skydiving spots for your next trip to Pocono Mountains:

1. Above the Poconos Skydivers

My first pick when it comes to taking a flight in the skies with my friends and family. Above the Poconos Skydivers is the top rated skydiving spot in Poconos and is favorite for many adventure enthusiasts. They provide skydive experiences for everyone regardless of their skill levels and are guided by experienced divers. 

This establishment was started by Don Kellner in 1967 with his fellow pilots and instructors. He is known to be the world’s most experienced skydiver with 46,355 dives as he started skydiving back in 1961 and even holds a Guinness Record for Career Total Most Sport Parachute Jumps. 

They offer amenities such as:

  • Offers Military Discounts
  • Private Parking Lots
  • Accepts Credit Cards
  • Bike Parking
Location 5159 Old Airport Rd,Hazle Township, PA


Contact (888) 654-7529
Working Hours
  • Friday: 5pm to 8pm
  • Saturday: 9am to 7pm
  • Sunday: 9am to 7pm
  • Closed from Monday to Thursday

2. Sky’s The Limit Skydiving Center

Catering to Skydivers of all ages and skill levels, Sky’s The Limit offers skydiving to people of age 18 and above with the best experience so far. They even provide skydiving lessons for the beginners and tandem skydiving for the beginners to enjoy without any kind of worries. 

Sky’s The Limit provides instructors who are fully rated by the United States Parachute Association which makes you feel completely in confidence. The owner of the establishment got more than 30 years of experience in the skydiving field making it more trusted than ever. 

Divers can enjoy the beautiful landscapes and scenic views  of Pocono Mountains, Delaware Water Gap and Manhattan Skyline. Furthermore, the sky diving center offers great hiking and biking trails which are super close to the center for the divers after the traversing experience. So make sure you include Sky’s The Limit in your upcoming weekend getaway plan to Poconos.

Location 124 Airstrip Rd,East Stroudsburg, PA 18301
Contact (570) 420-1011

3. Pegasus Skydive Center

A top-rated and one of my favorite spots in Poconos for an ultimate journey through traversing in the skies. Pegasus Skydive Center is perfect for beginners and experienced divers as they provide instructors who have performed more than thousand jumps, top-tier equipment, and pilots, aircrafts and facilities which is second to none. 

Situated almost one hour away from New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia, Pegasus offers some of the most incredible views of the Poconos while soaring through skies. They provide many features such as:

  • First Skydive
  • Skydiving School
  • Experienced Skydivers
  • Skydiving Special Events
Tandem Jump Weekday $225
Tandem Jump Weekend $249
Tandem with Selfie Video Promo $299
Tandem with Ultimate Video Promo $428
Contact (570) 569-0015
Location 406 Greenview Dr, Stroudsburg, PA 18353

Why Safety & Training in Skydiving Important?

Skydiving is a prime adventure sport which offers the ultimate fun and a splendid sensation which surges the adrenaline rush in our body. However, it does come with great risks, therefore safety and training is critically important for everyone, especially for beginners.

There can be many risks in skydiving such as injury landing, injuries during freefalling or gliding, parachute malfunctioning. To avoid all these risks or to overcome them instructors provide training to the divers such as helping divers to know the methods on how to reach land safely. There are many methods and technologies to help the divers reach land safely while pushing their limits while freefalling. 

Tips & Suggestion To Stay Safe While Skydiving

  • Don’t wear clothing which may get caught in the parachute
  • Don’t wear jewelry or any other accessories 
  • Always stay close with the instructor
  • Always be aware of your surroundings 
  • Always make the right decision to land completely safe
  • Call out on anything that may cause danger

Wrap Up

Traversing through the sky while freefalling into the ground could be one of the greatest moments you could ever have in your life. In the Poconos, you could easily accomplish your dreams of skydiving while stumbling upon nature’s beauty. Poconos sets the stage for this thrilling experience with many spots. Now it is time for you to get ready and jump into the most amazing moments of your entire life. 

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