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Have you ever gotten to experience a place where luxury and rustic environments stay in perfect harmony which offers an ideal frame of vacation. If you haven’t, then it is time for you to experience the most authentic vacations in your life at Hawley. Among the many destinations I’ve been to, no other place has drawn my attention as Hawley did, from picturesque spots & landscapes, Victorian architecture and traditions to captivating aquatic adventures, you just can’t miss it.

The charming town of Hawley is situated on the northern shore of Lake Wallenpaupack, which is the core of aquatic adventure destinations of Poconos. You may get immersed with adventure or relax within the peaceful spots of the town. 

Now, in this blog, let me give you a brief and clear-cut idea of the most thrilling and exhilarating activities in Hawley, PA. So make sure you stay with me until the end.

Outdoor Thrill & Attractions in Hawley, PA

Hawley always holds a special place in my heart when it comes to outdoor adventures, from aquatic adventures  to family fun in adventure parks. Now, let’s traverse through the range of action packed & family fun things to do near Hawley, PA

Aquatics Fun in Lake Wallenpaupack

As Lake Wallenpaupack is located super close to Hawley and making it one of the best destinations for a wide range of water sports, such as boating, fishing, sailing, kayaking and more. You may experience any kind of aquatic fun in Lake Wallenpaupack, it’s up to you. 

Boating in the Lake alongside your friends and family can be a unique experience, feeling the stress free aura around you while your loved ones are right next to you, trust me it is such a special sensation. You may also witness the beauty of the surroundings while navigating through the lake.

If the thing that you seek is the adrenaline rush, then water skiing, wakeboarding and stand-up paddleboarding is what you should choose. Test your skills in the water with your own equipment or you could always rent one out in the regions. 

Furthermore, try to teach your little ones the basics of fishing or do angling for your fun, there is something for everyone in Lake Wallenpaupack. Here are the best spots for water adventures, boat rentals and aquatic things to do in Hawley:

  • Paupack Sailing Club
  • Lake Wallenpaupack Yacht Club
  • Wallenpaupack Scenic Boat Tours  & Boat Rentals 
Water Sports
  • Pocono Action Sports
  • The Boat Shop
Fishing Spots
  • Mangan Cove
  • Caffrey
  • Ironwood Point
  • Ledgedale
  • Wilsonville

Hiking in the Nature’s Playground: Promised Land State Park

Now, this is a paradise for all the outdoor enthusiasts, Promised Land State Park which is located almost 20 mins away from Hawley is a perfect spot for hiking and outdoor fun things to do in Hawley, PA. The range of diverse trails in the Promised Land makes it the most ideal destination for all types of hiking from winter hikes to even horseback riding in Hawley, PA

Promised Land is the first go-to-place in the Poconos for all the hiking enthusiasts like me, the amount of times I’ve visited the spot for hiking is boundless at this point. You should never miss the intriguing hiking trails in the region once you visit Hawley, for that let me provide you with the best hiking trails in the region:

Location: 100 Lower Lake Rd, Greentown, PA 18426

Name Difficulty Length Route Type
Bruce Lake Trail Moderate 11.7km Loop
Little Falls Trail Easy 2.3km Loop
Promised Land Boundary Trail Moderate 9.3km Point to Point
Conservation Island Trail Easy 1.9km Loop

Family Fun & Adventure at Costa’s Family Fun Park

Now this is one of my very first picks when it comes to family fun adventures in Hawley. Costa’s Family Fun Park is barely 10 minutes away from Hawley offering a wide range of fun for families such as go-karts, laser tags, miniature golf, batting cages, bumper boats and many more. The family fun park is open between mid-June and Labor Day.

Location Costa’s Family Fun Park, 2111 Route 6, PO Box E,

Hawley, PA 18428

Cultural Tapestry of Hawley, PA

As I stated earlier, there is something for everyone in Hawley, from picturesque nature to most pleasing cultural sites and historic buildings. The culture and traditions is what makes a place more charming and unique and Hawley just doesn’t compromise in its traditions. Now let’s take a look at the cultural attractions in Hawley, PA

Hawley Silk Mill

A historic building in the town of Hawley dating back to the 19th century, Hawley Silk Mill has a rich history and it is deeply tied up with the traditions and culture of the community of Hawley. The silk mill is definitely one of the best attractions in Hawley in which you can feast, shop and explore. The building has been repurposed from the original function for the visitors. 

The whole building is such a marvel in the case of its architecture which is styled in a typical industrial era. Now visitors could explore the range of shops in the building featuring local handicrafts to boutiques. 

Address 8 Silk Mill Drive #103, Hawley, PA 18428
Working Hours 10am to 6pm 

Ritz Company Playhouse

One of the perfect spots in town for family fun and amazement. Built in 1933 in complete Art Deco by the Comeford motion picture syndication, Ritz Company Playhouse in Hawley presents live theater, comedies and musicals. The theater has been operated by a local repertory company from 1973 and even now they present musicals, straight comedies, and many more. 

Address 512 Keystone Street (P.O. Box 158) Hawley, PA, 18428
Working Hours 10am to 5pm(Monday-Friday)

Retail Retreats & Delicious Grabs in Hawley

One could never complete their vacation without a proper shopping in the spot and discovering more of the local styles. In Hawley, there are plenty of unique and captivating spots for shopping fun, you could visit Hawley Silk Mill for browsing through art galleries, coffee houses, specialty stores and more. 

For shopping treats and treasures from the past, go to Penny Lane Candies and Candles, for local souvenirs visit Lake Art. Gorgeous Floral is the place if you wish to purchase some floral arrangements, classes and colorful booms in retail spaces. Get some fireworks from North of the Border Fireworks if you wish to make some “bang”. 

Hawley Silk Mill 8 Silk Mill Drive, Hawley, PA
Penny Lane Candies & Candles 602 Church Street, Hawley, PA
Gorgeous Floral 210 Welwood Avenue, Hawley, PA
Lake Art 222 Route  507,  Hawley, PA
North of the Border Fireworks 125 Welwood Avenue, Hawley, PA

Now comes the most important part in a vacation, grabbing an exquisite meal from a top of the line eatery. Lucky for you, Hawley has plenty of them. Furthermore, most of the delicacies in the area offer dining with a beautiful view of surroundings. Having a great meal after a day filled with adventure is among my top fun things to do in Hawley, PA

Now lemme list out some of my favorite and best delicacies in the regions:

The Dock on Wallenpaupack Lake Wallenpaupack, Hawley, PA
Gresham’s Chop House 2495 Route 6, Hawley, PA
Gresham’s Ice Cream Shoppe 2489 Route 6, Hawley, PA
Three Hammers Winery 877 Welcome Lake Road, Hawley, PA
Wallenpaupack Brewing Company 73 Welwood Avenue, Hawley, PA

Wrap Up

An ideal destination filled with outdoor adventures, cultural and traditional explorations, exquisite dinings and diverse shopping, everything right in front of you, is what Hawley offers  to its visitors. Once you visit Hawley, you just resist going back again to witness the range of wonders in there. One can experience the charm of adventures with relaxing features along with many other attractions near Hawley,PA at the same time. So, I would say, it is time for you to plan your next vacation to the serene town of Hawley. 

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