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Explore the Restaurants Near Lake Wallenpaupack

Good Food and Long Travel are not 2 separate things, they align on the same pavement where one cannot  be done without another and that’s actually true my friend and you might have heard most of your elder ones saying this, ‘first we eat, then we do everything else’.  

So, dear traveler I am starting this blog with this very quote of mine that I have mentioned above and Let’s begin this piece of info that is going to be all about this beautiful place that lies in the Pocono mountains: The Lake Wallenpaupack and the best restaurants in Lake wallenpaupack that’s allured with welcoming ambience along with lake view seating for you to have a good time with your loved ones.  

Remember this writeup not only for foodies out there, this one is specially written for everyone who reads this article in search of restaurants. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about food and must try cuisines that you will get to eat in Lake Wallenpaupack restaurants and Let the flavors explode in your mouth with the best places to eat near Lake Wallenpaupack.

Relax With Outdoor Recreational Activities

Lake Wallenpaupack is famous for its fun recreational activities along with the serene beauty. So, before exploring the Wallenpaupack restaurants, explore the fun part of the vacation at the lake. Some of the recreational activities are:

  1. Sailing in the Lake Wallenpaupack
  2. Paddleboarding in Lake Wallenpaupack
  3. Hiking around the shoreline
  4. Golfing at Paupack Hills
  5. Fishing in the Lake Wallenpaupack
  6. Claws ‘N’ Paws Wild Animal Park
  7. Costa’s Family Fun Park
  8. Pocono Axe Works 

Best Restaurants at Lake Wallenpaupack

Looking for some of the good restaurants near Lake Wallenpaupack to satiate your hunger? Well, this area is loaded with some of the best restaurants. Here’s the list for some of the good dine-in options.

The Boat House: Have a Bite of Fresh Seafood 

I explored a variety of food that was available at the boathouse restaurant in Lake Wallenpaupack with my best friends while watching the sunset. This feels so nostalgic even now when I think of those beautiful days that I passed when I was near Lake Wallenpaupack, Boathouse Wallenpaupack would be perfect. If you’re dining with your friends, you will be that lucky person to eat at one of the Wallenpaupack restaurants on the water !  

Where is it Located ?  141 PA-507, Hawley, PA 18428, United States
                Timings  7 am – 9 pm 
Must try dishes  Bones Chicken Bites, Alaskan king crab legs and Grilled salad 

Capri Restaurant: Savor the Italian Delicacies 

This Italian restaurant has always been one of my favorites. It is famous for its cuisines made from freshly obtained ingredients, enjoy and savor the flavors while overlooking the freshwater lake that’s nearby, also do dig their menu, have a bite of some new Italian dishes and I bet you would have tasted them.Try something new dear friend.   

Don’t forget to visit this place if you want to dine in at some of the waterfront restaurants on Lake Wallenpaupack.

Where is it Located ?  447 Lakeshore Dr #6805, Lakeville, PA 18438
                  Timings  5 pm – 9 pm 
Must try dishes  Penne with vodka sauce, spicy rib eye steak and lamb chops 

Paupack Watering Hole

This is another happening restaurant in Lake Wallenpaupack that I am recommending it out for you, do not miss dining at this place that gives aesthetic vibes. Enjoy your food along with trivia night and live music at one of the best Lake Wallenpaupack bars along with remarkable drinks and sides.  

Where is it Located ?  153 Welwood Ave, Hawley, PA 18428
                  Timings  11:30 am – 10 pm
Must try dishes  Shrimp primavera and grilled cajun salmon

The Ridge Restaurant

I just enjoyed ravishing these Italian cuisines at The Ridge Restaurant. I am preferring this dine-in space for most couples for the candlelight meals. It is one of the most romantic restaurants in Lake Wallenpaupack. Taste the authenticity in their pastas and seafood. They also offer early bird specials every Wednesday through Saturday.

Where is it Located ?  330 Main Ave, Hawley, PA 18428, United States
                  Timings  3 pm – 9 pm 
Must try dishes  Codfish casino and 18 oz Grilled Ribeye 

Der Jaeger

Thoughts of savoring something new and in search of a German restaurant in Lake Wallenpaupack? Der Jaeger is what I found during my trip near this locale. German cuisines hit different when tasted and the best ones are served here, from finely seasoned hotdogs to neatly plattered dishes kept on the table, this is a place where your expectation meets what you’ve thought about German delicacies. Do not miss it !  

Where is it Located ?  55 Purdytown Turnpike, Lakeville, PA 18438
                  Timings  11 am – 8:30 pm 
Must try dishes  Pork sheet spareribs, Chicken Fricassee and all beef Hot dog 


Food is the soul of your Journey that keeps you nourished and going ! Yes, that’s true and from here it is time for me to pen up about my culinary journey that I’ve had in Lake Wallenpaupack and with that my writing on this theme ends here. 

But not yours as there is so much for you to explore and visit destinations on the mighty mountains of Pennsylvania and I hope my write up triggers that explorer in you to bring out that spark of traveling and you pack up your bags to begin your journey. 

Explorations and expeditions take place when your travel begins but alas I am spilling out beans on luxury vacation rentals in Wallenpaupack

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