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475- Acre Solar Field Proposed in the Poconos Mountains

June 2022, a new mega project in the Poconos if approved could prove to be both a boon and a bane to its residents. The Pocono Township officials have granted a conditional approval to Apex Clean Energy – a solar power company, to build a massive 475-acre solar field. The proposed site is located off back mountain road and Sullivan trail, and owned by Pocono Manor Investors. The site will be leased to Apex Clean Energy.

Once the solar field is up and running it will hold the capacity to generate 80 megawatts of energy, which will be transmitted through PPL transmission lines and the energy will be bought in the form of credits by other companies. On the other hand, this could lead to a ripple effect on the ecosystems nearby like threatening the water quality of Swiftwater Creek. Also, the proposed site is zoned as a recreational area with lots of trees and wild animals. So the next time you visit the Camelback or Big Pocono State Park, you might miss the lush, green landscape and find just a scar in the landscape.

We have to wait to find out how the authorities plan to handle the situation and how they will compensate for the loss of greenery.

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