Things to do in Poconos PA for Valentine’s Day 2023

A little birdie told us you are looking for places to spend your this Valentine’s day 2023. Well, if what we have heard is right then et voila! You are in the perfect place. We’ll help you sort out Valentine’s weekend getaway plans without any hassle!

Poconos was known as the Land for Couples. Well, with their picturesque landscapes and quintessential places, there is no way that you can deny Poconos not being THE PLACE to spend your Valentine’s in! 

Let’s get started!

The top 5 Valentine’s Getaways in Poconos, PA

Your first stop

1. Blakeslee:

Welcome to this cozy, little town of Blakeslee.  Nestled amidst the mighty Pocono Mountains, this is one of the most pristine towns if you want a quiet Valentines getaway. You could walk hand in hand and explore the woods at Austin T Blakeslee Natural area. 

The 130-acre Austin T. Blakeslee Natural Area is located along Tobyhanna Creek, just off Pennsylvania Route 115.

This location welcomes visitors who don’t mind getting a little sweaty because cars, ATVs, and other motorized vehicles are not permitted.

It’s a lovely place to walk around and take in the fresh air and natural beauty of the woods. Hiking, picnicking, and waterfall sightseeing are activities to name a few. 

If trekking is not your jam, you could lose yourself (metaphorically, of course) at the Thomas Darling Preserve.

The 2,500-acre Thomas Darling Reserve, named after the naturalist, is a protected spruce forest and glacial wetlands.

It is one of the state’s most extensive spruce forests, also known as taiga, and provides an exciting landscape throughout the year. From the parking area on Burger Road, a two-mile walkway and boardwalk system leads to the preserve.

Indulge in a variety of delicacies that will leave you wanting more. Trust us, you CANNOT get enough of the scrum-diddle-cious bites! 

Next up, 

2. Lake Harmony:

Let’s see. You and your loved one are taking a romantic stroll or hiking one of the many trails that the beautiful Lake Harmony has to offer you stop at one of the warmest cafes’ to grab a bite, chuckling and giggling at each other’s anecdotes. Not going to lie, this sounds like a dream to us.  Or you could rent a boat, pack a cute little picnic lunch of your favorite indulgences and just fall in love with each other all over again amidst floating this lake of love.

Watch the sunset with your muse at Lake Harmony as the sun magnificently sets to sleep making the sky blush into a red-lilac hue. Drift into this distant dream in a hot air balloon. Pamper yourselves with the best spas in the area for a beautifully calm and relaxed evening. Doesn’t this sound like the perfect valentine’s getaway you could ever have?

Hopping onto

3. Tobyhanna

How about you take your heart to the heart of Poconos? Too cheesy? Deal with it. Welcome to Tobyhanna, a whole new realm of shopping, sightseeing and outdoor recreation! 

Hike through the scenic, blazing trails of Tobyhanna with your loved one. Have a cute little picnic lunch with your valentine as you watch the sunset. How dreamy. Grab delectable bites at the best cafes which definitely match your Pinterest vibes. Treat your eyes to some great views of the Tobyhanna waterfalls. There is so much to explore in Tobyhanna that only a weekend with your loved one will feel like the blink of an eye.


4. Delaware

If both of you are beach babies, then this is the perfect place for you to spend your valentine’s day with your valentine! Spark your romance in the vibrant cities and other rich histories, Delaware has to offer! 

Make some memories for y’all to walk back to at the many enjoyable activities available in Kent County. Go ice skating with your partner at Harrington’s Centre Ice Rink, where you can twirl in time (or just try not to fall!). Enjoy the many visual and performing arts experiences in Delaware’s Quaint Villages, such as the Smyrna Opera House and the Second Street Players at the Riverfront Theater, as well as the many art galleries in Milford and Smyrna. 

Don’t let the cold keep you from exploring Kent County’s beautiful natural landscapes — take a romantic stroll through the winter wonderland at Killens Pond State Park trails near Felton or the Hun Nature Park along the St. Jones River.

After the thrills of the outdoors, return inside with your honey for a tour of the local wine-tasting rooms in Delaware’s Quaint Villages. Pizzadili Winery in Felton offers an intimate tasting experience in a family-owned vineyard and winery. Harvest Ridge Winery, located on the Maryland-Virginia border, is another family-owned winery that offers tastings in a warm, welcoming setting. 

If you’re looking for a different kind of warming pick-me-up, The House of Coffee in downtown Dover is a lovely, rustic gem brewing up a variety of coffee and espresso beverages that will make you feel nice and toasty right away.

Last but definitely not least,

5. Jim Thorpe

Make this your perfect valentine’s getaway to Jim Thorpe, a quaint little picturesque town nestled warmly in the Poconos. You could go for a tour around the city and see the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railways or have a blast at the Mount Airy Casino.

Indulge in some of the most delicious food in some of the best restaurants and cafes around Jim Thorpe. 

Have a chill food and drinks session at Bonnie and Clyde Pub and Grill or have some really good steak and wine at Mad Hatter Winery and Smokehouse! These are just some of the many amazing cafes and restaurants that Jim Thorpe has to offer. 

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1. Where are the best places in the Poconos to spend Valentine’s Day?

A: Some of the most romantic valentine’s getaway spots in the Poconos are: Lake Harmony, Jim Thorpe, Delaware, Tobyhanna and Blakeslee.

2. Are there any special Valentine’s Day packages available for a getaway in the Poconos?

A: We at HolidayKeepers offer special Valentine’s day packages. You can get in touch with our team for more information.

3. What are the best recreational activities to do on Valentine’s Day in the Poconos?

A: Some of the best recreational activities during valentine’s are:

  • Horseback Riding
  • Hiking
  • Candlelit Dinner 
  • Wine tours
  • Railroad tours


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    How much are the cottages

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      The cottages start from $400 a night upto $1000!

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