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Have you been to an airshow before? If you haven’t, then it is time for you to pay a visit to the Great Pocono Raceway Airshow where dreams take a flight at the spectacular airshow. For me it’s always thrilling to watch rattling aerial displays. 

Now let me brief you a little bit, the Pocono Airshow, was first hosted in 2019 by Pocono Raceway which was later on been hosted every year since then. This breathtaking stadium-style event showcases the professionalism and teamwork of the Marine Corps and US Navy. 

I believe that the air show became extremely significant as it provided a unique opportunity of experiencing the aerial thrill of aviation up close for the enthusiasts and families. Furthermore, the show elevates up the tourism and economic perks that are brought to the local area. 

Moreover, the show is packed with remarkable highlights featured by the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, F-22 Raptor Demonstration Team, Rick Volker Airshows, Vampire Airshows and more. So, let me provide you with an idea of the exciting airshow of Poconos with this blog, make sure you stay until the end.

The Great Pocono Raceway Airshow: History & More

As I stated earlier, the first air show in Pocono Raceway was hosted in 2019 and has been conducting it as bi-annual event. The last air show took place on May 27 & 28 in 2023 at the Pocono Raceway, Long Pond, PA which was a completely successful and renowned show. 

This completely unique stadium-style air show runs about 2- 2 ½  hours on both days, and trust me when I say this, it is such a feast for the naked eye. In this electrifying show, the biggest headline of the show is by the Blue Angels, who’s been performing since 1946 for more than 500 million fans. They display their incredible discipline and teamwork through flying Boeing F/A- 18 Super Hornets. 

The show doesn’t end with Blue Angels, the show displays breathtaking acts including vintage aircraft, aerobatic performers and Dolphin Search and Rescue Demonstration by the U.S. Coast Guard MH-65D. 

The Vampire displays a unique airshow circuit with jet warbird aerobatics, speed and noise. The team also displays glorious acts with their killer smoke system, performance rolls, Cuban eights, shark tooths, high speed passes and inverted flights, you just can’t miss this Memorial Day weekend event. 

Your Itinerary For Pocono Raceway Airshow 

I’m sure you have received an idea of the uniqueness and beauty of the airshow. Now if you are looking to participate in the next airshow, it should be available in 2025, as I mentioned earlier, it is a bi-annual year. They didn’t host the Pocono Airshow in 2022, and it would be repeated in 2024, but you don’t have to worry as the Pocono Raceway will be back with more glory in 2025. 

Furthermore, the Raceway will be packed with other fan fair displays featuring military displays, veteran resources, free carnival displays and much more which makes the show one of my top activities in Poconos for families. For getting the ticket in advance you have to visit the Pocono Raceway website and book it online or by giving a call at the ticket office. 

  • Now to reach the raceway, take Gate 7 in Hullman Road which gives you direct access to the parking lots. 
Ticket Office Contact 1-800-722-3929
Ticket Office Hours Monday-Friday (9am to 5pm)
Ticket 200 Level Price in Advance $25
Adults (Gate) $35
Kids 12 and under $10
Kids 12 and under (Gate) $20
300 Level Shaded Seats $50
Open Ceremonies Timing 1pm 

Airshow in Pocono Raceway: Highlights & Attractions

The airshow is packed with several skilled and entertaining performers who display a range of performances. Let’s go through the key highlights and attractions among them:

U.S. Navy Blue Angels

Known as the second oldest official aerobatic team in  the world, The Blue Angels, formed in 1946 has been performing since then for more than 500 million fans. They are the key performers of the day with flying Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornets.

F-22 Raptor Demonstration Team

Performing the precision aerial maneuvers with the world’s premier 5th generation aerial superior fighter aircraft for displaying its distinct capabilities. 

Vampire Airshows

They provide a combination of education and entertainment, as the Vampire Airshows provides a complete unique show with noise, speed, Jet Warbird Aerobatics and a profile which captures the attention of the audience. It is such an inspiration to watch the Vampire, origin of all modern jet aviation fly.

Rob Holland- Ultimate Airshows

This one-of-a-kind, all carbon fiber masterpiece performs state-of-the-art and stunning performances with its 380 horsepower Lycoming engine. Rob Holland who is a skilled master of aerobatics shows a complete “game-changing” yet innovative maneuver in the circuit. 

Rick Volker Airshows

Performing with the mastery of aircraft with both low and high-speed flights as pushing the boundaries of flight with Sukhoi SU-26M aircrafts. Rick Volkier, shows off some of the superb and remarkable aircraft. 

Staycations & Accommodations Nearby

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Witnessing the aerial maneuvers of flying jet fighters has always been an astonishing factor, you would never want to miss the Great Pocono Raceway Airshow for anything. The stunning yet incredible event of airshow filled with breathtaking aerial displays will leave you in awe. The most packed event of the airshow is one thing that you should mark your calendars and shouldn’t miss out on as the variety of features in it delivers a completely unique experience. 

Contact us for any further doubt or queries.

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