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Are you aching for an adventure in the mountains? Grab your friends and gear up for a battle of paintball in the world’s most premier paintball facility! Skirmish Paintball Poconos is one of the largest facilities in the world! With incredible maps and buildings, you and your mates can enjoy extensive rounds of paintball. 

Paintball is a thrilling and exciting game especially when played with a large group, and Skirmish only makes the experience a hundred times better! Skirmish has the best equipment and facilities, stellar maps and playing areas. The property itself expands for over 750 acres of prime Poconos real estate. 

This blog is here to help you navigate through the area, a comprehensive guide to Skirmish to help you ensure you have the jolliest of times! 

Where Did It All Begin? History and Background of Skirmish

Paintball is much more than a sport at Skirmish. Skirmish celebrated their 40th anniversary last year! It is run by people incredibly passionate about the sport of Paintball, and their passion can be clearly reflected in their work. Skirmish Poconos has attracted hundreds of tourists and adrenaline junkies to their properties for decades! 

Sky Fogal is the owner and president of Skirmish Paintball, which was founded in 1984 by his father. Sky goes on to elaborate on his vision for the range, which he describes so eloquently “If you can play it in a video game, I want you to be able to play it in real life.” 

 One of the most fascinating facts about Skirmish is that all the props, facilities which have been used in the buildings and maps like bunkers, wooden forts, cargo containers. These were all won by Sky in through multiple government auctions, which gives you a brief idea of how much dedication has gone into making the arena super realistic. 

What Makes Skirmish Paintball Poconos the Best Paintball Arena? 

The answer is really simple. The facilities and amenities. In Poconos, paintball is a popular sport. The natural terrains of the region provides a great range for movement and is perfect for a sport like paintball, and Skirmish has really capitalized on it. 

Maps and Playing Fields

They have over 55 different maps which are equipped with both natural and man made obstacles, to provide the best and super thrilling experience for all its players. Their maps are of different skill levels, there is a map for anyone. 

The playing fields are also vast and feature two castles, cargo containers, tanks, airplanes and speedball arenas, inflatable bunkers! Skirmish takes Poconos paintball to another level. 

Equipment Rentals and More 

The ‘Skirmish Armory’ which is the Skirmish paintball pro shop, is fully stocked with an extensive collection of the best equipment. There are paintball markers, air tankers, protection gear, all available for rent. They also have winter gear for you to choose from during the cold Poconos winters. You can also buy paintballs and other gear from the pro shop for future use.    

Find A Gameplay That Suits You Best

Skirmish offers a range of packages, suitable for individuals, small and large groups. They have different packages, suitable for different groups. Go through the packages they offer and find what suits you best! 

1. Basic Paintball Package

Provides the basic paintball equipment, all group sizes can opt for the basic package. You will need more than 15 players for a private paintball play, otherwise you will be paired with other guests of the arena. The price for the basic package is $32.99 per person, if you have pre-registered, if you want to book on the spot, it is $42.99. The basic package includes, entry to the paintball fields, paintball marker rental, goggles/facemask rental, unlimited N2 air fills, free parking, professional referees and all day play. 

2. Deluxe Paintball Package

The deluxe package includes all the essentials from the basic package and a few added benefits like, a camouflage jumpsuit, ammo belts, body armor, 1000 paintballs! The deluxe package costs $93.99 per person if pre-registered and $103.99 per person on the spot. This package is perfect if you are a family, paintball is an amazing activity to enjoy with your loved ones. Paintball is the perfect family activity in the Poconos.

3. Private Paintball Play

If you are a group of 15 or more people the best option for you is to go for the private play, where it will be just your group and Skirmish referees. You can opt for any of the packages and upgrades and enjoy a  private session of paintball. 

4. Corporate Team Building

Paintball is a great sport to strengthen skills like communication, trust, strategic planning and leadership, which is what makes it a great activity for corporate team building, and it is also fun and exciting at the same time! Skirmish is a great place for this as they have senior staff members who will guide and lead team building exercises. 

Corporate team building costs 103.99 per person. It is a must to have advance reservations for team building, and every person who has registered in advance receives 100 free paintballs. 

Better Safe Than Sorry- Rules and Regulations 

Paintball, as thrilling and adventurous it can be, can go wrong if you don’t play by the rules. Skirmish has a strict rules and regulations policy and every player is required to follow it. 

  • Paintball Waiver: All players must sign a liability waiver. Any players under 18, should have a guardian sign the waiver from them. 
  • Goggles: Not at any point during your Pocono Mountain paintball game should you remove your goggles, you can take them off only outside the play zones. 
  • Guns and Equipment: All guns must be covered with a barrel plug, barrel sleeve or a proper blocking device while not playing. If you are bringing in your own gun it must chrono at 280 FPS or less, and they must be semi-automatic or pump.
  • Tanks/Armored Vehicles: For scenarios with armored vehicles or tanks the driver must have good visibility and possess a valid driver’s license, and must maintain a speed of 5mph. 
  • Paintballs: You are only allowed to use the paintballs provided by Skirmish itself, as they use field paint which is both not harmful to your skin and is easy to wash off clothes as well.

Winding Up

Paintball is an extremely exciting and adrenaline pumping sport, only made better by Skirmish with their stellar equipment, amazing play zones and experienced and certified staff. 

Plan your paintball excursions to the Poconos, with your group of friends and enjoy the spirit of Pocono Mountain paintball! 

Make some unforgettable memories at Skirmish Poconos! 

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Q: Where can you enjoy paintball in Poconos?

A: Skirmish Paintball is the best arena for paintball in the Poconos. 

Q: What are Skirmish paintball prices like? 

A: The pricing differs from package to package, but the prices start from $32.99

Q: Where is Skirmish Paintball located?

A: Skirmish is located in Albrightsville, PA.

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