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The Mountains of Pocono, one of the most renowned tourist destinations from Pennsylvania. The land of Poconos keeps drawing attention from touring enthusiasts from all over the world with its beautiful landscapes and tourist attractions. The beauty of Pocono just can’t be described by words, it is something that every travel loving person should explore with their own eyes, that’s how fascinating the Poconos are. 

Did you know that almost two thirds of the local economy of Poconos is from its travel and tourism? Almost every resident of Mt Pocono, Tobyhanna, Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg is employed through the help of Pocono Tourism Culture. The tourism industry of Poconos keeps growing day by day, it will continue the same for several years. 

In this blog, I’ll provide the Poconos tourist information and how tourism evolved in the region. Make sure you stay with me until the end.

The Evolution Of Poconos Tourist Attractions

Poconos was known to be a popular tourist destination for more than 2 centuries. According to the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau, the Poconos became a tourist attraction from the beginning of 1800’s and when Anthony Dutot started the very first home stay for the tourists, Poconos was known to be a popular vacation resort destination from 1829. 

Furthermore, halfway through the 20th century, Poconos became a prime ski destination, as during 1946 the very first ski area started in the region. Later on, the region started being a romantic hotspot as a lot of honeymoon hotels were introduced. Poconos kept growing as a winter vacation destination and was even known as the “Winter Wonderland” at once. 

Nowadays, the region has become a beloved tourist and vacation getaway especially for families because of its widely known attractions. No matter what the time or season is, there is something always ready for everyone regarding their experience which helped Poconos to be one of the best tourism spots. 

Factors Influencing Pocono Tourism

There are many things that have influenced the tourism industry of Poconos from its rich history in culture to adventure activities. Let’s take a look at the various things that helped in evolving the tourism of Poconos.

Natural Attractions & Activities

The sightseeing experience of the Poconos is really unique, as you can witness a lot of things in the same region. There are mountains to terrains, lakes to rivers and waterfalls, no matter what the season is, you can always witness these beauty. 

Moreover, if you visit during the winter or summer or spring, there are plenty of summer & winter adventures and activities present right there for the visitors, from hiking to skiing to boating adventures, you name it.

Rich History and Traditions

Before becoming a renowned travel destination, the regions of Poconos were resided by many native Americans like the Shawnee, Delaware and Paupack. Therefore, there are many museums in Poconos with ancient artifacts, educational programs and many historic wonders. Furthermore, there are a lot of places which were named after the native Americans in the Poconos, like Lake Wallenpaupack, Delaware & Shawnee. 

Dining & Staycations

Poconos was always a hotspot for various exquisite & best restaurants and hotel industries. There are several popular eateries in the region like breweries, wineries, diners and more. The plus point is these diners offer scenic beauty of nature along with your dining experience. 

Now when it comes to the staycation options, Poconos has some of the best vacation rentals, luxury hotels and even camping experiences. You can feel right at home or enjoy luxury and feel the nature right at your feet even while staying in. 

Pocono Tourism Demographics

As per the Pocono Visitors bureau, the tourism industry of Poconos keeps growing every year, day by day. The number of people visiting the region also keeps on increasing which majorly helps in creating a more dynamic tourism industry all around in Poconos. The more the visitors keep increasing, the more the industry grows. As the industry keeps growing the economic status of Poconos also rises simultaneously. 

Statistics of Pocono Tourism

  • Around 27-30 million people travel to Poconos annually for both day and night trips along with their friends and family.
  • The growth of visitors keeps on rising by 13% per 5 years.
  • Among the visitors, 65% are day travelers and only 35% prefer overnight traveling.
  • Almost 92% of people travel to Poconos for leisure.
  • Only 8% visit Poconos for business travels.
  • Among the visitors who travel for leisure, 38% of them were family and friend groups.

Pocono Tourism Economy

  • The Pocono Mountain annual travel expense extends above $4.3 billion.
  • The total economic impact of tourism in Poconos:
    • $1.8 billion labor income 
    • $448 million federal tax
    • $427 million state and local tax
  • $1 million increase in Hotel tax revenue.
  • According to PMVB, the occupancy rate of STR’s during June 2020 was 31.7% and it increased to 71.3% in June 2021.

Future Projections of Pocono Tourism

  • According to the state, the Pocono population may reduce by 24% by 2050.
  • As per the current and future trends of tourism in Poconos, Almost $8.8 million is estimated to be spent by PMVB for marketing for the potential visitors.
  • PMVB has offered $300K for Pocono tourism to enhance the parks, historic landmarks and security of the events.
  • There are a multitude of events to be conducted in the upcoming years in Poconos which will majorly help in increasing the financial status.


The Pocono Mountain tourist attraction and its industry became a high profile tourism industry over the whole world. The wide range of natural attractions along with the adventures keeps drawing back the visitors more and more every year which enables the industry to boost rapidly. 

Moreover, the communities of Poconos are always welcoming with top of the line hospitality and the number of visitors just keep rising every year due to all the factors we mentioned above. Now,if you are planning a trip to Poconos, then We HolidayKeepers have the best vacation rentals available just for you with the ultimate amenities and hospitality.

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