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The Mountains of Poconos have been popular for its natural beauty for a really long period of time and there are many ways for you to explore those fabulous sceneries. Amidst the various choices of exploring the woods, Horseback Riding has been my favorite pick as it is more thrilling and alluring for me. 

During my days at Poconos, I was able to get more in touch with the scenic beauty of the woods, the wildlife and many more natural wonders. The horse riding experience in the woods will always be one of my favorite things I’ve done in the region. The more you ride these horses, the more it keeps dragging you back for more of those amazing experiences as you just can’t resist them regardless of any expenses.

Lake Harmony is one of the perfect places for a tourist to see the glorious beauty of Poconos woods while having an endless fun of watersports and nature filled activities. Lake Harmony Horseback Riding has been my ideal choice for a thrilling and captivating activity in the mountains. 

In this blog, I’ll guide you through some of the best Horseback Riding Vacations spots in Lake Harmony, Poconos. So sit back and enjoy while I take you to the magic beauty of riding horses in the mountains of Pennsylvania. 

Horseback Riding in Lake Harmony: Sensational Encounter

While I was seeking for an adventure in the Poconos, the idea of Horse Riding struck my mind and I got more interested in it. Suddenly I searched for horse camps near me and I came to know that Lake Harmony has some fascinating horse riding camps in the area.

Visiting Lake Harmony for horse riding will be one of the best decisions I’ve ever taken in my life as the wide array of stables will keep you amazed with their amenities and features. Moreover, the wide trails are more indulging for both horse riding and hiking near Lake Harmony

You should never miss the experience of riding through the woods and trails of Lake Harmony if you are in Poconos for a gripping vacation. The riding made me more refreshed and lively while I was able to feel nature and its calling at the same time. You may also visit the Restaurants, Bars and many more in Lake Harmony when you feel like relaxing after a full day of adventure.

Enticing Horse Riding Camps in Lake Harmony 

During my time in the mountains of Pennsylvania, I’ve been to some really exceptional horse camps in the region. Let me list out the best ones among those camps so that you would receive a hassle free and fun time riding horses in the meadows. 

Daisy Field Farm

A family owned horse farm in the Western Pocono Mountains near White Haven. They have abundant wildlife along with farm animals and horses and they do offer horseback riding and some other activities but only by appointments. I felt lucky as I was able to enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air from the mountains along with riding horses through their trails. 

I was able to witness turkeys, wild deer and some other animals during my ride. Moreover they offer experienced trail guides, family trails and even pony’s for the children. 

Deer Path Riding Stable

Another stable situated at the White Haven, which is one of my favorite spots for a thrilling horseback riding experience. I came to know about Deer Path when I was looking for trail rides near me in Lake Harmony and trust me it was an interesting find. Even though the location is a bit confusing, the experience is actually lit!. They offer really good hospitality and skillful guides. 

The view you get from the trails is just breathtaking and you can actually feel the nature in you while you pass through the forest and other water bodies, furthermore, you may even see many wild deer. 

The Ranch at Pocono Manor

Located at 391 Manor Drive, Pocono Manor, The Ranch is set up in a magnificent area of 3000 acres with well trained horses and professional guides. They offer a perfect adventure for a horseback riding summer camp and it is one the largest horse camps in the region. 

The ride is just filled with charming trails and abundance of wildlife and it makes you visit the place for another warmer weather ride in the Poconos. The duration of the ride would be 1-2 hours. 

Mountain Creek Riding Stable

The perfect horseback trail riding for beginners to discover the fun of riding in the Mountains of Poconos. You really need no experience to enjoy horseback riding in Mountain Creek as their friendly and skillful staff will guide you throughout your journey.  

The visitors can choose from many options such as wagon rides, private trail rides, pony rides and even rental carriages. Also Mountain Creek is open all day, the whole year regardless of the seasons. 

Bushkill Riding Stables

I came to know about Bushkill Riding Stables while I was searching for family horseback riding near me in the Poconos. It is definitely the perfect way for you to take a trail ride while enjoying the scenic Mountains of Poconos along with your family. 

Bushkill Riding Stables is open all year, and where you can reconnect with nature while sitting on top of a horse. They offer a 30 minute beginner trail ride and 45 minute guided trail ride where you can enjoy the beauty of the mountains. 

Why-Not-Riding Stable

A family owned business in the countryside of Pennsylvania where you can enjoy beautiful sights along with your family without any worries. It is a great place for less experienced riders as the staff will instruct you in your journey with well behaved horses.

They also offer riding lessons for everyone regardless of their age and experience. I would definitely suggest this stable for anyone visiting the area for an amazing countryside view along with horse riding.

Pleasant Ridge Farm

A lively and fun barn with several opportunities for learning the magic of horse riding and for experienced riders to have competitive rides and even for adult riders to enjoy the beauty of the horses and care for them.

Safety of the riders is the top priority of the farm and parents would not have to worry as the children are always provided with safety gears and well trained horses. 

Happy Trails Stables

I had a glamorous experience in Happy Trails as we went on a 2 hour trail ride in horseback over trails covered by the snow. Moreover, you may also enjoy the view while riding a sledge or carriage just like horseback riding in winter which is an enchanting experience. 

Happy Trails also have many more amenities such as Boarding, Pony Rides, Hay rides, Private Lessons and many more. Furthermore, they always provide well trained horses and experienced riders along with you for your safety. 

Woodlands Stable 

One of the best places for you to enjoy a guided tour through the meadows while riding a horse. Enjoy the scenic and secluded forest trails where you can observe the wildlife closely and safely. 

Woodlands also offers lessons and training for everyone on well trained horses with proper safety gears even while you are going on rides. Moreover, the trails also can last up to 2 hours as per the request of the riders. 

Triple W Riding Stable

Connect with nature and have a refreshing time while horseback riding in the Pocono Mountains. Triple W Riding Stables have been in the field for decades and with highly experienced staff and horses in their hands. 

They provide rides along dense forestry, secluded waterways and open hillsides for one to two hours. They also offer pony rides for your small cowboys and cowgirls. Don’t worry about safety because you will be provided with the maximum safety gears available.  

Stay While Having Adventure Filled Horse Riding in Lake Harmony

Lake Harmony has been a favorite place for tourists seeking lake adventure activities. As there are many activities in the present near the region, people would always need a place for them to staycation near Lake Harmony. Let me guide you through one of the best ways for you and your family to have a proper stay in the region. 

  • Lake Homes are the ideal spot for you to stay and enjoy the lakeside where you can spend your time swimming in the shores. You may even get access to kayaks and enjoy the lakes and check out the best fishing spots near Lake Harmony.
  • Mansions are the best way for you to stay while having a luxury staycation. It is ideal for you to stay in a mansion as a group of families as most of the mansions could occupy at least 40 people at the same time. You could even host private house parties in a mansion.
  • Villas can be an ideal option for people to stay as small groups or families. It can occupy almost 16 to 20 people at a time. You may receive a calm and peaceful staycation while staying in a villa.
  • Farmhouses are the best option for people to hop straight into adventure filled with hiking and horseback riding. You can stay near stables or trails to enjoy a time among nature and its beauty. 


The regions of Lake Harmony have been popular for many activities in watersports, hiking and horse riding. Horseback trail riding has been a favorite sport for many people visiting the Mountains of Poconos and Lake Harmony has served as a center of the adventure. 

You may have a thrilling and exhilarating experience while enjoying the scenery of the cliffs, wildlife and forest in the region by riding on a horse top.  The experience is just spectacular as you can get closely in touch with nature and will always be a memorable time for everyone.

We HolidayKeepers are ready to offer you with the best hospitality available for you and you may Contact Us for any doubts or queries. 


Q: Is there any Horse riding near me for adults in the Poconos?

A: Yes, there are several horse camps in Poconos.

Q:  Would there be any horse summer camps near me available in Poconos?

A: Yes, There are many horse riding summer camps available in the Poconos.

Q: Is horse riding experience safe for children?

A: Don’t worry, there are safety gears and well trained staff and horses present along with them.

Q: Are riding lessons available for horse riding?

A: Yes, many stables provide riding lessons for the guests

Q: Can I board my horse at stables?

A: Yes, but only on stables where they provide horse boarding.

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