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The Poconos mountains, packed up with lush greenery and ever embracing locales that gather 1000s of families, friends and love bees from all over the world to celebrate their celebrations, explorations and adventurous expeditions. 

Come join me in this journaled writeup where my experiences and journey that I have inked about this beautiful place in the Poconos which is about this mesmerizing natural showers: The Hawk falls that is just tucked with serenity along with the aura of ever refreshing burbles.

Unveiling Hawk Falls: The Natural Showers of Poconos 

If you stand still and think just for a minute you will know how beautiful mother earth is and how blessed you are to live and breathe among these magnificent creations. Alas! To write it out appealingly Hawk falls in Poconos is one among them. 

As I had mentioned in the above line, this write up includes my experiences also and that journey that I am mentioning about is the memorable one that I had gone together with my wife to celebrate our 4th year love anniversary and the dream destination that we chose was Hawk falls. 

Hawk falls trail is nested among the brown and green arenas of Hickory run state park on the northern side of Jim Thorpe, famous for trekking, camping and hiking along with so many other hidden places in the places in there you must not miss when gone 

Coming to the Hawk falls trail where we embarked this place on the date of our love anniversary made us feel that we added another gem in our adventure journey as travel enthusiasts. It was a moment for us to cherish and a memory that feels so warm when thought.   

This is something I am recommending out to you to take your better half or your family or even your best buddies to this place, trust me you guys will just love this adventurous experience and with that I have added some more insight about this locale that you must know before stepping in! 

Paving Your Way to visit Hawk Falls Poconos at Apt Seasons 

Every place you choose has a perfect time to visit when it gives out the best experience when stepping it when both time, seasons and climate align on the same pavement. 

So, visiting this place at a soothing blissful time would make you get the best experience expected, like visiting in October, November and December would be best as it would be fall continued with winter where icy snows will start to form and in this you will able to play other winter activities in the trail like skiing and snow tubing, you can also check out other blog which is on Winter Adventures in Poconos for a thrilling Winter, to know more fun filled winter activities to play and enjoy on snows of Poconos. 

How to Plan for a Hawk Falls Trail Adventure?  

From Hawk falls hike to hickory run pedaling bike, trails are made for every activity out there for people who come to spend their vacay days in Poconos and this is another insight how I made out a perfect plan that turned out to be a great help for me and my wife before starting the hiking journey in Hawk falls. 

Ways Drawn and Location Pinned 

Distance  8.2 miles 
Where is it located  The Way begins from Hickory Run State park 
Timings   From sunrise to sunset 
Entry fee  Free 
Activities  Hiking, trekking and snowshoeing during winter

Discover and Dine in at the Nearby Restaurants at Hawk Falls 

Recommending out 3 best restaurants near Hawk falls, you might be tired after hiking around the trails after walking for miles, do not worry as your tummy’s begin to rumble, these outlets are there to serve with brunch to munch some crunch kept on table, these were our culinary discoveries Jotted below: 

1. Valerio’s

This eating spot is a perfect concoction of tasty burgers, pizzas, strombolis, and a clean environment. As a short reminder, do not forget to order crafted beer, cheesesteak, and Italian hoagies along with your favorite pizza slice. On the top of that, the hospitable staff will give you a friendly and warm vibe which will compel you to visit the place again


  • Thursday, Friday, and Saturday- 11 am to 10:30 pm
  • Sunday- 11 am to 8 pm
  • Monday-11 am to 10 pm
  • Tuesday and Wednesday- 11 am to 12 am.

2. Gagliano’s Pizza

This classy restaurant will give you Brooklyn vibes with its fresh ingredients and ambiance. The best kinds of pasta with Italian bread, Spaghetti, sausages, shrimp, pizzas, and desserts like cheesecake and Cannoli should be on the top of your list if you are visiting the restaurant anytime soon.

  • Timings- 10 am to 9 pm

3. Bella Mia Restaurant

This wonderful restaurant has one of the best servings and slices of food to choose from. Though the pizza tastes wonderful, other delicacies like sandwiches, entrees, and other meals are nothing short of delicious. Bella Mia is a family owned diner that takes pride in serving one of the most ectatic meals in the vicinity. With kids meals also part of the menu, this place is especially great for families. You get to build your own pizza or snack to the special combinations that the chef brings you. Pies are an absolute treat, as they will have you sneaking more bites than you wanna let on. If going gluten free is up your alley, worry not, the chef takes special measure in ensuring that your taste buds don’t have to miss out on delicious meals.

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Hawk falls is the one and only most important waterfall near lake Harmony, Poconos. Not only the waterfall but the area around it is also equally interesting. Best restaurants, lake Harmony, and exciting trails like Death trail are nothing less than a boon for traveling enthusiasts. We provided you with a short guide in the form of this blog. Using it can be really helpful if you are planning a trip anytime soon.

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