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Welcoming you to my Poconos raceway blog, it’s time to suit up and get ready to get your hands on those cars and bring out the pro racer in you. Climb in and strap up to vroom and race on the roads of tricky triangle in the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania.  

The days of amusement and racing are just months away. Immerse in my blog and scroll to know more about Poconos raceway, and enter the race arena with the information that’s been written especially for you and for the love that you have for racing. Let the energy be intact with the spirit of competing with others shine out when you step into vroom. 

Whereas it is actually easy for the people to make time to step into the car race stadium in Poconos raceway like New York, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia where it will be a good weekend getaway to explore the other places in Poconos to explore with your family and friends.        

Sprinkling a Little History of this Legacy

Poconos Raceway was once a vision of Joe Doc Mattioli, that has turned out to a legacy of today terming it one of the greatest sports held in the Pocono mountains. It all started in 1965 on the sands of Daytona beach. The very first platform that gave base to begin the stock racing at this place.

From business giants to new startups of car industries like Ford, Lincoln and more that released their car for racing where at these early times of inception Poconos raceway found its very first winner Red Byron who won by racing a ford and from then this practice turned out to be a legacy that continued for more 5-6 decades in being one of the best race sports in the whole of USA.

What is that Triangle: Query Cleared for You !

Poconos race track is nicknamed as tricky triangle but actually it is not like what most of them think or imagine, the track way is tri-oval in shape that was made specially for car drivers to show off their skills of racing to show their moves in these tricky edges and to know how well they will be able to compete and vroom among the other cars are racing with them. 

Each edge is actually given a name that signifies something about races and cars which all have to race on a 100 feet wide oval track. 

  1. The First Turn after the start line : 675 feet radius with 3055 length
  1. Geared up with moves : 750 feet radius with 1780 length
  1. Final turn- where the wheels meet the finish line : 800 feet radius with  3740 length

Track Day: Drive the One that Caught Your Attention

This is something that is especially for people who come there as audience together with family and friends to enjoy watching the races at Poconos raceway, yes that’s true people can rent these vehicles who would want try out and drive these sport cars that are sent out for car races, this is applicable for all the people who know to drive well and who have a separate hype for cars and races and more. 

Turning Back the Pages of  Pocono Raceway 2023

Sounds of cheers and excitement filled the entire arena while the cars were zooping, it was a wonderful experience that people witnessed who were there present in the Pocono race 2023I would refer these days as a hotwheel weekend where the race cars flew on July 24 2023 with all the 

Pro racers in each car accelerating and speeding up to reach the finish line. There was no idea of who would be the first to cross the line or win the cup after racing through the Poconos race track of 400 miles on the last day. 

Racers raced with all their energy and steering skills which made the cars speeding up where no eye moved away from watching the raceways that was held in the Pocono mountains and finally the people saw the one who crossed the finish line, it was a wow moment for all the people who witnessed the event.

It was Denny Hamlin, the one who won the Poconos raceway 2023 with all the cheers of the crowds he celebrated his victory by driving the dashing mavis tires and brakes Toyota, I must say this was not something that only the car race lovers entered and watch, it energized the other crowd too and made them gather in the arena seats and left them with memories unforgettable till date.

The Hotwheel Weekend of July 2024

As I have mentioned above referring to the days of Poconos racing, and best part is the dates have been finalized for 2024 racing where it is time for you to get to the arena with the gathering, check out for the dates mentioned below.

Step in one day before the event for registration which is on 11 July (Thu) at 11:30 AM, a sea of people would gather around near the registration desk to be a part of racing in the arena and some for being an audience to cheer for the racers. You can check out for what you’ve come, get registered and let the enjoyment begin.  

Race Series Type  Date & Day Timings 
NASCAR craftsman Truck series race July 12, Friday 5: 30 PM 
NASCAR Xfinity series race July 13, Saturday 3: 00 PM
NASCAR Cup series race  July 14, Sunday  2: 00 PM

These dates that are listed above are subject to change because of the additional that might take place, you will clearly know about the event commencements when you reach the arena on the mentioned date.

Pocono Raceway Tickets

Have a glance at the raceway ticket details:

1. NASCAR craftsman Truck series race

NASCAR craftsman Truck series race ( Fri )      1. General admission  $ 25
2.  Shaded 300 level    $ 40 

 2. NASCAR Xfinity race  

               NASCAR Xfinity series race ( Sat ) 1. General admission  $ 35
2.  Shaded 300 level    $ 50

 3. NASCAR Cup series race 

   NASCAR Cup series race ( Sun )

1. 100 Level  $  50                                   $  50
2. 200 Level a. France Tower                                $ 95
b. Donohue & Petty Towers          –   $ 80
3. Shaded 300 level                                   $  195
4. Club Pocono                                   $  150
5. Terrace Club                                   $  250
6. Sky box                                   $  500

Nearby Destinations to Embark in the Poconos

Poconos mountains of Pennsylvania is a destination in itself, a locales that is filled with wonder to witness from hiking through the woods to biking through the trails followed by stepping in to experience the vintage rails, there is a lot of places to explore dear friend. 

Wrapping up about Poconos Raceway 

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