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Your explorations of the Delaware water gap must venture out into its cuisines and restaurants! No trip is complete without having a taste of local cuisines. Apart from the many exotic attractions in Delaware Water Gap, it also offers an enticing and unique culinary palate. Explore all the various cuisines, local ingredients and restaurants in Delaware. You will find a variety of hangout places, riverside eateries, local breweries and more! 

We are bringing you the best places in Delaware Water Gap with the most delicious food and drinks. 

Gateway to Culinary Bliss

The Delaware water gap encompasses a vast variety of not only local cuisine but also worldly cuisines. The Delaware Water Gap is home to a selection of South American, Latin American restaurants, Peruvian, Japanese, Mexican as well as typical American cuisine, Barbeque restaurants and a handful of local craft breweries. 

Eat With a View: Best Riverside Eateries in Delaware Water Gap

Enjoy Delaware food with the best views it has to offer. Here is a detailed list of the best Delaware riverfront restaurants:


Momento serves delicious gourmet Italian food, specializing in freshly made pasta. The seating areas feature a wine room and outdoor seating as well. During winters the wine room proves to be a cozy option, any other time of year you are welcome to enjoy your food outdoors admiring the stunning views!

  • Must try items on the menu: Cappellini with Lamb Ragu, Wagyu Rib Eye, Homemade Tiramisu
  • Rating: 4.0 stars

The Gem and Keystone Brewpub

What makes the Gem and Keystone pub unique is that their menu features a special bounty that is produced locally along the Delaware River and all their produce is locally sourced and the meat served is all natural. In this sense The Gem and Keystone is different from other Delaware city restaurants, here you are served with fresh local ingredients! All of the sauces, dressings and desserts are made in house from scratch. They also offer a gorgeous space for outdoor seating where you can relish the delicious farm to table food and take in the view!

  • Must try items on the menu: Special wings (7 different flavors), The Gem Burger, Hazelnut Panna Cotta 
  • Rating: 4.0 stars

The Beverage Paradise- Bars and Breweries 

Delaware Water Gap is home to many pubs and breweries. There are tons of local breweries that yield delicious craft beers on the banks of the Delaware river! Here is a list of the best pubs and breweries in the Delaware Water Gap: 

ShawneeCraft Brewing Company 

The ShawneeCraft Brewing Company has up to 16 brews in the Tap Room, where they also offer food and entertainment.  They also offer a variety of canned and bottle-aged beers, local wines. Apart from drinks they also have a vast food menu. 

  • Must try items on the menu: ‘The Godfather’ pizza, Chicken Drums, Bourbon-Barrel Float
  • Rating: 4.5 Stars

Rudy’s Tavern

Rudy’s is located in East Stroudsburg, which is just ten minutes away from Delaware Water Gap. Rudy’s is your classic corner tavern, it is a great place to hangout and you will always have a good time. Rudy’s is not like other bars in Delaware, it is an old school pub, established in 1933. They always have great offers on beer and delicious food as well. 

  • Must try items on the menu: ‘The Super’ hotdog, Cajun chicken sandwich, Grilled cheese sandwich
  • Rating: 4.0 stars

Waffle Over to Delaware! Breakfast, Lunch and Eateries

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it must be delicious too! Here is a list of the best breakfast places in Delaware.

The Cure Cafe 

Enjoy a hearty breakfast in Delaware at Cure Cafe where they serve fresh homemade food. They have a unique menu and offer a very homely feel and is the perfect place to start your day with a yummy meal!

  • Must try items on the menu: Pancakes, Frittatas, Pancake Wraps, Poached eggs
  • Rating: 4.0 stars

Mt. Bethel Diner

Enjoy the Delaware diner experience at Mt Bethel diner, with their amazing coffee and vast breakfast spread. It has been described as a classic Northeastern diner. You can also enjoy brunch in Delaware at Mt. Bethel diner!

  • Must try items on the menu: Corned Beef Hash
  • Rating: 4.0 stars

Irie Reggae Grill

The Irie Reggae Grill is a Caribbean restaurant and is a highly rated Delaware Seafood Restaurant. They offer typical Caribbean cuisine. It is one of the few restaurants near Delaware Water Gap that offer authentic Caribbean cuisine. Their food is delicious and beloved by locals and is worth the visit!

  • Must try items on the menu: Jerk pork, Jerk Chicken, Brown Stew Oxtail
  • Rating: 4.0 stars

Taste of Susan’s Grill House

Susan’s Grill House is perfect for a hearty lunch or supper, it is family owned and operated and provides a homely vibe and homely food! It is a perfect place to grab food with a large group or family, they also offer outdoor seating options. They offer Mediterranean and Eastern European cuisine.

  • Must try items on the menu: Dranikis (Ukrainian hash browns), Lamb Shish Kebab , Beef Pelmeni
  • Rating: 4.8 stars

Plan A Staycation Amidst Enjoying the Food

Delaware Water Gap may have splendid restaurants to eat in, but it is more than that. Delaware Water Gap is a great destination to spend a staycation in! Delaware Water Gap has some great biking trails you could explore if you decide to have a staycation here. 

You could also enjoy other activities like fishing in the Delaware river! There are more than 61 species of fish who are home to the Delaware river. 

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Wrap Up

The Delaware Water Gap and the surrounding areas offer a very diverse culinary palette. The food and various cuisines is definitely worth exploring. Immerse yourself in the local food culture and explore as many eateries as you can! 

If you are planning exclusively for a culinary exploration be prepared to try many cuisines, make sure you take advice from locals for the best eateries around and last of all don’t get too full from one meal! Make sure you try as many options you can!

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Q: Which restaurants offer Chinese food in Delaware Water Gap?

A: Ichiban Chinese and Sushi Restaurant and Sangro Kura are few Chinese food options. 

Q: How far is Shawnee brewery from Shawnee Inn?

A: The Shawnee Inn is just a short walk from the Shawnee Brewery. 

Q: How far is Mt. Bethel from the Delaware Water Gap?

A: Even though Mt. Bethel is not technically in Delaware Water Gap, it is just 9 miles (13 minutes by drive)  away.