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I have been excited to share my memorable trip experience where I have enjoyed it with my brother’s family members. We have discovered several exciting spots with disparate activities in the Poconos where my brother’s kids literally loved it. We have also discovered an absolute family vacation rental where we enjoyed all essential amenities.  

I have mentioned some exciting spots where we have relished in this blog. So, we also wish you to experience the actual enjoyment where we have delved and which are the great family getaways in Poconos. The thrilling spots where you are going to create memories in your family vacation are located in Northeastern Pennsylvania which is the home to rich culture and history. 

In this blog, you can find some of the prominent places for your family vacation to the Poconos. Get ready to get out from everyday bustling and delve in these recreation areas. And also, find nearby family friendly attractions such as water parks, museums, resorts and seasonal events. 

Itinerary to Your Poconos Family Vacation

The Poconos is the best family vacation spot, in this exciting destination you can find many notable places. Below, you can get the perfect guidelines for your family vacation to Poconos. Here, you can get to know what to do and where to do in the Poconos and discover the perfect stay for your family vacation. 

Why Should Families Visit Poconos?

Planning a family trip to the Poconos is the perfect choice because it is a prominent family friendly destination. This pleasant area is the home to small towns, which are loaded with spots where you can enjoy family activities. You can enjoy activities, dining, and the Poconos resorts for families provide all the essential amenities. So, plan your family trip to the Poconos to make your vacation more memorable and exciting.  

Plan your family vacation to the below 5 exciting spots in the Poconos where you can find exciting things to do in the nearby attractions. And also you can know about the best time to visit each spot to make your family vacation peaceful and happy. 

Lake Harmony

Big Pond or Lake Harmony is located in the western part of the Poconos in Pennsylvania. This destination is one of the popular family visited spots which is home to many resorts.

The best time to visit this place is between June and September because in this warm time you can make your vacation pleasant with exciting family activities, attractions to visit. 

Things to Do in Lake Harmony

In Lake Harmony, you can enjoy various activities like going to Hawk Falls.  In this waterfall, you cannot ignore while visiting nature spots in the Poconos. Here you can experience the eye-catching attractions of waterfalls. 

In Lake Harmony you can enjoy with some of the activities which is famous in Lake Harmony: 

  • ATV tours
  • Paddle boarding
  • Water tubing
  • Wake surfing

These are some of the activities to enjoy your family weekend getaway where the parking facilities are also available on the spot.

Find out more about Lake Harmony, and also discover the best time to visit this exciting place. In this blog, you can delve into the essential information of lake harmony with must do activities.   


Tobyhanna is located in Northeastern Pennsylvania and is a small beautiful town filled with tourist attraction spots. This small town has a vibrant history of railroad, tourism and ice houses. 

The best time to visit this dazzling tourism spot is between June to August. Here, you can enjoy various activities by visiting many spots like Tobyhanna State Park.    

Tobyhanna lake which is located in the Tobyhanna State Park where you can relish with water activities. In this warm water lake you can find various fishes like sunfish, catfish and Pickerel. This spot is always open to visitors, you can discover various adventures filled activities like:

  • Mount Biking
  • Ice Skating

In this spot, you can enjoy Mount Tammany Lookout Loop which is the best hiking trail seen near the Township of Tobyhanna. You can find many rental options for boats like rowboats, paddle boats, kayaks and canoes. These are some of the activities you can find in this exciting spot. 

Find out the top family activities in the Poconos which makes your vacation more memorable by indulging in the outdoor activities. 

Big Boulder Lake

If you want to enjoy the winter and snow adventure activities with your family, Big Boulder Lake is the right choice to go. This is the ideal winter destination spot which is located in the heart of Poconos. In this adventure destination you can enjoy with various activities like 

  • Snowboarding
  • Skiing and hiking trails 

You can discover many exciting things to do for your kids near Big Boulder like Pocono Snake and Animal Farm where you can enjoy the view of various types of animals, snakes. This is the famous trail spot for skiing. 

The best time to visit this exciting place is October through March. During this period, you can relish in the stunning view of this waterfall and the outdoor activities to experience the beauty of this spot. This is one of the family friendly Pocono vacation spots because you can find trouble free activities. 

Planning a Poconos weekend getaway, here you can find various tips, recommendations and things to do before your trip to Poconos.


Blakeslee is located on the Pennsylvania route 115 and 940 and is the best spot to go for the short term and the long term vacations. In this spot, you can enjoy the various attractions of nature and delve with the activities for all age groups. 

Blakeslee which is the year round spot here you can enjoy with the various activities in the summer. Here you can enjoy the eye-catching view of the fall so get ready to catch the picture in your camera. 

In Jack Frost National, you can escape from your everyday bustling by experiencing the golf course which is the highly maintained spot. Here you can discover some of the things to do in Blakeslee:

  • ATV riding,
  • Watersports

The best time to visit Blakeslee is June to August which is the pleasant month to go for your family vacation in the Pocono Mountains. Here, you can enjoy those activities and capture memories with your family. 

Explore the top restaurants and resorts and also explore the things to do in the Poconos. In this blog you can discover the places to visit in all seasons and for all ages. 

Jim Thorpe

Jim Thorpe has its own culture and existence and it is known for its beautiful landscape of the Lehigh River. These are filled with the extraordinary historical spots with some of the activities like

  • Asa Packer Mansion Museum
  • Poconos biking 

Asa Packer Mansion Museum is one of the best preserved Italiana Villa homes in Pennsylvania. The specialty of this place has original Victorian finishes and furnishes. Poconos biking which is the activity you should experience where you can enjoy the view of wildlife, canals, waterfalls and lakes. 

This is the ideal year round destination and in autumn you can enjoy the vibrant view of Jim Thorpe. In this blog, you can find some of the top destinations to explore in the Poconos with your families to create lovely and exciting memories. 

Best Vacation Stay in The Poconos

Create lovely memories with your family in the best places to stay in the Poconos for families. Find our family vacation rentals where you can have a stay with world- class amenities in the peaceful atmosphere of the waterside. 

You can also enjoy essential amenities like free parking, modern kitchens and exciting interiors where you can make your stay very memorable and comfortable. Here, you can find the perfect stay for your family where you can also find various nearby eye catching attractions. 

Wrap Up

In this article, you can find out the prominent family weekend getaways in the Poconos and indulge in the exciting activities in nearby attractions. You can also spot the best stay for you in the Poconos to make your luxury and comfortable with all essential amenities. 

So, no more second thoughts. Contact us, to fulfil your bucket list. Have a safe and pleasant family vacation by enjoying the exciting attractions and enjoy your perfect stay in Holiday keepers. I hope your vacation with your family or friends will make you delve into excitement and have a safe journey.  


Q: Is the Poconos the best spot to go with your family?

Yes, Poconos is the best spot to go with your family because you can find many family attractions like parks and nature spots where you can delve into the eye-catching moments. 

Q: Does Poconos have the best rental options for families?

Yes, Poconos has the best rental options to stay like HolidayKeepers. We provide you stays which are comfortable with all amenities like interiors, parking facilities and waterfront rentals. You can choose the rental options according to your need to stay with your family.   

Q: What is the specialty in the Poconos mountains?

The specialty of the Poconos Mountains is here you can find many nature delved spots and also historical sites. And also here you can find the best staying options with all amenities.

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