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Buying Gold in Dubai’s Glittery Market

Thinking of purchasing gold in Dubai during your vacation trip? Well Dubai, the City of Gold, is well-known for its huge gold market all over the world. There are many reasons to buy gold from Dubai, which is why many tourists make their way to the Emirate for their gold shopping needs.

Tourists may visit any or many of Dubai’s multiple options for gold shopping in Dubai. Whether it’s for yourself or a gift for your loved ones, you can always buy something in gold across the range and designs available with the retailers. 

Best Places for Buying Gold 

Dubai is full of places to buy gold from, but it’s important to know some of the places or stores beforehand while you are out buying gold. Here’s a list of few trustworthy places.

1. Dubai Gold Souk 

Also known as the Deira Gold Souk, this popular gold market in Dubai is part of the city’s extensive chain of traditional Arabian markets, known as Souks. Home to over 300 shops lining the souk street, you’ll surely be lured by the beautiful variety of gold jewelry, in this hub of Dubai’s rich cultural heritage

All the gold here is regulated by the government, so you can be assured of its quality. Although credit cards are allowed, it is advised to pay using cash, so as to get better price deals. Bargaining in these markets is more than welcome, so be sure to haggle your way to the best priced deals. 

2. Gold and Diamond Park

The Gold and Diamond Park is a mall in Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road. This is your stop if you want to browse the opulent diamond and gold jewelry in Dubai. With over 90 jewelry retailers and brands, you can purchase the finely crafted ornaments or have them custom made for you by the skilled artisans. 

Whether you’re looking for simple gold ornaments or diamond claded gold, you can find it at this luxurious mall. 

3. The Souk, Dubai Mall

In addition to the multiple other shops, eateries and attractions the Dubai Mall houses, it also has The Souk, an indoor marketplace selling a variety of items, including gold. Bringing a modern twist to the Arabian souk, The Souk in Dubai Mall offers the visitors the option to comfortably shop in its indoor setting while browsing gold and other items similar to the outdoor souks. 

This is the perfect shopping spot for families who wish to experience the traditional markets but with the added amenities. 

4. Gold in Dubai Airport

All your last minute shopping needs are taken care of by Dubai Duty Free Airport Shops. Gold and other jewellery can be easily found in Dubai Airport’s Gold Shops. If you haven’t had time to roam the city for your shopping needs and wish to take back some precious goodies for your loved ones or yourself, this is the place for you. 

Choose among the opulent collections of Bulgari, Damiani, Pandora and many such leading brands. However, the prices of this jewellery will be significantly higher than what is found in the city. 

5. Online Gold Shopping Dubai

Just like most retailers, gold and jewellery stores have introduced their online shopping portals, where customers can purchase the products remotely. Now, you can buy gold online in Dubai, right at your fingertips!

This is the best option for all tourists who do not want to take out a day for gold shopping, as walking around souks and malls can be pretty tiring and time consuming. Luckily, most leading UAE based, and international jewellery brands operate online in Dubai. Here are some of the best and most trusted places to order gold online:

A. Damas Jewellers
B. Malabar Gold and Diamonds
C. Cartier
D. Joyalukkas
E. Pure Gold Jewellers
F. Jawhara Jewellery 


Gold markets are truly an unmissable attraction in the city of Dubai! Whether you wish to purchase it, or simply take a stroll through the dazzling lanes of the gold markets for window shopping, Dubai’s wealth in gold shines through them. With the sea of shopping options paired with the tax-free prices, shopping for jewellery has never been better than in this Emirate. 

The sheer number of tourists who visit these shops and markets speak volumes about the high-quality ornaments the city has to offer. To find out more about this dream gold destination, visit HolidayKeepers UAE, or contact us for more information.  


Q:  What is the best place to buy gold in Dubai?

A: The most popular gold markets in Dubai are the Gold Souk in Deira and the Gold & Diamond Park. These are some popular shopping hubs as they have a range of gold jewellery, bullion, and other diamond and precious metal products.

Q: Is the quality of gold in Dubai trustworthy?

A: Yes, gold sold in Dubai is typically of high quality. The government regulates the gold trade to ensure the authenticity and purity. Gold items sold in Dubai are usually hallmarked to indicate their purity level, making it easier for buyers to verify the quality.

Q: Can I get a refund or exchange if I’m not satisfied with the gold I purchased?

A: Any kind of refund or exchange policies are highly dependent on the store or market the gold was purchased from. Some stores might allow it within a certain period of time, given there is no product damage, and the original receipt is provided. It is always advisable to enquire about these policies before making a purchase. 

Q: Does Dubai gold prices include taxes?

A: The gold sold in Dubai includes a 5% VAT (Value Added Tax), which is one of the lowest in the world. Tourists can also claim tax refunds on most of their gold purchases in Dubai. This is one of the reasons why this city is preferred for the purchase of ornaments. 

Q: How do I find the current prices of gold in Dubai?

A: The current prices of gold are dynamic in nature. To know the price of gold on any particular day, one can always look up on the website of brands selling gold or look for the entrance digital board, where all gold prices are displayed on a daily basis.


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