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Museum of Illusions, NYC; A Truly Mind Boggling Experience

Experience the unbelievable visit to the magical attraction only in NYC. It’s time to visit the Museum of Illusion New York which is the home for fascinating illusion exhibits. I have recently visited this extraordinary museum which blew my mind and allowed me to explore new things. 

This is the must visit museum which is located in New York and definitely it will make you believe the unbelievable. Get the unique experience with your family which also excites your kids into the illusion adventure. 

This blog will take you through a mind boggling journey to the museum of illusion, with its unique features. Here, you can also get all the answers for your questions. From the exhibits you will not miss out the thrilling things to do in this magical attraction in New York City.

Scroll down to get the entry to the illusion world of New York City. 

History of Museum of Illusions New York 

The illusion museum was first started in Zagreb, Croatia in 2015. In New York, it is the seventh of its kind with 70+ amazing exhibits. This illusion NYC museum is also educational as it employs architecture, design, psychology and math to make their illusions and puzzles work. 

You can also learn how vision, the human brain and its perception work. The illusion museum New York, spans over 4500 sq ft and it’s spread across two floors. There are no restrictions for capturing pictures, you can click and create your memories in this home for an illusion destination. 

Must Visit Exhibits in Illusion Museum NYC

Discover the illusion world by visiting various exhibits in the Museum of Illusion New York. You will surely, surprise by the unbelievable illusion rooms. Down below you can get all the information about the must visit exhibits. 

Unbelievable Illusion Rooms 

The illusion rooms will take you into the walk in the upside- down world. Sure, this room never fails to play tricks in your mind after you enter the fascinating world of illusion. 

This illusion room in the NYC illusion museum never fails to awaken the curiosity of the visitors by their three different rooms such as:

Infinity Room

See the infinity in you, in the world of illusion, where the fun never ends, a world where mirrors are installed at full height, creating an optical illusion of endless space. This infinity room in the New York illusion museum will create you with fun and excitement during your unbelievable experience. 

Reversed Room 

View the world from a different angle and defy the laws of gravity in the Reverse Room. In an illusion museum in New York where you can pose for the baffling photos with a jaw-dropping backdrop. 

Tilted Room 

Experience the unique way to test your sense of balance in this puzzling world of tilted rooms, specially designed to challenge and boggle your mind in a fun and entertaining way. This famous room in the illusion museum NY is the must visit room which will delve you into the excitement. 

During your trip to New York city, don’t forget to visit some of the top museums in NYC. Here you can also get the different aspects of history, arts and culture and also find nearby eateries.  

Incredible Installations

Engaging and surprising installations which will blow and puzzle your perceptions. You can meet with the adventure in the true classics of installations which will create wonder in your senses.

Down below, you can find out the different installations in this illusion NYC such as: 

Cloning Table 

In this world nothing is impossible, cloning table is one of the popular exhibits in this museum. After stepping into this room, you can sit down with yourself in the large round table which will reflect you into clones in the full circle mirrors. 

Beuchet Chair 

If you are a great fan of the Beuchet Chair trick, then you shouldn’t miss out on this great illusion at the Museum of Illusion in NYC. This illusion involves using a carefully crafted and placed large chair, seat, and a normal base of the chair which makes people appear to be tiny.

Head on a Platter 

Get the hilarious illusion pictures, by hiding your body inside the magical illusion mirror. This illusion works for both you and someone standing in front of the exhibit. The optical illusion uses the mirrors which creates these awesome and terrific effects.

Get a perfect guide for the tour to cultural and historical sites in NYC, here you can discover the must visit destinations along with the interesting facts. 

Illusory Images 

Delve into the interesting experience with every time favorite illusory images which makes you feel unbelievable. This illusion will also teaches you about the vision, perception and the mysterious way of the human brain in the different perspectives of rooms such as:


No more science fiction, find some of the best holograms in the world at the Museum of Illusion in NYC. Holograms are known for producing amazing 3D images created by the meddling beams of light that reflect real and physical objects.

Optical illusions 

Get baffled and amazed by the images trying to play tricks on you. If you love optical Illusions, then this is the right place to experience mind-boggling eye-mind coordination. 


Are you eager to learn about the human brain? Then, it’s the time for you. You can find the illusory images which are the best proof which takes you to the different aspects of the world. 

Discover the free things to do and see in NYC where you can find the perfect places to see. This blog will guide you to amuse in exciting spots in New York. 

Things to Know Before You Go 

Don’t forget to gather the essential information about the illusion museum in New York, before you can delve into excitement.

  • Along with the intriguing illusion rooms, they also organize the events. If you want to create memorable events for your loved ones like birthday parties then you can go for it. 
  • They also organize corporate events and unforgettable specialized events which welcome you to the entertainment world. 
  • You can also plan for group visits or field trips in this illusion museum NYC which will take you to the thrilling illusion world.

 Below you can get the essential information before your visit to this extraordinary museum. 

ADA access  Yes 
Prior Reservation  Yes 
Ticket Price  Adults – $29 | Children – $23 | Under 6 – Free Entry 

Students – $27 | Seniors  62+ – $27

Peak Visiting Time  6 pm to 8 pm 
Timings Monday to Thursday – 10 am to 10 pm 

Friday to Sunday – 10 am to 11 pm 

Location  No. 77, 8th Ave, New York, NY 10014

After your exciting visit to this amusing museum, have a peaceful stay in the NYC vacation rentals where you can find the perfect vacation to enjoy with your family and feel the world-class experience in one place. 


Enter into the illusion world of New York City, which will make each and every moment memorable. These exciting exhibits will give you the magical experiences inside the museum. This blog has provided you with essential information and the perfect guide to this magical attraction.

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