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A huge farm-like area and an agile horse are what it takes to make you happy. Welcome to Poconos horseback riding spots. Poconos is a popular destination for horseback riding enthusiasts. Not only are the spots well equipped with horseback riding essentials but they are also a natural beauty that is hard to find anywhere else.

If you are excited to go on a horseback riding adventure, then choosing horseback riding in the Pocono Mountains is the best decision you will ever make. It is an ultimate experience to explore the Poconos while riding on a trained, majestic horse. Let’s now discuss the horseback riding spots in Poconos and why they are famous.

1. Bushkill Riding

Bushkill riding area will kill your monotony and reconnect you with nature. The stable is located inside the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. You can roam around the borders of the Delaware Water Gap while sitting on your horse. The best thing about Bushkill riding is it is beginner friendly and perfect for kids. It is open all 12 months of a year so that you can experience the best horseback riding in Poconos.

So no matter what season you visit Poconos, Bushkill riding will never fail to please you with its location and facilities. So what are you waiting for? Sit on the saddle and take a trail ride of 30 to 45 minutes.

Below I have provided additional details for Bushkill Riding.

Address No. 124 Golf Drive, East Stroudsburg, PA 18302
Timings 9 am to 6 pm daily
Pricing $40
Amenities and Facilities Wi-Fi, Dining, Alcohol Servings, Kids Menu
Beginner friendly Yes
Rider lessons and programs Beginners Trail Ride, Guided Trail Ride

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2. Daisy Field Farm

Daisy field farm is a family-owned horse riding area where you will experience the freshness of the farm and the excitement of a wildlife sanctuary. It is situated near White Haven in the west of Poconos. You are more than welcome to have a close-up view of deer, turkeys and other animals. However, hunting is strictly prohibited. Talking about horse riding, people of any age are eligible to ride freely. Whether it is going on trails or sitting on a wagon for an easy and laidback experience, Daisy field and farm is one of the best contenders for horseback riding Poconos. As it is private property, you cannot get access to the property without an appointment.

Address No. 542 Oley Valley Road, White Haven, PA 18661
Timings 9 am to 5 pm daily
Pricing $30
Amenities and Facilities Free Picnicking Facility
Beginner friendly Yes

3. Mount Creek Riding Stable

Mountain creek riding stable takes the cake when it comes to stables for horse back riding in the Poconos with maximum facilities. Mount Creek Stables Poconos is situated in Cresco in Monroe County. Talking about the level, it is more relevant to beginners and fun family time. The 45 minutes trail ride is apt for the ones who like to walk through streams. Whereas a private trail ride is excellent for the nervous riders who need instructions all along. You will get the opportunity to indulge in a 45 minutes public trail ride, private trail ride and family activities.

Address No. 6190 Paradise Valley Road, Cresco, PA 18326
Timings 10 am to 4 pm daily
Pricing $49 per person (for public group); $79 per person (for private group)
Beginner friendly Yes
Rider lessons and programs Public Group Trail Rides; Private Group Trail Rides

4. Deer Path Riding Stable

Deer Path Riding Stable is located in White Haven in Pennsylvania. It is often said, “Deer path riding stable loves beginners’. The credibility of the statement is confirmed by the ones who visited the spot. Not only are their horses gentle but also the pace of riding is smooth. On top of that, the baby fawns jumping here and there will make you feel cheerful and pleasant. The staff here is very kind, professional and helpful so you don’t have to worry about expertise level. Just come here and enjoy a good Poconos horseback riding.

Address No. 95 PA-940, White Haven, PA 18661
Timings 10:30 am to 3:00 pm daily
Pricing $45
Amenities and Facilities Free parking
Beginner friendly Yes
Rider lessons and programs Beginner Guides Trail Rides, Pony Rides For Kids

5. Jim Thorpe Horse Adventures

Situated in Jim Thorpe town, the Jim Thorpe Horse Adventures used to go by the name “Mountain Laurel Riding Stables” earlier. They will celebrate their grand opening on Memorial Day in 2024. Here, you get an opportunity to explore the natural beauty of the Jim Thorpe region through horseback riding or through a wagon or carriage driven by a horse.

Address No. 79 Act Lane, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229
Timings 9 am to 3 pm daily
Pricing $55
Beginner friendly Yes
Rider lessons and programs Beginner Friendly Guided Horseback Rides

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Safety Guidelines

Below I have listed a few general rules to be followed for horseback riding.

  • You must be below 250 lbs to participate in horseback riding through the trails.
  • Children should be at least six years or older in order to ride the horses on their own.
  • You must first alert your presence to the horse by speaking to him and touching his neck and shoulder. Approach your horse from his sides always.
  • Inspect your safety equipment thoroughly before starting a horseback ride to avoid any malfunctions.
  • Avoid being loud or noisy as this can make the horse jumpy.
  • Do not participate in horseback riding if you are tired or on drugs.


Horseback riding is an amazing activity to enjoy a thrilling and wonderful experience exploring the picturesque landscape of the Poconos. With its beautiful trails, forests filled with majestic trees and mountains far in the background, Poconos is the best place to go for horseback riding. There are different options for both individuals as well as families to go on a horseback riding Poconos adventure.

So, go on a great trip to the Poconos on your next vacation and enjoy this wonderful activity of horseback riding.

As you enjoy the thrill of riding atop a horse in the Pocono Mountains, you are bound to get tired and sore at some point. Having a quiet place to relax and recover becomes a good option. HolidayKeepers provide one of the best luxury homes with ample amenities where you can come back to rest. Get in touch with us to know more details.


Q1: Am I allowed to ride a horse if I have a back injury or during pregnancy?

No, you are not allowed to ride a horse due to safety concerns, if you have a back injury or if you are pregnant.

Q2: At what age can kids start learning horseback riding?

The best age for your kid to start learning horseback riding is at age six. However, you can usually start teaching from four years onwards with proper assistance.

Q3: Can I bring food and feed my horse?

Yes, you can bring snacks for them, but it is recommended to avoid feeding the horses by hand. The snacks you bring will usually be given to your horse at its regular mealtime.

Q4: How many riders can go on a horseback at a time?

Only one rider is allowed on horseback at a time. Having two riders on horseback is pretty dangerous, especially if the riders are not very experienced.

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