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For more than a century, Promised Land State Park has been a paradise for all the outdoor enthusiasts out there. It has always been my go-to-destination once I reach the charming mountains of Poconos. You must be wondering what makes the Promised Land State Park that special right? Let me tell you why- the wilderness expanding to more than 12,400 acres of land inside the Delaware State Forest, the State Park offers more than 50 miles of hiking trails with a wide range of length, difficulties and more. 

These distinct trails in the region, which is ideal for every skill level, makes the State Park one of the most renowned destinations for a thrilling outdoor adventure in the Poconos. From my years of experience in hiking and outdoor recreation, I would say that Little Falls Trail, Conservation Island Nature Trail, Bruce Lake  Road Trail are some of the most pleasing trails I’ve been to. 

Moreover, the trails in the regions are not just hiking but many other activities too, but today lemme talk about the most peaceful yet adventurous trails of Promised Land State Park Hiking and its wonders. Get ready to go for a ride deep in the woods along with me.

What Makes Hiking in Promised Land State Park Unique?

Just as I mentioned earlier, adventures aren’t new to Promised Land State Park, it has been there for more than a 100 years. Which automatically makes the hiking trails in the region much more defined, maintained and distinct. 

Not just the range of trails, but also the quality, the hikers could never fail to witness the beautiful sightings offered throughout the hiking trip. Almost every hike trip through the state park has made me delighted with joy and serenity with its lush greenery, rolling hills, and many others. 

The hikers could easily traverse babbling creeks with numerous cascades, photograph nature and wildlife, witness the natural glacial lake, see the waterfalls and many other opportunities for relaxing, exploring and studying the nature’s playground. What more? The park is completely pet-friendly, so bring your paw-some friend along with you for the adventure. 

Hold on, the specialties don’t end here. There are two sand beach areas in the region which are perfect for swimming, fishing, rowboats, kayaking, paddle boats and many more. You could always take your bicycle and go on a trip on the wheels through the glazing trails of the park. 

Best Time To Visit

  • For the most scenic hike, visit Promised Land State Park during May & June whilst exploring many summer attractions in Poconos
  • For Lush and cool forest floor experience, visit during the summer months.
  • For viewing vibrant colors, visit during fall foliage in each autumn. 

Unveiling the Iconic Promised Land Hiking Trails

Have you ever visited the tranquil trails of Promised Land? If you haven’t read the rest of the part to know about the most intriguing trails of the region. Some of those trails are among my list of favorites, and my top 10. 

1. Little Falls Trails

Offering obstructed views of Little Falls and shaded vastly throughout, Little Falls Trail is a hiker/biker trail at the Promised Land State Park. We can view the Milton/Loughborough Mill while passing through the trail. The mill was built back in the 1800s for grinding flour for Georgetown wheat trade. 

The little falls trail in Promised Land is highly popular for birding, fishing and hiking, yet the visitors can feel the solitude in the quiet hours. Moreover, the trail is open to the public all year, and can be visited regardless of the season.

Length 2.3km
Difficulty Easy
Elevation 34m
Route Type  Loop
Highlights Birding, Fishing, Forest, Lake, Waterfalls, Walking, Dog-Friendly
Terrain Muddy

2. Conservation Island Trail

A part of Promised Land State Park and located near Greentown, Conservation Island Trail is perfect for all types of skill levels. The trail is popular for both walking and hiking and known to be in the best condition from March till December. 

The trail offers beautiful views of the lake during autumn and has an incredibly small spot for a walk almost every day of the year. The trail has flat paths, however, the trail in the middle of the island can be a bit rugged.

Length 1.9km
Difficulty Easy
Elevation 9m
Route Type  Loop
Highlights Hiking, Walking, Dog-Friendly
Terrain Flat

3. Promised Land Boundary Trail

Point-to-point trail, which has plenty of huge rocks and water alongside a wild and wooly atmosphere. The trail is extremely renowned for its nature trips with hiking, running, walking and more. From my last visit to the trail, it almost took 2 h and 12 min for me to complete the trail. 

Promised Land Boundary Trail is open for the public all year with a serene atmosphere during the quiet hours on all days. 

Length 9.3 km
Difficulty Moderate
Elevation 161m
Route Type  Point to Point
Highlights Hiking, Forest, Lake, Wildlife
Terrain Hilly 

4. Bruce Lake Trail

Enjoy the picturesque views of the crystal clear waters of the pristine glacial lake on Bruce Lake Natural Area which is spread across 2,900 acres. Pass through the thick forests and ranging wetlands and witness many dragonflies or beavers. 

Bruce Lake trail, located near Paupack can be a bit challenging, and it took almost 2 h 28 min for me from my last visit. My trail is known for hiking, fishing and birding too, so you can bring a fish rod along with you. 

Length 11.7 km
Difficulty Moderate
Elevation 116m
Route Type  Loop
Highlights Horseback Riding, Fishing, Birding, Walking, Hiking, Forest, Wildlife
Terrain Rocky

5. Hemlock Hill, Song Dog, Bear Wallow, and Lower Lake Trail

One of the easiest trails on Promised Land Trail Map, this trail near to Greentown in Pennsylvania is great for hiking and horseback riding. From my recent visit, it almost took me 2 hours to finish the hike in this trail while passing through dense forests, open friends, and a stunning view of the plateau of Poconos. 

Furthermore, hunting is allowed in the trails, so it is advised that you wear blaze orange for safety.

Length 8.5km
Difficulty Easy
Elevation 94m
Route Type  Loop
Highlights Hiking, Forest, Wildlife, Horseback Riding
Terrain Muddy

Tips & Suggestion For A Safe Hiking Trip

  • Always plan your route before heading out, let someone know that you are going for the trip.
  • Be prepared for the trip, take necessary vaccines to protect yourself from bugs and ticks.
  • Use appropriate dressing for the trip, sturdy and comfortable.
  • Always keep yourselves hydrated, carry more food.
  • Bring First Aid Kit, GPS, Map, Flashlight and other necessary items.

Wrap Up

The diverse trails of Promised Land State Park have been attracting tourists, especially outdoor enthusiasts and adventure lovers from all over the world. As we all know, Poconos is a major tourist destination and Promised Land State Park is one of the core spots and top state parks in Poconos for a thrilling hiking experience. Trust me when I say this, you just can’t miss the spot if you are planning a vacation to Poconos. 

Moreover, there are some really exquisite vacation homes for you to stay after a day filled with adventure in Promised Land State Park. We HolidayKeepers are always ready to welcome you into our most luxurious homes with ultra modern niceties and hospitality. 

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