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Fall of Adventure : Niagara Falls Getaways from the Poconos

Traveling doesn’t mean you reach a destination and return, it is a Journey where you explore alluring locales, visit places that you’ve never seen before and meet new people along your journey. It is not just your time spent porting to places, It is an emotion that fills you with unforgettable golden memories.

So, dear traveler, you’ve indeed made your way to the Poconos, exploring the best places right from taking a trek to the Hickory run state park to spend some good time at the Hawk falls to dive and refresh.

Wait, Pause for a sec! Did I mention falls? Waterfalls!  Yes you’ve read that right. 

 This blog has been written about one of the best wonders that mother earth inherits, thousands of people planning their trip to witness this majestic attraction.

Perplexed and unaware of how to reach Niagara falls, How to plan a trip to Niagara falls and about its travel package and more.

Relax, as you’re at the blog, which is indeed your source of navigation from the Poconos mountains to the Niagara falls. 

Directing your way from Pocono mountains to the Niagara Falls

Most of the travelers tend to miss this gorgeous destination when they are in Poconos, some not knowing how to reach Niagara, which is the best way and some not knowing anything about Niagara 

A beautiful destination located 520 Km away, it is indeed worth visiting which would mark this as your best places ever visited during your Tour.

Expend your best vacation in Niagara falls, an unperceivable experience to catch sight of this gigantic misty atmosphere it creates.

Choose your means of transport and pick a day especially to visit Niagara by car, train or plane. Trust me it would truly be a moment where you will get to witness its beauty.

Bygone Times of Niagara

Before jotting down the places, Let me brush you up with a small portion of Niagara’s History of how it turned out to be a magnetic travel attraction.

A breathtaking spectacle, Niagara falls a natural beauty gushing down since decades together, taking you back to its history of how people found Niagara falls.

Niagara falls has existed since the Holocene Epoch,terming it to be an incredible natural wonder that should not miss to visit.

Niagara falls is a gem that Canada beholds, also known as Canadian falls merging along with 3 other waterfalls that connect all of them which makes it awe- inspiring.

Your Top Best Never-miss-sights in Niagara 

As I pen down in writing about the best places that shouldn’t be missed when you visit Niagara falls, there might be some doubts within you.

Why should you travel to Niagara falls from the Poconos and what is so special about it? I have mentioned those 2 best spots below which would be an answer to all of your thoughts.

1. Maid of the Mist boat ride

Plan your trip to Niagara falls after spending some good time at the Pocono Mountains. To pen it in a business phase, these boats have been sailing since its incorporation.

Yes it is indeed if brushed through its history right from moving off the shore with its twin smoke stacks till its all new electric boats.

These boats that sail on the mighty rivers have evolved through ages, being a platform for tourists to view the Niagara falls from generations together.

Do not miss to hop on these boats which would port you near the falls , maid of the mist boat journey would indeed be an adventure.

2. Skylon Tower

Dine in to the restaurant which is a little higher than the falls and savour their award winning continental cuisine by viewing the falls from the restaurant which is indeed an extraordinary experience.

Catch sight of this wonder of Canada from the tower, see it from your point of view of how beautifully those turquoise shaded waters gush from above, Niagraa falls – A must see beauty.

A restaurant which offers fine dining for their customers which is split into 3. First comes the revolving dining room, second the summit suite summit and at last you would arrive at the best one which is the Observation Decks.

Move in for those lips smacking cuisines and get access to the observation decks and view the falls from above. 


As every Journey has a destination to park on, in the same way my Blog has neared its closure.

After expending your vacay time at the Pocono Mountains, Do take out some time as suggested to 

Delve in and explore these best places in niagara that i have written above and witness its majestic beauty.

If you’re planning to travel during christmas season, to enjoy and have fun with all those shimmering things of christmas all around, do check out our blog on best light displays at Poconos which happens at Christmas time, do plan and move ahead.

I would like to end the Blog with my very own quote, Hope you all love it.

Be it Day or Night, Niagara falls is beautiful to catch sight of and worth visiting.

For your vacay time to go in ease we at Holidaykeepers offer you with the best of our luxurious vacation rentals in the Poconos.

Get in touch with us today.


Q: Which is the nearest route to reach Niagara falls from the poconos?

A: Nearest route to reach niagara falls from poconos is to take a flight from new york la guardia airport to buffalo airport which would approximately take 1hr 22min to reach. 

Q: What are the popular places to visit in Niagara with kids?

A: Bird kingdom and clifton hill are the popular places to visit in niagara with kids.

Q: What are the timings of Revolving restaurant at Niagara falls ? 

A:  Lunch is at 11:30 am to 3:00 pm, Early Dinner is at 4:30 pm and Dinner is from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm, Expend your best time by tasting their best cuisines cooked for you.

Q: What is the best time to visit Niagara falls?

A: Best time to visit Niagara falls could be in the months of from may to september as the weather stays cooler where the tourists can explore more places.


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