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A Boozy Escape to the Best Breweries and Wineries in the Poconos

Nobody counts the glasses of wine you have on vacation! It is your time to relax and let go. Are you a wine or beer connoisseur? If yes, immerse yourself in the variety of Poconos’ spirits and explore some new flavors! 

The Pocono Mountains have grown more popular over the years in regard to the growing scene of breweries and wineries. The Poconos is home to some spectacular wineries, you can relish on the locally crafted uniquely flavored wines. 

The Pocono Wine Trail is one of the immersive experiences that Poconos offers, where you can enjoy the Pocono vineyard experience and indulge in varieties of vintage and locally crafted wines! Poconos is also known for its brewpubs, there has been a considerable increase in the number of brewpubs across the region! 

Apart from the Pocono Wine Trail the Pocono Beverage Trail is a similar immersive experience which takes you along the best Poconos wineries and breweries! Enjoy a boozy escape in Poconos! 

The Best Breweries in the Poconos Mountains

Are you craving a cold beer on a hot day? Head over to the best bars and craft beer breweries in the Poconos and indulge in the locally brewed, unique flavors of Poconos’ beer! 

1. Susquehanna Brewing Company

Susquehanna Brewing Company serves up some really unique brews, they also have mastered the brew of some classics like the signature Golden Lager. This brewery is highly recommended by the locals, and is one of the best breweries in Poconos whether you’re looking for a light seasonal brew or if you’re looking to try some unique out of the box brews, Susquehanna Brewing Company is the right place! 

2. Barley Creek Brewing Company 

The Barley Creek Brewery features close to 50 original brews! Their menu ranges from something light and refreshing or even something dense and flavourful, all tastebuds will be pleased at this place! It is one of the old breweries in Poconos, first opened in 1995 and has the vibes and aesthetics of an old school bar. 

Brewery Tours: 

There are lots of breweries in Poconos and the best way to get a gist of them all is through a brewery tour! You must check out Allway’s Limo Service, they offer 6 different beer tours! They are a limo and tours service but this is their best service, you can enjoy the beers of Poconos through any of their packages. 

The Best Wineries in Pocono Mountains

What could be better than touring a winery in the Poconos in the summer? The Poconos is home to some truly mesmerizing Vineyards. You will find a vast variety of wine bars in Poconos ranging from hip downtown wine bars to scenic classic Vineyards where you can see the rows of grapes. Hop on the Poconos Wine Tour and explore as many wineries as you can! 

The best thing about Pocono Mountain Wineries is that they all come with stunning views of the landscape! Wineries and vineyards are typically always scenic. The vineyards in Poconos have a small town winery vibe to it that is just unmatched! 

You will find variety in almost every vineyard in Poconos, all kinds of wines, reds, whites and fruit wines as well! 

There are also plenty of wine tours and tastings and special wine pairing events that Poconos is known for, which enables you to discover new, locally crafted wines! The Pocono Wine Trail is one such unique and immersive experience. 

Here’s a list of the best wineries in the Poconos!

1. Mountain View Vineyard 

The Mountain View Vineyard is the best winery in Poconos if you are looking for variety! You will find dry, sweet, blush, sparkling and all the kinds of wine you can think of. They also produce other spirits including whiskey, brandy and four different flavors of vodka. 

It is also the most scenic vineyard in Poconos, with views of the hanging grapes, and Poconos’ stunning landscape.  

2. Antler Ridge Winery 

The Antler Ridge Winery is an award-winning vineyard, they offer a range of wines from dry, sweet, semi-sweet and fruit wines as well. They also cater to any home winemaking needs and sell home making supplies. 

Best of Booze in Poconos- Signature Brews and Wines 

Pocono Mountain Wineries are known for producing a variety of wines, especially fruit wine. The wineries and breweries alone in Poconos make up most of the region’s best attractions. They also come with their very own signature blends! Here are some of the blends and flagships you absolutely cannot miss.

Pocono Brewing Company: 

The Pocono Brewing Company is the highlight of all breweries in Poconos. They are truly one of a kind offering some of the best flagships and unique flavors. You must try their Poconos authentic ‘Mauch Chunk Pale Lager’ . The name revisits the roots of the town known as Jim Thorpe when it was a coal mining city. The lager is light and refreshing, with notes of a dry finish. They also have other unique brews like ‘Pale Ale With Hibiscus’ and ‘570 Oatmeal Stout’ 

Blue Ridge Estate Vineyard and Winery 

The Blue Ridge Estate Vineyard is rated one of the top vineyards in the country! It is an elegant winery, perfect for Pocono wine tasting. The Blue Ridge Vineyard is a popular stop on the Pocono Mountain Wine Trail as well. The vineyard is a sight for sore eyes, it overlooks the breathtaking views of the surrounding vineyards and mountains. They are known for their elegant and unique blends like the ‘Dry Citrus Twist’ and ‘Caramel Port’. 

Wrap Up:

The Poconos has a very rich and diverse craft beverage scene, with multiple wineries and breweries to explore and a myriad of flavors! 

Embark on your very own brewery and winery exploration of the Poconos and explore all the unique flavors and experiences that Poconos has to offer! A memorable adventure awaits you in the Poconos Mountains! 

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Are there any wine tours in Poconos?

When it comes to wine tours, Poconos is a great destination considering it has several vineyards and wineries which are perfect for wine tastings and tours. 

What is special about the breweries in Poconos?

Poconos breweries offer locally brewed, high quality craft beers which are blended with unique flavors. 

How is the nightlife of Poconos?

Poconos has an active nightlife, with plenty of bars and pubs.  

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