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20 Things To Do in the Poconos, PA – Best Towns & Activities

Poconos is one of the most beautiful places in Pennsylvania, if not the entire East Coast. It offers mesmerizing sceneries, rivers, and endless outdoor options, it leaves you with a variety of activities to do in the area. 

If you are anything like me and are interested in traveling to an offbeat destination, look no further! Poconos is the place for you.

You will surely find fun things to do in the Poconos while you enjoy your time there. Ranging from skiing, white water rafting, boating and hiking. As an enjoyer of fine dining gourmet cuisines I also found some deliciously memorable restaurants during my trip!

Things to Do in Poconos That are Game Changers

The outdoors of the Poconos simply cannot be ignored. From hiking to skiing, the number of activities in Poconos is endless! One thing is for sure, if you’re planning to visit the Poconos, adventure awaits you! 

Spend your days outdoors skiing and hiking, and unwind after a day of activities at a local brew pub. Here is a list of adventures in the Poconos which I loved, and you will too!

Poconos White Water Rafting- The Thrillseekers Getaway

For all the adventure seekers out there, start your adventures in Poconos with a thrilling activity, and what is more thrilling than whitewater rafting? 

Whitewater rafting is one of the biggest attractions in the Poconos. Thrill seekers can take up rafting on a dam-opening weekend to enjoy the water at its most turbulent.

Poconos Raceway- The Tricky Triangle

The Poconos Raceway is also known as the Tricky Triangle, because of its three sharp turns. If you are an avid fan of American Motorsport you must visit the raceway for a memorable experience! The Poconos Raceway hosts NASCAR races through the summer but also offers various motorsport-related activities throughout the year. 

As someone who is a huge stock car enthusiast, I loved my visit to the Raceway and is my top recommendation! I would also recommend trying to catch a race at the Raceway, it is such a memorable experience!

Mount Airy Casino- Cha-Ching!

Mount Airy Casino is Pennsylvania’s first Four Diamond Casino Resort, where you can enjoy an evening of pure luxury and pampering alongside your classic card games. Enjoy your time there in a poker room, or table slots, or treat yourself to some pampering from the in-house spa. 

They also have various gourmet options for fine dining, and if you are a nature lover, make sure you explore the hiking trails on their property. 

I would definitely recommend spending a night at the casino to take them up on all their features and amenities! A casino visit is also one of the most entertaining things to do in the poconos this weekend!

Asa Packer Mansion Museum- A Gala of History

You cannot run out of things to do in the Poconos.  Whether you are a history nut, or you are looking to take a break from your adventures, the Asa Packer Museum is a great way to spend your day. 

The museum is a beautiful Victorian-style mansion. Built in 1861, the house was opened to visitors only in 1956. The mansion is also a national landmark, which makes it a must-visit. The museum is a window into what a life of luxury looked like in the 1800s.

Ticket prices vary for different age groups, and can be found on the museum website. 

Skiing and Snowboarding- Stick out Your Ski Poles!

Your trip to the Poconos in the winter would not be complete if you didn’t bring out your ski poles. There are a total of six skiable areas in the Poconos, one of them being Camelback Mountain. 

It is home to 39 trails and 166 acres of skiable land, making it the top destination for adventure sports in the Poconos. 

Find the ultimate guide to skiing across the Poconos that will help you have the best skiing experience. 

Bushkill Falls- A Cliffhanger You Will Love

The bushkill falls is also known as the Niagara of Pennsylvania. The stream of crystal clear water falling off a 100-foot cliff makes it a must-visit. A great destination for sightseeing along with your family, where you can click delightful pictures with the waterfalls in the backdrop. 

My family and I had a great time clicking some wonderful pictures with the falls in the background!

The cliff isn’t the only exciting part of the falls, the bottom is a deep pool covered with mosses, wildflowers and fern. 

Pocono Mountain Paintball- A Blend of Strategy and Fun

Outdoor paintball in the mountains could be one of the best things to do with family. Challenge your loved ones to a friendly game of paintball and gear up for a funtastic day! The Pocono Mountain Paintball is located just a short drive away from the town of Jim Thorpe. 

Pocono Tree Venture- Hang, Climb and Zip Through the Valley!

You will surely be reminded of your younger days while you find various climbing, hanging and ziplining courses at the Pocono Tree Venture. 

Welcome to all age groups (Except ages 4-7 for whom there are separate courses designed) The Pocono Tree Venture offers various activities with different levels of difficulties, you can choose the easier options or if you are an adrenaline junkie go for the Dual Zipline Racing Quest!

ATV Tours- Bulldoze Through The Mountains!

The ATV or All-Terrain Vehicle offers a thrilling experience in itself. It will surely get your adrenaline pumping, so prepare yourself for a whole day of breathtaking adventure. 

You will find several ATV rental providers, you will find yourself booming through the terrains of poconos and leave you feeling like the king of the jungle! The ATV was one of my favorite activities and I would recommend it as a must try!

Birdwatching- Look Out For Bald Eagles!

Birdwatching in the poconos can be a really interesting new hobby, there have even been sightings of the majestic Bald Eagle in the valley! Poconos is also home to various species of birds. Birdwatching is also increasing in popularity. Birdwatching is one of the many romantic things to do in Poconos for couples!

Here are some of the top spots for birdwatching in the poconos:

  • Promised Land State Park
  • Tobyhanna State Park
  • Lake Wallenpaupack
  • Beltzville State Park
  • Delaware River at Pennsbury

Fishing- Catch a Good Haul!

While you are in poconos, things to do are endless! So why not unwind and catch some fish!

Fishing is a great activity to do in the poconos, finding varieties of trout, catfish, and bass. There are plenty of prime spots to fish in as well, if you are a big fishing enthusiast, like me, you should surely test the waters. It is also a great activity to spend some bonding time with your family.  Lake Wallenpaupack is one of the most popular fishing spots. 

Horseback Riding- Gallop Your Way Around the Mountains!

Poconos has many horse stables and horse riding trails, whether you are already a skilled rider or are willing to take up a new hobby, nothing sounds better than to explore the Poconos on horseback. 

Most horse riding spots even let you bring your horse!

Quiet Valley Historical Farm- Experience Farm Life from the 1800s

Quiet Valley Historical Farm has been operating since the 1800s and opened up to the public to offer insight into a farmer’s lifestyle. This farm is a pillar of Poconos’ history and culture. 

The experience is quite interactive as you will see people dressed up in old-age farmer’s attire, and you will see demonstrations of hearth cooking, and crafting. This is a huge attempt by the people to preserve the past of the Poconos. 

Monuments and Statues- Educate Yourself about Poconos’ History 

Poconos is deeply rooted and focused on giving importance to its history, plenty of monuments and statues are in place, which you should certainly explore and learn about during your stay in Poconos. These monuments are a reminder of the events and people that contributed to Poconos’ history. 

  • Jim Thorpe Memorial
  • Vietnam War Memorial
  • Milford Mine Memorial Park
  • Lehigh Tannery Historic Site
  • Milford Upper Mill 

Delaware Water Gap Air Tour- Say Hi to Poconos From the Top

The Delaware Water Gap is very scenic, and one of the most beautiful attractions in the Poconos Mountains, and what better way to experience its beauty than from the sky? The air tour takes you on a 30-minute plane ride where you can enjoy the splendid view, and take aerial pictures of the valleys below. It is also perfect for occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. 

Seven Tubs Recreation Area- Poconos’ Natural Swimming Pools

Seven Tubs Recreation Area expands over 400 acres of land, it got the name ‘seven tubs’ from the glacial meltwater which created potholes of water. Travel around the loop and explore the pools which stretch for 0.3 miles. 

Poconos Farmers Markets- Enjoy Farm-To-Table Delicacies!

Farms surround the area of poconos, so it is no stranger to fresh farm-to-table products. Going to the farmer’s market is a delightful way to spend a morning or afternoon, stroll around the market sampling cheese, buy some flowers for your partner or stock up on some fruits. Farmers markets are most vibrant in the towns of Stroudsburg and Lake Harmony.

Old Jail Museum- Boo!

Ready for a haunting experience? A spooky experience is mandatory when you are in the Poconos, with its rich history also comes a lot of old horror stories. There are 17 cells in this museum and seven coal miners were put to death on-site, explore the creepy dungeons of the building and even visit the site of the hangings. 

The building lives up to its creepy rumors, complete with mysterious handprints on the walls. 

No.9 Coal Mine and Museum 

The No.9 Coal mine was opened in 1855 for operations, now it operates as a museum to give importance to the mining heritage of the region. Visitors can take a ride through rail into the mountain, and then embark on a 600-foot guided walking tour, where they can inspect the deep mine shaft. 

Shawnee Playhouse

Exploring local theater is a charming and entertaining thing to do in the Poconos. Indulge in some local theater at the Shawnee Playhouse, where actors perform quality live theater for the localities and vacationers, which was built in 1905. Today various shows are performed which makes it one of the most interactive and lively experiences. 

Wrap Up: 

The Poconos is known for adventure and outdoor activities, all year long. Winter in the Poconos is especially when the adventures are at their peak, with multiple options for snow sports.Nothing screams luxury more than renting out a beautiful villa in the Poconos, check out some of the vacation rentals in Poconos

Don’t wait any longer! Explore these fun-filled activities and plan a trip to the Poconos right away! To all the adrenaline junkies out there, be sure you look into adventure getaway properties, and find a stay best suitable for you. To book your stay, you can  Contact HolidayKeepers. Happy Travelling!

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    This post is a great guide for everyone who is planning a trip to the Poconos. The variety of activities and towns mentioned. It is an excellent resource for a fun-filled and memorable vacation.

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