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Camping at Lake Wallenpaupack: Finding you Perfect Site

Are you seeking a fascinating spot for camping? Or are you confused about deciding where to go? Don’t worry I might’ve the perfect site for you to explore nature’s beauty alongside camping with your friends & family. I’m sure you know about the glazing Lake Wallenpaupack. If you don’t, then Lake Wallenpaupack is one of my first go places for a great vacation time because of its wide range of recreational activities and serenity. 

The stunning Lakeside view offers some of the best spots for enjoying a great campfire too. Moreover, this man-made lake has some of the best fishing spots too, where you could enjoy a great time fishing peacefully alongside while camping, which is one of my favorite things to do. Not only the normal campsites, you could get a campground with water access, with boat ramps, rv sites and more. Now, let’s take a look at the various camping options present at the region and how unique Lake Wallenpaupack camping sites are. 

The Distinctiveness of Camping in Lake Wallenpaupack

Are you still wondering about why I would suggest Lake Wallenpaupack for camping? Then let me brief you about the unique environment of the campground in Lake Wallenpaupack

  • The very first thing would be experiencing the campfire while viewing the glazing lake view. The quaint and scenic water view makes the camping in Lake Wallenpaupack more unique. 
  • Enjoy several water adventures at your nearest while camping, as there are multiple water adventures receding just right next to you in Lake Wallenpaupack. 
  • Enjoy the peaceful aura of fishing while camping, as there are so many fishing spots in the region. 
  • Explore more of the wildlife in the regions of the campground near Lake Wallenpaupack, it is such a sight to see. 
  • Watery adventures are not the only outdoor activities you could experience while you camp, experience many other recreational activities like hiking, biking, picnics and many more.

The Different Types of Camping Near Lake Wallenpaupack

Lake Wallenpaupack of Pennsylvania offers some of the best types of campgrounds for its visitors, which makes it one of the best spots for a great camping experience. Let’s take a quick peek at the camping types in Lake Wallenpaupack.

1. Tent Sites

Camping in a tent site would always be my number one choice. It is such a captivating experience, staying in the outdoors while being in touch with mother nature. There are several tent site options available for campsites at Lake Wallenpaupack. If you are a beginner to camping then here’s a complete camping guide for you. Some of pros and cons of staying in a tent site:


  • Connect with nature much more and improve your mental health.
  • Camping in tent sites can help you sleep better, reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Disconnect from others and enjoy your own secluded space.
  • Helps in creating more bonds with your partners while camping.


  • Tents can be easily destroyed from heavy winds/rain/snow.
  • Setting up and taking down the tents can be difficult.
  • Bugs and bug bites could pose a problem.

2. RV Sites

RV camping can be a unique experience, as traveling around and staying in the same space is really convenient and comfy. Even if you don’t have an RV, you could always rent one. There are several RV camping grounds available at campsites near Lake Wallenpaupack. However, there are pros and cons for everything right? Here is some of them for RV camping:


  • You may travel when and where at your own convenience.
  • Save money on staycations.
  • Carry more luggage than a car.
  • The surroundings are much more quiet than any other camping sites.
  • More protection through locking up the RVs.


  • RVs can be expensive to purchase and maintain
  • Space can be limited inside an RV
  • Some route limitations might be there inside an RV

3. Glamping 

Glamping is another one of my favorite picks as we could get as many amenities we want along with luxury and comfy camping experience. Enjoy the great outdoors along with all kinds of safety and accessibility. Here are some of the pros and cons of Lake Wallenpaupack glamping:


  • You are completely safe inside a glamping site from rainwater,snow and wind.
  • Luxurious accommodation.
  • Experience nature and feel stress free.


  • Privacy and space is less inside a glamping site
  • Camping experience is dull compared to tent sites and RV

Top Lake Wallenpaupack Campsites

Now, if you are looking for a campsite in the regions of Lake Wallenpaupack, don’t worry I’ll guide you and help you in choosing the right option for you. These are the best camping sites in Lake Wallenpaupack: 

1. Ironwood Point

If you are seeking a perfect family campground then Ironwood Point is the right choice for you. They offer the best family campsite experience with the view of the gorgeous lakeside and countrysides. Moreover there are many nearby attractions and even on-site activities for the visitors while enjoying an amusing camping time.

Key Amenities Nearby Attractions & Activities Location & Contact Information
Free Wi-Fi, Boat Launch, Hiking & Biking Trails, Playgrounds Hiking, Boating, Swimming, Biking, Promised Land State Park, Costa’s Family Fun Park, Bushkill Falls, Pocono Raceway, Claws n’ Paws and many more.  155 Burns Hill Rd, Greentown, PA 18326

(570) 857-0880


Type of Service Pricing
RV $60 Per Night & Holidays: $70 Per Night
Standard Tent $45 per night & Holidays: $50 per night
Prime Tent with Lake Front & View $55 per night & Holidays: $60 per night

2. Wilsonville Recreation and Camping Area

Enjoy a peaceful and relaxing weekend alongside your friends and family at Wilsonville.They offer some of the best deals on camping and recreational areas. Moreover they provide many amenities and activities for the visitors to be entertained.

Key Amenities Nearby Attractions & Activities Location & Contact Information
Boat Launch, Playgrounds, Bike Rentals, Camp Store, Free Wi-Fi Boating, Fishing, Hiking/Biking Trails, Water Parks, Miniature Golf,  113 Ammon Drive

(570) 226-4382 


Type of Service Pricing 
RV $35 per night & Holidays: $40 
Tent $33 per night & Holidays: $38

3. Secluded Acres Campground

Situated at Lakeville near Lake Wallenpaupack, Secluded Acres provides a distinct campsites area for the visitors. They have more than 100 wooded campsites with water, electric and sewer facilities. Secluded Acres is one of the unique Lake Wallenpaupack Camping, Pet friendly is one of the major features of them. 

Key Amenities Nearby Attractions & Activities Location & Contact Information
Boat Launch, Playgrounds, Dog Park, Free Wi-Fi, ATM, Sports Field Recreation Hall Miniature Golf, Fitness Center, Hiking, Biking and Horse Riding Trails 150 Marty’s Main Street Ariel, PA 18436

(570) 226-9959


Type of Service Pricing
Tent Sites including picnic table & fire ring: Adult $12
Tent Sites including picnic table & fire ring: Kids $6
Monthly Sites $800
Weekly Sites $300
Weekend Monthly Sites $500
Weekend Sites $60

Popular Attractions in Lake Wallenpaupack

Lake Wallenpaupack is home to six recreation areas for the public which offers many walking trails, boat slips, wildlife, forest and many more. There are many attractions awaiting you in the region. Let’s go through some of the most renowned water and outdoor adventures in Lake Wallenpaupack, shall we?

Outdoor Adventures: 

Water Sports: You could explore and experience the great outdoor escapades of Lake Wallenpaupack while camping such as Boating, Swimming, Paddle Boarding, Jet skiing and several others. You could witness nature’s beauty and enjoy a day filled with water sports, and the best time for it would be the summer. Visitors could also rent a boat for their water adventures from:

  • The Boat Shop
  • Pocono Action Sports at Lighthouse Harbor Marina
  • Rubber Duckie Boat Rentals

Hiking: In the evening, you may also go for a hike in the Wallenpaupack Lake Trail and view an amazing sunset. Moreover, some of the popular hiking trails in the region are:

  • Hawley Trail
  • Wallenpaupack Creek Trail
  • Shuman Point Hiking Trail

Fishing: Fishing could also be a great activity to do while camping as it is one of my favorite things to do. In Lake Wallenpaupack there are many kinds of fish species available like smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, yellow perch, striped bass, and brown trout. Some of the best spots for fishing in Lake Wallenpaupack are as follows:

  • Caffery Recreation Area
  • Southern End of Lake Wallenpaupack near Ledgedale Recreation Area
  • North end near Wilsonville and Hawley

Dining at Exquisite Cuisines:

Taste some of the most delicious appetizers and dishes from the various restaurants near Lake Wallenpaupack. There are several alluring eateries in area and among them some of my favorite ones are:

  • The Dock on Wallenpaupack
  • The Boat House
  • Gresham’s Chop House

Wrap Up!

Now that we have reached the finale of the article, I hope you have received a pretty good idea about why Lake Wallenpaupack is one of the best spots for camping and the best options available for camping in the region. The natural beauty and its serenity makes Lake Wallenpaupack tent camping and RV camping as relaxing and peaceful with many attractions nearby to them.

If you are looking for a great vacation rental or a luxurious resort to stay at Poconos, then We HolidayKeepers are more than ready to welcome you into our most luxurious staycations with the best amenities available. 

Contact Us for any further doubts or queries.

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