How to Travel to Poconos Mountain From New York

For those who live in urban cities like New York, taking a break from everyday routine from time to time becomes crucial. 

Why do New Yorkers love the Poconos?

Urban cities like New York and Philadelphia have a lot to offer regarding amenities, opportunities and technology that are usually hard to find in small and remote regions. Despite all this, many urban dwellers prefer taking a break in nearby recreational areas/ vacation places like the Poconos for their weekend getaways, usually during summer or winter break. Many people want to travel to Poconos Mountain from New York periodically to enjoy the serene beauty of this pristine location. 

Poconos is the best retreat that is close to New York. The Northeastern Pennsylvania Mountains’ has been a go-to place for the New Yorkers, thanks to their easy accessibility. Poconos Mountains is a fantastic retreat for families and has a couple of gateways. The warm weather welcomes guests who want to savour outdoor adventure activities like hiking and rafting, while the winter season favours activities like skiing and snowboarding. 

This blog will enlist everything you need to know on travelling from NY to Poconos, PA. Continue reading if you are seriously planning a weekend getaway to Poconos from NY. 

Vacation Guide: How to get from New York to the Poconos

The Poconos Mountains is close to New York by approximately 100 miles, making it an ideal trip for a short weekend trip or even a one-day visit. There are modes of transport that you can choose from – cars and buses that have direct routes to the mountains. The region is around 2,400 square miles and engulfs countries: Wayne, Pike, Monroe and Carbon. The closest part of the Poconos most relative to NYC is East Stroudsburg, a straight line to the George Washington Bridge and NY City from route 80. 

Part 1: From New York to Poconos 

How to plan your trip from New York to Poconos? Things that you need to know 

Poconos is ideal for those who are looking for a nature-focused getaway. The best part is that it is closer to NYC, with some towns just an hour and a half away from the George Washington Bridge. Depending on the season, you can spot lots of hiking trails, kayaking, rafting, and other activities outside. Before you head out and make your trip to Poconos, there are a few things that you might need to consider – 

Seasons in Poconos 

Every season in the Poconos has something interesting cooking up for the travellers. The most popular seasons for travellers from NYC to Poconos are summer, fall and winter. In winters, you will find snow adventures outside like skiing and snowshoeing, while in fall and summer, you can enjoy water rides, rafting, racing and hiking. 

Vacation term 

You can never get enough of the possible activities that you can do in Poconos. The place has so much to offer! You can either have leisure, nature-focused trip or choose an adventurous one. If you plan a one-day trip or a weekend getaway to Poconos, your options are limited. But if you select a week-long stay, you can cover most of the activities to do in Poconos. 

Purpose of vacation 

The aim of vacation is an integral part of your trip planning. Some people choose to break with their significant others, friends, and family. The goal of your holiday also affects the place you decide to stay in Poconos 

Covid protocol and information 

While the protocols on Covid-19 change from time to time, the best way to travel during covid-19 is to get vaccinated and tested before planning your travel to Poconos from NYC or any other places. 

What is the best way to get from New York to the Poconos? 

Now that you have decided where to stay in Poconos, the next thing that you might be wondering is the best way to travel from New York to the Poconos. 

#1. Car

Best for Small groups | Day trip | Car availability 

Time: 2 hours (approximately, without any stops)

Comfort: 4/5 

Make sure that you fill-up the gas and create a perfect playlist or favourite podcast and snacks for your short journey! The quickest way to reach the Poconos is to take up I-280W and I-80W, which takes you to the Poconos Mountains. 

I-76 and 1-78 will cost around 20 dollars in tolls, but it also depends on the bridge you take. According to Google Maps, if you take the I-80, you can minimize the tolls by less than 5% and have just a 5-minute travel difference. It also depends on what part of NY you start from and what part of the Poconos you are driving to. 

#2. Bus

Best for Security | Individuals and Couples

Time: 1 hour 45 minutes 

Comfort: 3.5/5 

Probably the easiest and cheapest way to get up to the Poconos is by bus. The buses might take you to popular spots like Stroudsburg, Mount Poconos and other popular locations. The bus journey from Port Authority Bus Terminal to Mount Poconos is around 1 hour 45 minutes and covers a distance of 147 km. Nearly 135 buses run weekly, while there can be variations during holidays. You can also go with Greyhound lines transport for excellent bus service. With 24/7 operation through Monday to Sunday, also covering holidays, you get to enjoy your vacation anytime, anyday.

#3. Flights

Best for: Quickest 

Time: 39 minutes 

Comfort: 5/5 

Considering that you have a private jet and can fly in the fastest possible way, the shortest distance that you can take will be around 76 miles. There are also flight deals that start from $189 from New York to Mount Poconos.

How to reach Poconos, PA from NYC 

How to get from Rochester NY to Poconos PA

  • Via 1-81 S – 4 hr 24 mins 
  • Via I-390 S and I-80 E – 4 hr 29 mins 
  • Via 1-390 S – 4 hr 35 mins

How to get from Buffalo, NY to Poconos PA 

  • Via I-80 E – 5 hr 3 mins 
  • Via I-86 E – 5 hr 6 mins 
  • Via I-90 E and I-81 S – 5 hr 20 mins 

How to get from Albany, NY to Poconos PA 

  • Via I-87 S and I-84 – 3 hr 40 mins 
  • Via I-87 S – 3 hr 45 mins 
  • Via I-87 S and I-80 W 

How long does it take to get to Poconos, PA from Auburn 

  • Via I-81 S – 3 hr 11 mins 
  • Via I-81 S and PA 171 S – 3 hr 37 mins 

How far it is from Brewster to Poconos, PA

  • Via I-84 – 2 hr 49 mins 
  • Via I-84 and Unites States Rte 209 S – 2 hr 55 mins 
  • Via I-80 W – 2 hr 56 mins 

How far from Brooklyn, NY to Poconos 

  • Via I-80 W – 2 hr 17 mins 
  • Via I-78 W – 2 hr 33 mins 
  • Via United States RTE 209 S and I-80 W – 2 hr 57 mins 

How far is the Poconos to Cooperstown 

  • Via I-88 W and I-81 S – 3 hr 13 mins 
  • Via I-88 W – 3 hr 16 mins 
  • Via PA -191 S – 3 hr 24 mins 

How long does it take to drive from long island, NY, to the Poconos 

  • Via I-80 W – 2 hr 43 mins 
  • Via I-78 W – 3 hr 8 mins 
  • Via I-84 – 3 hr 39 mins 

How long does it take from Jericho 

  • Via I-80 W – 2 hr 25 mins 
  • Via I-78 W – 2 hr 48 mins 
  • Via I-87 N and I-80 W – 2 hr 54 mins 

 How far is Newburgh to Poconos 

  • Via I-84 – 2 hr 25 mins 
  • Via I-84 and Unites Rte 209 S – 2 hr 26 mins 
  • Via I-80 W – 2 Hr 44 mins 

How long from Nassau to Poconos

  • Via I-87 S and I-84 – 3 hr 40 mins 
  • Via I-87 S – 3 hr 45 mins 
  • Via I-87 S and I-80 W – 3 hr 52 mins 

Travel safe during Covid-19 

For Travel within the United States: Domestic border crossing may require approval, testing and complying with specific quarantine regulations. Please observe the COVID-19 safety rules and restrictions before making any plans to the Poconos. 

Currently, domestic travel is not restricted. However, certain conditions need to be complied with. 

  1. Face masks are recommended 
  2. You need to ensure safety distance of 2 metres from people 
  3. The COVID-19 helpline number in Poconos is 800-232-4636

What is the most effective way to get from New York to the Poconos Mountains? 

The most effective and fastest way to travel from New York to the Poconos will be by road via car if you have your vehicle. The best way to travel is for those looking for a public transport facility via bus. The cost also depends on which part of NY you are starting from and which area you want to go to in the Poconos. 

New York to Poconos is around 90 to 115 miles, depending upon the route you take. It takes about 2 hr to 2 hr 30 mins from New York to the Poconos. 

Many New Yorkers don’t own a car, leaving you with only public transportation. You can also drive to the Poconos without a car by taking a bus or also opt for carpooling if you are travelling solo. You can rent a cab from the drop location to your actual stay in the Poconos. Ticket prices are usually low and are also budget-friendly! 

Part 2: Stay in Poconos 

Poconos is a great escape from city life. Here are the basic things you can do to relax in ways you can’t experience in the city.

Things to do in Poconos (Inexpensive)

  1. Stargaze at night
  2. Explore the natural beauty in Poconos state parks 
  3. Go for hiking 
  4. Visit lakes and enjoy some fun water activities around 

Where can I stay near the Poconos Mountains?

Poconos Mountains is just a short drive away from New York, where you can find some welcoming small towns filled with many outdoor activities and unique accommodations, making it a perfect spot for a holiday escape

  1. Hawleys 
  2. Jim Thorpe 
  3. Lake Wallenpaupack 
  4. Milford 
  5. Stroudsburg 
  6. Honesdale 
  7. Milford 
  8. Lake Harmony 

Are they looking for some fantastic properties and vacation rentals in these areas? Holiday Keepers have multiple properties around the popular attractions. All our vacation rental homes are fully equipped and aim to make guests feel at home during their stay here with us in the Poconos. 

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