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4 Must Visit Caves in the Poconos

If not today then years back, we all must have experienced living in a cave once in our lifetime. Didn’t you love making caves out of blankets and playing with your friends in your childhood? Now, imagine living in a cave designed by nature. Fortunately, Poconos is a place of dream caves where not only you will find beauty but also wonderful activities to indulge in. Let’s answer your  curiosity and discuss some interesting details about them.

1. Lost river caverns

Feel lost in this wonderland-like masterpiece located in Hellertown, PA. Opened in 1930, the spot offers walking tours of natural limestone caverns via a river flowing underground.  It is a popular point of attraction  among geography enthusiasts and the ones who love digging facts about the communities surrounding the cave.

Speciality- Stones, crystals, findings, and tools. Stone cutting and jewellery making needs.

Address- 726 Durham St, Hellertown, PA, 18055

Timing- All 7 days a week, 9 am to 6 pm

Entrance fees- $14.50 onwards

2. Crystal cave

You can call this one of a kind place “an accidental cave” because of its unintentional discovery by John Gehrat and William Merkel in 1871. Once these two men were extracting limestones near Kutztown for the farmer’s land needs. While exploring the place they realised the hole they  have blown through dynamite is now in ruins. After some time, the spot was bought by Samuel F Kohler and gradually became a tourist attraction. And hence it was finally opened for business in 1872. The opening ceremony of the cave took place with one of the finest bands “Greenwich cornet band” performing live in the crowd.

What to expect- One hour tour comprising 1 movie show about the history of Pennsylvania and underground tour with a guide who will be explaining everything about the geology of the cave

Address- 963 Crystal Cave Rd, Kutztown, PA 19530

Timing- 9 am to 6 pm(Monday to Friday), Saturday and Sunday (9 am to 7 pm)

Entrance fees-  for ages 12 and up ($19), Age 3 to 11($14), Free for age below 13

3. Penn’s cave & wildlife park

Surprising it may sound, the place famous for its lively and interesting ambience has the darkest history of all times. According to history, the Seneca Indians were the main forefathers of Penn’s cave. Life of one of the Indian maidens took a u-turn when Nita-nee and her French lover Malachi Loyer were caught after getting married. The fate of the maiden is unknown however the lover was thrown into the Penn’s cave to die alone. The cavern opened as a commercial show cavern in 1885 and simultaneous Penn’s cavern hotel was built.

Specialty- Cavern tours, Miners maze tour,  Farm nature wildlife tour parks

Address- 222 Penn’s cave road, Centre Hall, PA, 16828

Timing-  All 7 days a week (9 am to 5pm)

Entrance fees- Ages 2 to 12($19), Adult ($40.99), Senior citizen ($39.99)

4. Lincoln Caverns

Being a perfect combo of science, discovery and adventure, the cave has been serving as an excellent spot for 90 years. Reputed schools and colleges of Pennsylvania often opt Livorn caverns for educational tours. Whether it is summer, spring, fall or winter, the cave is open daily. However appointments are needed during winters.

Speciality- Largest gift and souvenir shop of Raystown area offering educational toys, books, jewellery, Gem panning during summer, winter and fall, T- Rex tours on Tuesdays, Blacklight adventures

Address- 7703 William Penn Hwy, Huntingdon, PA 16652

Timing-  9 am to 4 pm (All 7 days a week)

Entrance fees-  Adults ($20.98), Children ($12.98)

These caves are incredibly magnificent and huge which is why visiting them all in one day is hardly possible. Hence, booking a comfortable vacation rental for at least 4 days sounds like a rational idea. If you are in need of vacation rental, book HolidayKeepers vacation rentals stationed in the mesmerising location of the Poconos.

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