5 Best Campgrounds and RV Parks in the Poconos

“Of all the roads that you take, make sure you take at least one that is a dirt road”- said every adventure junkie ever. If you are in the Poconos and if you love Counting All Memories at Present, then you sure should CAMPing at some of the best campgrounds and RV parks that Pocono Mountain has to offer. One of the most rejuvenating and fulfilling activities that you can do with your family and friends, here are some of the best camping grounds and RV parks in the Poconos:-

1. Four Seasons Campground

Located just 10 miles from the Poconos, the Four Seasons Campground provides you with campsites that are closer to the attractions the area has in store. It does not matter if you want to visit the Camelback Waterpark or you are just trying to impress lady luck at Mount Airy Casino, the Four Seasons is a welcoming chasm for all.

You can relax around your campfire as you hum to the tunes of your favourite track and lose yourself in the beautiful starry Pennsylvania sky.

Along with comfortable accommodations, there are also a number of recreational activities to get your soul alive. Have a competition of softball or volleyball with your friends or take a dip in the pool as you watch the sunset, the magic is all yours. 

2. Otter Lake Camp Resort

Nestled cozily between the mountains of Poconos, the Otter Lake Camp Resort is a nature lovers’ paradise. This 300-wooded acre lot will impress you with a number of activities such as fishing, swimming, and non-motorized boating on the 60-acre Otter Lake. Feed the leaf peeper in you as you watch the sunlight seep in through the trees while you hike in the nature trails of Poconos.

Adding an extra brownie point to this immaculate beauty is the view of a plethora of wildlife that call this area their home. The breathtaking views of the Pocono mountains just make the whole place straight out of a fairytale. Have your main character moment as you soak in the tranquility of lying under the mature trees as you read your book and munch on your favourite sandwich while sipping your latte.

Whether you love serene beginnings or beautiful endings, Otter Lake Camp Resort gives you the best of sunrises and sunsets. It also comes with both indoor and outdoor so that you can enjoy your sip regardless of the weather. 

3. Delaware Water Gap/ Pocono Mountain

Oh, you are here with your entire family on a vacation and you have no clue where to go camping? Well, taking you through the Delaware Water Gap. This family-oriented RV park features all the fun and excitement one could ask for. Consisting of Kampgrounds Of America (KoA) grounds with clean and state-of-the-art amenities, the Delaware Water Gap comes with a range of activities such as boating, fishing and swimming opportunities.

The water gap comes with a good number of water activities and is clean, well-organised with a brief glance at the wildlife of the area. 

You can grab a bite at the camp store for some delicious treats or even have a pleasant little picnic-style lunch with your loved ones. It’s your vacation, camp it away as you please. 

4. Ironwood Point Recreation Area

Nuzzled in the heart of Poconos, the mountains of Poconos, Ironwood Point Recreation Area is a very warm and welcoming place. Its greeting ambience draws in the family to spend their vacation at Ironwood Point Recreation Area.

Right from sunrise to sunset, you can find a whole range of activities to keep you engaged. Whether you are a morning bird or a night owl or a pigeon who loves to travel every minute of the day, Ironwood Point Recreation Area has the perfect accommodations for all kinds of visitors.

Its sprawling layout comes with various waterpark activities all of which you can enjoy near Lake Wallenpaupack. Kids can have a splash at the waterpark while the adults can spend their day fishing and swimming.

5. Three Pinewood Camping Ground

Fuzzled warm in the quintessential Poconos Mountains, the Three Pinewood Camping Ground is your one-stop solution if you are looking for a long-term RV park. The scenic views of the mountains along with the serene waters of Lake Wallenpaupack probably make for one of the most relaxing vacation vibes ever.

The Japanese Koi pond is a nice attraction to all those who love fishes. One can enjoy the best of swimming, kayaking and canoeing as well. You can have the perfect end to your day as you watch the sunset with your loved one while sipping on your favourite drink as the sounds of the waterfalls swish in the background.

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