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Are you seeking for a family-friendly beach adventure? Then, I may have the perfect place for you. It is the Carillon Beach which is located just a few miles east of the scenic highway 30A in Northwestern Florida. It is definitely one of the best beach communities in Florida, which offers many activities and amenities for its visitors. 

The beach community was made in 1991 by an architect named Lloyd Vogt, and he blended the beach with historic influence and traditional urban style. From that time, the beach continued to prosper and became a beautiful place to spend time with friends and family which offers a gorgeous visual treat for all the tropical lovers. There are some really captivating activities and things to do in Carillon Beach, and I’ll write about that in the rest of the blog. So get ready to be in a surfboarding adventure along with me.

Unwinding on the Picture- Perfect Shores

The scenic views of the Carillon Beach are just breathtaking, the pristine beach along with the emerald blue waters will really please your mind and make you feel relaxed and serene. You may enjoy the beautiful views of the beach along with your family, trust me, it is one of the best experiences ever. 

While you are on the beach, you can have an exhilarating time with setting up a few lounge chairs and relaxing on them while feeling the sun on your skin alongside the beautiful views. Sunbathing can be a great activity to do, listen to some music or read a book while you are relaxing. 

Moreover, if you are visiting with your kids, then let them play in the sand or help them with building a sand castle. Not only that, beachcombing could also be a fun and amusing activity. Find the best shells while it gets washed up on the shores by the tide. 

Furthermore, the best part would be swimming, you could do swimming in the sea shores or in the pool inside the beach community, as there is always something available for you.

There are so many other facilities available in the carillon beach, such as:

  • Golf Car Rentals
  • Meeting House- Host Weddings or Parties
  • Children’s Pool, Bellview Park Pool
  • Pickleball Courts, Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts
  • Children’s Playground and Playhouse

Strolling Through Downtown Carillon

The market street is basically known as the heart of the Carillon with distinct shops, restaurants and more. The market is included in a unique style of New Orleans’ French Quarter, which is prepared in complete cobblestone streets with private courtyards and enticing landscapes and second floor balconies. 

The street which is located near Lake Carillon is included with the Meeting House alongside the greenery of the village and has many shopping spots available for everyone. Let’s go through the various shopping experiences in Downtown.

  1. The Salty Bottle: Taste the finest wine in Carillon while watching the sunset relaxing on the beach shore. The shop even offers many private and public wine tasting events. 
  2. Lake Powell Pizza: One of the finest eateries in the downtown which is locally owned and is located at the heart of Carillon’s Downtown. Their menu has many options, not just their iconic pizza but also salads, draft beers, appetizers and even a full bar.
  3. Salon Baliage & Spa: Refresh both your mind and your at the Salon Baliage & Spa. They offer many treatments such as anti-aging and exquisite spa experience for the visitors. So when you visit the beach, you should definitely try out the unique spa experience too.
  4. The Carillon Beach General Stone: Shop for all your needs around Carillon, for the sun, sea and the sand. They even provide bike, kayak and paddleboard rentals. 
  5. Paradise Fitness: Visit this amazing gym located in the Downtown which offers several facilities of workouts with a charge of minimum. They have many plans for the visitors as monthly, weekly and even daily, choose what suits you. 

Thrilling Water Adventures 

Aquatic adventures are everywhere isn’t it? Even in Carillon Beach, you may experience the best water sports and fun along with your friends and family. Lemme brief you about the captivating water sports in Carillon Beach.

Coldwater Excursions

The right place for all the outdoor enthusiasts visiting Carillon Beach, visit the Coldwater Excursions to make your beach vacation filled with immense water adventures. Make your vacation alongside your family unique and special by the very outdoor activities like kayaking, snorkeling, underwater scooter riding, cave diving and canoeing. Also, it doesn’t matter even if you don’t have skill in any of it, there are experienced guides ready to instruct you always. 

Location: Panama City, Florida

Walkin’ On Water Paddleboards

The perfect place for you to rent paddle boards and strike the aquatics alongside your loved ones. Walkin’ On Water Paddleboards also provides paddleboarding lessons and tours for the visitors. Experience the beautiful views of the lake, oceans, and the crystal clear coastal waters and the best part is you don’t require any skill or experience in paddleboarding. 

Camp Helen State Park

Now are you interested in fishing or swimming? Then Camp Helen State Park is for you, as it is the perfect spot for the families who adore nature. The park is just a mile away from Carillon Beach and it is a famous location for swimming and fishing in the region.

FYI: You can also experience fishing by just tossing your line straight into the waters from the shoreline of Carillon Beach or you could head out into the deep waters alongside your family by renting a boat and fishing right in the depths. 

Checking Out Bustling Markets and Lively Events

Carillon Beach will always be lively regardless of the time and season. There will always be something ready for the visitors such as concerts, events and even the rushy markets. Now let’s take a look at the unique events and local markets in the region.

Pier Park

Almost six miles away from Carillon Beach is Pier Park which is an ideal spot for you to spend time alongside your family away from the aquatics. Wondering what Pier Park is? It is a 900,000 plus square foot distinctively amazing shopping destination along with an entertainment hub which is perfect for you and your family. 

Pier Park is included with many vacation shopping, exquisite cuisines with all types of dishes and a majestic theater with almost 16 screens. Best spots for family fun in Pier Park is:

  • Shipwreck Island Waterpark
  • Gulf World Marine Park
  • Dave & Buster’s
  • Coconut Creek Family Fun Park
  • Emeralds Falls Family Recreation Center

Festivals & Concerts

The regions of Carillon are always ready for thrilling events and concerts, which is perfect for the visitors too. There are so many upcoming events and things to do near Carillon Beach in regions such as:

Gulf Coast Jam 30 May 2024 (4Days) Frank Brown Park
Seabreeze Jazz Festival 24 April 2024 (4Days) Aaron Bessant Amphitheater 
Red Fish Film Festival April 11 to April 13 2024 P C Beach, FL
Seabreeze Jazz Festival April 25 to April 28 2024 Aaron Bessant Park
Pirates of the High Seas and Renaissance Festival October 11 to October 13 2024 Aaron Bessant Park

Don’t worry if you miss out on these festivals, as the regions of Carillon Beach are always filled with exciting events and festivals. 

Embarking On the Exciting Outdoors & Nature

Exploring nature and its wonders were always my favorite things to do, and Carillon Beach has the perfect ways to explore the captivating outdoors. The best way to feel the nature while vacationing at Carillon Beach is:

Timpoochee Trail

Embark upon nature through hiking or biking the Timpoochee trail alongside your friends and family. The trail is perfect for everyone as it is really safe and easy for all age groups. This 18.6 mile trail offers several stunning views of the lakes, bridges and even the wildlife, so don’t forget your camera. Once you complete the trail, the glazing Rosemary beach would be right in front of you, where you could have a great relaxing time.

Wild Thang Airboat Tours

Now this would be one of the greatest adventures you’ve ever been in. Take the Airboat tour which will take you through the marshes and view the wide variety of wildlife. You could view wading birds, dolphins, alligators, and even hermit crabs while on the airboat journey. 


Now that we have reached the end of the title, I’m sure that you have gotten a pretty great idea about the several wonders and thrills of Carillon Beach in Florida. Carillon Beach is certainly a great vacation spot which you could visit alongside your loved ones which will give you all types of vacation experience. 

There are still so many activities left for you to discover other than from this blog which will make you think that you just have one more day in Carillon Beach. So, make sure you plan your next trip to the stunning beach of Carillon and have the greatest vacation getaway alongside your loved ones. 

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