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Trust us when we say this, honestly, there is no better way of exploring the dream of Poconos than going on a snowmobiling adventure through the winter wonderland. The snowmobile trails of Northeastern Poconos are definitely worth a try. The Pocono Mountains are a haven and a go-to spot for snowmobiling. If the Poconos were a muse or poem, then the snowmobiling trails would be the Robert Frost of them all.

Oh, and you don’t have to worry about burning a hole in your pocket, we got you! With rental options starting at just $60 per hour, you can have the time of your life without having to money heisting your way through a bank to afford snowmobiles! This blog post will act as a proper guide to snowmobiling in Poconos along with trails and tips. Let’s begin!

Overview of the Poconos as a Snowmobiling Destination

Poconos is the ideal destination for snowmobiling as it has miles of trails and is covered with plenty of snow during the winter. Snowmobiling in the Poconos is a wintertime tradition. Although the mountains are covered in snow and trails, it is crucial that you arrive ready to experience the thrills and chills that come with this outdoor recreational activity. You should be aware that, out of all the winter activities in the Poconos, the region has a season specifically for snowmobiling. The season does not start until after the deer hunting season, which usually happens in late December and lasts until April 1st. The Poconos will likely have a lot of snow during this time, which will provide numerous opportunities to hit the trails.

Snowmobile Rentals and Legalities

Using a snowmobile in the Poconos requires that you:

  • Possess an active driver’s license.
  • A snowmobile’s registration must be verified.
  • Give evidence of your liability insurance.
  • When operating a snowmobile, wear a helmet.

There are not many businesses in the area that rent out snowmobile equipment, which is something that many tourists are unaware of. Therefore, we advise you to bring your own snowmobile. A UTV is a comparable choice if you’d prefer to rent while you are in town.

Having been in business since 1968, Pocono Outdoor Adventure Tours is one of the most dependable local suppliers of rental gear. These UTV tours are available through this store:

  • Four-Seater
  • Double (Two Seaters)

Below I have listed two of the best snowmobiling rentals and few details about them.

Snowmobiling Rentals Pocono Outdoor Adventure Tours Pocono ATV Tours
Price $90 per hour $89 per hour
Timing 9 am to 5 pm 9 am to 6 pm
Amenities ATVs and snowmobiles ATVs and snowmobiles
Address 1234 Long Pond Road, Long Pond, PA 18334 432 Grange Road, Mount Pocono, PA 18344

Best Trails for Snowmobiling in the Poconos

Poconos has a diverse selection of trails for snowmobiling and they are suitable for both experts as well as novices. The majority of the snowmobiling routes in the Poconos are found inside state parks. This is good news for ardent snowmobilers because it gives them the assurance that the trail will be well-maintained by park officials. However, it is important to remember that snowmobiling trail conditions can change depending on the weather. You should make sure the conditions are safe and the trails are currently open before setting out to go snow mobiling in the Poconos.

Some of the top snowmobiling trails in the Poconos are as follows:

Lehigh Gorge State Park Trail

The Lehigh Gorge Trail is one of the most well-liked recreational routes in the Lehigh Gorge State Park and the best place to snowmobile. Between White Haven and Penn Haven Junction, a small section of trail is accessible to snowmobiles during the snowmobiling season. The access points near Rockport and White Haven allow snowmobilers to leave their cars parked and get on their snowboards. Visitors who are interested should learn more about the trail’s current conditions before their visit.

Promised Land State Park Trail

A trail that is groomed and open to snowmobilers every day during the snowmobiling season can be found at Promised Land State Park. The trail only ever closes when it is too dangerous to travel or when it is too bad to do anything outdoors. Snowmobilers who travel along these designated trails are treated to breathtaking views of the surrounding natural beauty as they wind through state forests and parks. So, this is another best place to go snowmobiling in the Pocono Mountains.

Hickory Run State Park Trail

Hickory Run State Park offers a snowmobile trail that is open all year long. Although it is not a groomed trail, bright orange cones are used to clearly mark it to guide snowmobilers in the right direction.

Riders of all skill levels can find the ideal trail owing to the extensive network of snowmobile trails that run throughout the Poconos. Before selecting a trail, it’s critical to assess your own skill set and level of comfort. During your winter vacation to the Poconos, you and your family are sure to find a suitable option among the long and short trails that are offered.

Name of the State Park Snowmobiling Trail Length (miles) Location
Lehigh Gorge State Park Trail 15 miles 3 Family Camp RoadWhite Haven, PA 18661
Promised Land State Park Trail 23 miles 100 Lower Lake Road, Greentown, PA 18426
Hickory Run State Park Trail 21 miles 3613 PA-534, White Haven, PA 18661

Clothing and Gear Recommendations

A Little Planning Goes a Long Way. Trust Us.

Here are a few clothing and gear recommendations for snowmobiling.

  • You must wear reflective and protective clothing for others to easily see you and to protect you from falls and collisions.
  • You can wear a snowmobiling suit to help you float in case you fall into freezing water.
  • Wear pants with kneepads, full-sleeve shirt or jacket with shoulder and chest protectors, a riding belt to support your lower back.
  • You must put on a riding helmet and wear shatterproof goggles, protective gloves and snowmobile boots.
  • Carry plenty of food and water, a compass, medical kit, local map, radio, flashlight and avalanche airbags.

Guidelines and Safety

Below are a few guidelines and safety measures to consider while snowmobiling.

  • Ensure that the weather conditions are favorable before heading out.
  • Always ride with a helmet that can be properly fastened.
  • Do not ride while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Do not ride carelessly such that you put another rider or their property in danger.
  • Do not ride faster than the given maximum speeds for the vehicles.
  • Try to travel in groups of two or more people and stay off the ice to avoid falling into freezing water.


Snowmobiling in Poconos can be a thrilling and wonderful experience for anyone choosing to try this amazing winter activity. You can cruise through one of the many snowmobiling trails that winds down a mountain stream or through the forest and enjoy the beauty of Poconos as you snowmobile.

Ensure to plan properly for the snowmobiling adventure in the Poconos so you can have a seamless experience. Don’t worry about it too much though. Just visit the stunning Poconos and engage in this wonderful activity on your next vacation.

While visiting the Poconos for snowmobiling, you must also plan for your accommodation. HolidayKeepers provide one of the best vacation rentals for your snowmobiling experience. Reach out to us to know more about it.


Q1: Do I need a license to ride a snowmobile in Poconos?

Yes, you need to possess a valid driver’s license to ride a snowmobile in Poconos.

Q2: What is the best time to try snowmobiling in Poconos?

The best time to try snowmobiling is from late December till early April.

Q3: What is the minimum age to be eligible to ride as a passenger on a snowmobile in Poconos?

The minimum age to be eligible to ride as a passenger on a snowmobile is 5 years.

Q4: What is the minimum age to be able to drive a snowmobile?

The minimum age to be able to drive a snowmobile is 16 years with a valid driver’s license.


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