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Poconos Indian Museum: A Journey Through History and Culture

The Poconos Indian Museum is the only museum in Pennsylvania dedicated to representing the history of the Delaware Indians. What’s more interesting about the museum are the things it has to offer to the interested visitors – the life-size bark house and an expansive book selection on the second floor with a quirky gift shop. The place’s essence, history, and significance shine through this ancient museum.

The museum treasures more than just the artifacts of the Delaware Tribe – It has a story to tell from the minute you enter the historic building. It narrates some of the most significant events in the history of Pennsylvania and stands tall in one of the oldest standing structures in the Poconos.

Poconos Indian Museum – History

It was first established around 1840 for JohnVan Coolbaugh and served as an underground railroad route to Canada during the American Civil War. Later, it was a famous speakeasy during the prohibition period. Today, one of the buildings houses the history of Delaware Indians after two centuries.

The museum will shock you with information. It highlights the history of the North American Indian man in Pennsylvania, who lived from 10,500 BC till the period when Europeans came in contact with the continent that led to the American Revolution. It shows how Delaware Indians peacefully coexisted with other Indians. The most shocking thing is that it only took 100 years for the white men to eliminate all the signs of the Indian’s existence.

The Pocono Indian Museum traces the history of the Delawares by displaying the ancient artifacts, weapons, and tools in chronological order of their life history that was in existence for thousands of years.

Brief about the Pocono Indian Museum

Location: East Stroudsburg
Timing: 10 AM-5.30 PM
Wheelchair accessible entrance: Yes
Are pets allowed: No
Good for Kids? Yes
Restaurants: None
Time required: Approximately 30 mins to an hour (only museum tour)
Entry fee: $7 (For adults) | $3.59 (For children)

What to see in the Pocono Indian Museum

The Museum

A sign indicates that most of the ancient artifacts can be found within a 20-mile radius of the museum itself, from pottery to tools and pictures of the actual tribe members. However, not everything that has been put on display is linked to the local Delaware tribe.

It can be slightly challenging to understand the meaning and correlation of the different artifacts, so we suggest that you pay close attention to the audio tour and read the description near the displays, to understand better. Also, the lighting in the rooms is quite dull and dim, which makes it difficult for the visitors to read. The museum’s ambiance makes the tour exciting and spooking, adding to claims that the museum is haunted. You also get a chance to click pictures with life-size Indian dolls.

You will also come across ancient photography, scripts, and models with a makeshift charm, adding more to the experience. Also, not all displayed are artifacts – the life-size bark house, miniature village, and reconstructions make the whole tour attractive as if the history has been brought to life.

Walking through the barkhouse, with the history recited in audio and learning about the construction, truly adds elements to the museum tour.

The final room of the museum is dedicated to the life of Lenape after their interaction with the Europeans. It highlights the struggles faced and forces them to leave their land. It deeply shooks the visitors by reflecting upon the complicated events that deeply wounded the people of Lenape for generations.

The gift shop

The store has some good gifts, informative CDs, collectibles, candies and food for the visitors. It also features a good collection of authentic Native American wooden carved items like bowls, dolls, clothing, and moccasins.

The Bookstore

The bookstore has a vast collection of literature and history of different tribes on Native Americans that adults and children can appreciate. Most of the books are connected to natural topics like history, cooking, herbal sciences, etc.

Why is the Pocono Indian Museum a must-visit place?

The Poconos Indian Museum, a key attraction in the Poconos, is not just a remarkable place due to its history; it also uncovers the profound significance of Native American Indians. This museum revives the ancient world of the natives, illustrating their struggles and eventual downfall in a manner reminiscent of a cinematic experience. With its extensive library and gift shop, visitors can find keepsakes to cherish for a lifetime!

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