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Reasons Why You Should Be at the Pine Ridge Festival this Spring

The Pine Ridge Festival is coming back in 2024! This May, kick off the start of spring in style! The festival is returning on the 23rd of May till the 26th, memorial day weekend! Enjoy live music from local favorites and national headliners. The Pine Ridge festival is one of the most unique, and incredibly fun experiences I have ever had! 

The Pine Music Ridge Festival is also more than just a music festival. Camping is a huge part of the three-day festival, camp outdoors and enjoy the music and scenery! It is a three-day long festival and primarily outdoors, which is why camping is also an integral part of it. 

The festival is never-ending fun, as the main stage goes on till midnight and then there are even more after productions for those who want to keep having fun! 

The Origin and History of the Festival

The Pine Ridge Music festival is hosted twice annually (fall and spring) by Common Flame Events. The company was started in 2020, during lockdown to create events for local artists in such a trying time. The co-owners are artists themselves, and were inspired to help out struggling artists. 

In the early days of Common Flame, they mostly booked private shows. In late 2021 they decided to open their doors to the public and see their reaction. And today they host annual music festivals!

The owners mentioned how the festival is for everyone, it is a very rock ‘n’ roll core festival but there are also punk, alternative and bluegrass acts as well. 

Culture and art are also trivial to this festival. At every festival there is a fire show and has become an attraction of the festival.

Significance of Pine Ridge Festival

The Pine Ridge music festival started as a way to promote local artists and even today features many local talents. 

The growth of the festival in the last 4 years has been impeccable. The festival has become a huge attraction and an event that has the people waiting! 

Combining music, camping and culture, Common Flame events have a hit on their hands! Locals, tourists and everybody looks forward to the Pine Ridge music festival!

Highlights of the Pine Ridge Festival

Here’s the highlights of the festival that is a must-watch!


The festival calls out to the attendees to set up camp in the great outdoors of poconos while enjoying the music of your favorite headliners!

Fire Shows: 

The fire shows they put on have become a staple of the festival, there is also the option for bonfires, perfect for enjoying camping Pine Ridge style!

Food and Drink:

The festival brings to you so many local options with food trucks and vendors, enjoy some delicious poconos favorites!


The festival is located in the Albrightsville/Jim Thorpe region, making it super accessible and easy to reach. 

If you are looking for places to stay while you are in the Poconos for the festival, check out 7 best places to stay in Poconos. Also check out best restaurants and cafes in Jim Thorpe 

Impact of Pine Ridge Festival in Poconos

The festival has had a huge impact on Poconos. The festival has invited a lot of collaborations with local thriving artists as well as local food vendors, etc. It has helped increase artist visibility at a substantive level.

The main goal of Common Flame events was to help out local artists, and they have done so brilliantly! 

All the food, drinks served at the festival are locally sourced, making it a big-time collaborative event. Check out the 7-best restaurants in Poconos with a view, explore the local cuisine! The festival has also attracted many tourists, creating revenues and jobs for Poconos. 

Staycation Options for Pine Ridge Festival

As much as I love the outdoors, I personally did not want to spend all three days of the festival camping. 

And would recommend that you do the same, of course camping all three days will give you the best experience of the festival but you can always avail the two day pass without camping or spend one night camping and the others in a luxury stay nearby so you are well rested to party the next day! 

The venue is quite close to Jim Thorpe, so you can avail a stay in Jim Thorpe. Check out vacation homes in Jim Thorpe. The venue is in Albrightsville, PA which is a 15 minute drive from Jim Thorpe. Check out other vacation homes in Poconos.

Wrap Up:

All in all, the Pine Ridge music festival is not to be missed! It is an event unique to the Poconos and is overall a great tourist attraction and experience.

The perfect heaven for indie music lovers as well, explore a variety of new genres and artists!

]Elevate your trip to the poconos by enjoying the concert and spend some of your time exploring poconos as well!

Make sure you book a vacation home through HolidayKeepers and enjoy a lovely staycation! Contact HolidayKeepers now and book your stay right away!


Q: Where does the Pine Ridge Music Festival take place?

A: It takes place twice every year in Albrightsville, PA.

Q: When is the Pine Ridge Festival 2024?

A: The festival is from May 23rd to 26th, 2024. 

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