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Top 4 State Parks in Jim Thorpe, PA

The best way to enjoy the outdoors and nature in Jim Thorpe is to venture out into the state parks. The Jim Thorpe Region has gorgeous physical features to explore like waterfalls, mountains and more! The Lehigh Gorge State Park in Jim Thorpe is known for the Glen Onoko Falls, a set of three beautiful waterfalls cascading down mountains. Exploring the state parks of Jim Thorpe can be very exciting, the state parks in Jim Thorpe are huge and filled with activities and areas to explore! 

Natural Beauty in Jim Thorpe- Best State Parks

The state parks best capture the natural beauty and serene landscapes of Jim Thorpe. These parks in Jim Thorpe, PA offer the best views of the region!

Mauch Chunk Lake Park:

The Mauch Chunk Lake park is like no other, from fishing in the lake to hiking in the forests you can enjoy a range of activities in the park! The lake is 354 acres and is the center of attraction of the park. The park even has a sand beach swimming area which opens from Memorial Day and stays open through Labor Day. This Jim Thorpe state park is definitely worth the visit!

Enjoy state park Camping near Jim Thorpe at the Mauch Chunk Lake Park!

The Mauch Chunk Park  has campsites where you can set up camp and stay overnight. There are over 135 spots for camping and even cozy cottages! 

The Carbon County Environmental Center is connected to the park, and they offer more hiking trails. 

Hickory Run State Park:

Hickory Run State Park is nestled between Lake Harmony and Jim Thorpe, it stretches for 16,000 acres. The park is open from sunrise to sunset, every day of the year. Hickory Run State Park features about 40 miles of hiking trails which lead to waterfalls and a top tourist attraction- the Boulder Field. That’s not all, the visitor center at the park has great exhibits on display year-long!

The Hickory Run State Park also features a sand spring lake, in which visitors can enjoy swimming and beach picnics. There is also a half mile beach trail connecting the campground to the lake. 

Winter adventures are a blast at Hickory Run State Park. You can enjoy an array of activities like Cross country skiing, ice skating and snowmobiling! 

Lehigh Gorge State Park:

The Lehigh Gorge state park is an ideal destination for summer outdoor adventures! You can enjoy activities like hiking, white water rafting, explore waterfalls and even take part in trout fishing! The park stretches for about 6,000 acres. Popular waterfalls in the park include Buttermilk Falls and Luke’s Falls. 

The Lehigh Gorge State Park is ideal for outdoor activities like hiking and biking, the Lehigh Gorge Trail which is a 26 mile stretch of the D&L trail. 

Beltzville State Park

Beltzville state park is located in Lehighton, PA which is just ten minutes from Jim Thorpe. Beltzville park is known for the lake, the lake spans for 949 acres, and is extremely popular for fishing. Beltzville State Park is one of the best parks near Jim Thorpe, PA for fishing. Apart from fishing the lake is also known for boating, enjoy the waters and the view with your family and friends on a boat tour! 

Where to Stay in Jim Thorpe?

Apart from all the outdoor activities Jim Thorpe is deeply rooted in its history and is a very beautiful place to stay in. Staying in Jim Thorpe allows you to be close to nature and also lets you dive into the local history of the town. 

If you are interested in exploring the Jim Thorpe parks it only makes more sense to stay in Jim Thorpe as well. 

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Wrap Up: 

Jim Thorpe also known as ‘the little Switzerland of America’ is one of the most picturesque places on the East Coast. You will find some of the best sceneries and nature driven endeavors in Jim Thorpe. 

One such place in Jim Thorpe that you shouldn’t miss out on is the Bear Mountain Butterfly Sanctuary, complete with butterfly flight rooms, exotic frogs, turtles, etc. The Sanctuary is a must visit! 

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Q: Is there a memorial park in Jim Thorpe?

A: Yes, the Jim Thorpe memorial park is located in Fern Street, Jim Thorpe in memory of the famous athlete. 

Q: What activities can be done at the parks in Jim Thorpe?

A: Jim Thorpe is known for hiking, biking, kayaking, canoeing, etc. 

Q: Which parks are pet friendly in Jim Thorpe? 

A: The Lehigh Gorge State Park welcomes dogs and pets so long that they are leashed.

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