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Arabic Food Delights: A Culinary Voyage To Cherish

What’s on your serving plate if you’re considering a vacation to Dubai? Don’t worry, though Dubai offers a wide variety of Persian and Arabic cuisine, which is going to make you want more and more of it. 

You won’t be able to resist the luscious flavours that Dubai Cuisine can provide, even if you’re not a foodie. 

Here are some of the popular Arabic dishes that everyone should definitely try, don’t skip out on some of Dubai’s most well-known delicacies.

Smile, all you foodies. This is a collection of some of Dubai’s most well-known culinary treats, which will make you fall in love with them for their appearance, flavour, and colour as well as their food. 

When you taste these delicacies, you won’t be able to stop craving more. Plan your trip to Dubai based on my meal plan, and you will undoubtedly enjoy every meal from the list below:

1. Hummus

Incorporating chickpeas, sesame tahini paste, olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice results in a dip that happens to be everyone’s favourite and possibly the simplest to make.

A common starter at most Middle Eastern feasts is hummus. Taste it as a spread, on freshly grilled kebabs, or with freshly baked khubz, an Arabic flatbread. 

Though there are currently multiple variations available for this versatile favourite, including beetroot, avocado, spices, and more, the classic is still our favourite. 

Here are a few Best Arabic restaurants in Dubai where one can try Hummus:

Al Nafoorah, Awtar, Foul W Hummus, The Hummus House

2. Labneh

A small amount of Labneh, a thick strained yoghurt, is a secret sauce among the grandmothers in the area and is the perfect method to quench the heat from even the spiciest dishes. 

Besides being an integral component in many Arabic and Emirati meals, it combines well as a stand-alone dip with olive oil and zaatar spice. 

Sweet-toothed people can also indulge in labneh cheesecake as well as other delicacies throughout the city that are enhanced by its unique flavour.

 Labneh Wa Zaatar Restaurant offers the tastiest Labneh in Dubai. 

3. Fattoush

Fattoush is a healthier salad that is suitable for vegetarians and typically includes roasted or fried bread pieces.

 For an extra pop of taste and appearance, it’s regularly paired with fresh veggies like tomatoes, cucumbers, radish and pomegranate seeds. 

This wholesome salad can be eaten as a main entree for people desiring a filling, low- calorie choice, but it’s generally prefered as an appetiser.

Some of the popular Arabic restaurants where one can relish Fattoush is:

Leila Restaurant, Al Mandaloun, Mezza House

4. Tabbouleh

Tabbouleh serves as a Levantine vegetarian salad.  It’s a light substitute that is likely to appeal to health conscious guests.

Bulgur wheat is typically combined with  finely chopped parsley, tomatoes, onions, and fragrant fresh mint.

This aromatic salad typically serves as a zesty start to a hearty Arabic breakfast.  Aroos Damascus restaurant is consistently satisfying, so be sure to order it there. 

 A few other popular eateries to try Tabbouleh: Beirut Khanum, Maestro, Babel

5. Kunafa

Although the notion of using cheese in sweet treats is not new, Kunafa serves as one of the handful of times where puddings include complete blocks of gooey, salty cheese. 

Strange as it may sound, the blend of a crunchy topping, savoury centre, and incredibly sweet syrup simply happens to work! 

If you want a sugar rush, drizzle in more syrup otherwise, leave it out to enjoy the delicate, subtle flavour of this Dubai street food.

Best places to munch on this delicacy: Mr. Kunafa, Feras Al Deyafa sweets, Kunafa Corner Sweets

6. Umm Ali

A flavorful, rich, and extremely creamy dish, Umm Ali is the Arabic take on the traditional English bread and butter pudding. 

The traditional food of UAE, which calls for nuts and tastes as good warm as it does cold, has several contemporary variants.

You will find this dessert all over the city, from street-side booths to hotel buffets, but we really suggest trying Umm Ali at Karam Beirut and Um Ali Restaurant.

7. Mandi

Mandi: An Encounter with Culture.

Most loved traditional food of the UAE, Mandi also called Madfoon or Madbi, consists of meat that has been seasoned with spices and steamed rice, which gives it an incredible flavour that tantalises the senses. 

Similar to Al Machboos, this meal requires a lengthy cooking period and is served with steaming rice. 

Both residents and visitors are huge fans of this Arabian food in Dubai, hence visitors relish this delicious traditional cuisine all around the United Arab Emirates.

Famous restaurants to savour Mandi: Al Jood Mandi, Bait Al Mandi, Wadi Doan Restaurant.

8. Al Machboos

A specialty of Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait is Machboos. The major ingredients of these dishes are rice and meat (chicken, goat, shrimp, fish, camel, lamb, or cattle).

This meal is slow-cooked to give it an exceptionally flavorful texture. It pairs well with salad and raita, and is expected to taste exquisite. 

In Qatar, the Machboos are referred to as Kabsa and it resembles Biryani.

Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant, Al Jalboot Restaurant, Arabian Tea House Restaurant & Cafe are a few of the popular destinations to relish Al Machboos.

After relishing the greatest Arabic cuisine, make your holiday even more enjoyable by choosing to stay in one of Dubai’s most luxurious holiday homes.

Wind Up

Finally, a wide variety of delectable culinary selections that will tantalise your taste buds and sate your appetites can be found in Arabic cuisine. 

Every item, from the decadent Umm Ali and Kunafa to the amazing simplicity of Hummus, is a monument to the region’s rich culinary tradition.

These eight treats ought to be on your list of things to savour, irrespective of whether or not you’re having an Arabic breakfast, discovering the various flavours of Arabic cuisine, or looking for the exquisite Arabic food. 

So go ahead and engage in the tastes of Arabic cooking, allowing your palate to take a lovely trip.

To find out more about the same, get in touch with HolidayKeepers today!


Q: Which entree is popular in Arabic culture?

A:  A classic snack in Arabic cuisine is Hummus which is made with chickpeas, tahini, and herbs.

Q: What is the lamb and rice meal that is a traditional Arabic cuisine?

A:  The Jordanian food mansaf consists of lamb stewed in cultured curd and served with pine nuts and rice.

Q: Are there any well-known street cuisines in Arabic?

A:  Popular Arabic street cuisine is Shawarma, a mouthwatering meat-based dish that is frequently served in pita bread.

Q: In Arabic cooking, what is a sweet treat?

A:  Baklava is a popular Arabic desert consisting of multiple layers of filo dough, almonds, and sweet syrup.

Q: What is a cool Arabic drink?

A:  For a cool taste of dates, grape maple syrup, and rosewater, consider Jallab as the best refreshing drink.

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