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Traveling Guidelines from India to Dubai

Dubai is the ultimate destination for travelers and tourists making it the rendezvous of the world where people from different countries of the globe travel every single day.

On an average more than 65,000 travelers travel to Dubai from India every single day, for work or to tour around, making it one of the most visited places by Indians.

This tourist hub has become the concentre for the best experiences of the world from fine dining to workstations. It’s the literal diamond in the desert. Hence, Indian travelers visit Dubai to experience the world’s finesse.

So Habibi, what are you waiting for, look through the guidelines and book your tickets now!

General Traveling Guidelines from India to Dubai:

Post COVID-19, travel restrictions have been eased down in Dubai, as being one of the favorite places for travelers, However before boarding any Indian flight to Dubai, go through these general guidelines.

Valid Passports:

First things first, a valid passport is a must if you are traveling to Dubai.

If your passport is expiring, or found to be invalid, you will be under serious trouble and fall under the Inadmissible Passenger(INAD) status by the UAE immigration services and be denied your trip to Dubai.

Your passport should atleast have 6 months of validity for you to travel to Dubai and explore the finest of attractions.

Dubai Visa:

The next thing you will need to visit Dubai is a pre- arranged UAE tourist visa from Dubai Visa Processing Centre (DVPC) of India, which is available in 12 different cities of India.

If you are an Indian residing out of India you can get the visa on arrival as well. The visa is given for only 14 days, but you can pay extra to extend your visa one time.

Sponsorship Letter or Invitation Letter:

Lastly, do not forget to carry your sponsorship or invitation letter provided by your employer or from the residents of Dubai or by providing your stay booking from your travel agencies.

These letters provide a sense of affirmation to the Dubai Government that you are going to return back to your home country after your purpose is done.

You will not be provided with a tourist visa if your trip to Dubai is not pre-planned or your hotels are not booked in advance. 

If you have these 3 in your hand before boarding a flight, you will have a hassle free trip to Dubai.

To deep dive in the city of luxury check out our blog Dubai Luxury: all that you need to experience where we have shared all the details that you should not miss out on.

Document Required for Dubai Visa to Travel From India:

The documents required for a Dubai visa differ depending on the nature of your trip. To apply for a visa you will need to provide the listed documents to make your issue process faster and easier.

  • An original and valid passport consisting of at least 6 months validity.
  • Documents of legal travel with a color copy of the observation page.
  • A passport size picture
  • Appropriately filled Visa application
  • Letter of invitation from the host organization, if you are on a work or business trip.
  • Ticket confirmations from the airlines serving Dubai
  • A proper and relevant Demand draft of the visa fee paid by credit card or cash.
  • A copy of PAN
  • Both original and copy of Income Tax Return files.
  • Women under 24 traveling alone will need to get a NOC (No Obligation Certificate) from their father or husband.
  • People above 18 of age traveling with a partner or spouse should also provide NOC in addition to their picture identification. They are also asked to provide a colored copy of the host country’s passport or residence visa.
  • Evidence of fixed deposits with both original and copy is required.

Types of Visa for India Travelers Boarding to Dubai:

There are mainly 6 types of Visas that Indian residents can apply to visit Dubai.

  • Study visa: Obtained by people who are interested in studying in Dubai are provided with these visas. Universities of UAE will help you with the visa requirements.
  • Service visa: Attained by people who are planning to do business or provide expert services in Dubai are provided with these visas. Host company will provide you with the sponsorship letter for visa
  • Visit visa: These visas are collected by people who want to visit or see their family or friends in Dubai. A resident and citizen of UAE can only help you get this visa and a comprehensive international travel insurance is necessary.
  • Transit visa: Obtained by people who are planning to stop at Dubai International Airport for a few hours before their connecting flights. It will be provided by the connecting airline to stop by for a few hours in Dubai International Airport.
  • Work Permit visa: Attained by people who are questing for employment in Dubai Your employer from Dubai will permit you for the visa with a subscription letter.
  • Tourist visa: Applied by people who wish to travel Dubai and explore during vacations are given these visas. This will be provided by your Travel agencies and UAE embassy and many other ways.

Different Tourist Visas to Travel to Dubai from India

There are multiple forms of tourist visas available for Indian travelers on boarding to Dubai for their pleasant vacation.


Category Validity (in days) Fees (Rs) Processing Time (Working days)  Express Processing Time (Hours)
Single Entry

48-hour  visa

2 2205 3 to 4 36
Single Entry 

96-hour visa

4 2982 3 to 4 36
Single Entry

14-days visa

58 6900 3 to 4 36
Single Entry

30-days visa

58 7150 3 to 4 36
Multiple Entry

30-days UAE/Dubai visa

58 16400 3 to 4
Single Entry

90-days UAE/Dubai visa

58 16600 3 to 4
Multiple Entry

90-days UAE/Dubai visa

58 37500 3 to 4


  • You can not get any tourist visa unless you have a place to stay in Dubai or have your trip planned.
  • Dubai visa fees may vary according to the government guidelines or the travel agencies.
  • You will be fined 300 AED (6807.62 INR as of Nov 21, 2023) for every extended day of stay in Dubai after expiration of your visa.

India to Dubai Flight:Best Airlines to Travel 

To meet the growing demand of Indian travelers traveling to Dubai,there are many popular flights and airlines for Dubai from India,namely;

  • Emirates
  • Etihad Airways
  • British Airways
  • Qantas Airways
  • Alliance Air
  • Swiss
  • Hahn Air
  • SriLankan Airlines
  • Oman AIr
  • Lufthansa
  • Air India Express
  • Spice Jet
  • Vistara
  • Indigo

Flight Information for Travelers from India to Dubai:

There are many flight routes to travel to Dubai from India,the most popular routes are Mumbai to Dubai, New Delhi to Dubai and Ahmedabad to Dubai.

The flight charges for Dubai from India keeps on changing according to the season and the demand. The cheapest flight tickets of Dubai from India is for Cochin to Dubai, fares starting from INR 14043.13.

Best time to catch a flight to Dubai from India is December, as you will have great discounts on the tickets and travel.

The most popular airline to travel to Dubai is Emirates, offering a club class aircrafts and hospitality which provides you the treatment in kingstyle.

The fastest flight from India to Dubai is from Mumbai to Dubai with average time duration of 3hr 15 mins.

The average flight ticket rate to Dubai from India costs around INR 8,637 for one way, and INR 19,954 for a round trip.


So Habibi! Come to Dubai. Grab on experiences and adventures, and enjoy the marvelous desert.

Before that be sure to follow the guidelines given above and relish the dream Dubai vacation.

I hope this blog helps you to plan your next Dubai trip with no hurdles. Happy Vacation! 

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Q: Do I need a Visa to enter Dubai?

A: Yes, every Indian resident needs a visa to visit Dubai.

Q: How long can I stay in Dubai?

A: You can stay in Dubai till the duration of your approved visa.

Q: Do I still need Covid 19 vaccine certificates?

A: No, Dubai travel requirements have eased down post COVID, so you need not require any certificate.

Q: Does anyone have the access to obtain a visa on arrival?

A: Travelers from India having a valid and accurate US visa, UK visa, Schengen visa, US green card, EU resident visa or UK resident visa can get a visa on arrival. If you do not have any one among these, you won’t be an eligible fit to get a visa on arrival.


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